Why did Montel get dropped?

montel-williams.jpgSay it ain’t so, Mo! It was announced on January 30 that “The Montel Williams Show” is coming to an end. Fast. CBS Television Distribution said that it will cease making new episodes and that, in lieu of new broadcasts, it will just supply “Best of Montel” shows instead. Said Montel to the AP, “I can’t say thank you enough to those who’ve welcomed me into their homes for the past 17 years. It has been both an honor and a joy.”

What exactly precipitated the end of the Montel show? Was it due to Rupert Murdoch, Montel’s MS, Health Ledger, or marijuana? A few theories are after the break.

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EXCLUSIVE: Lucky Me IMs with Suburbarazzi — Lucky us!


Among the multitude of celebrities in our myriad People of the Year lists — in InTown, Rockland Mag, Suburbarazzi, and The Journal News — nobody generated quite as much controversy as a certain New City rapper. Yes, we’re talking about Stephen Redmond — henceforth to be know, at his request, as only Lucky Me.

We received a deluge of letters from Clarkstown parents complaining about Rockland Magazine’s decision to feature the artist, best known for his YouTube hit “I Love New City,” as No. 20 in our countdown. One wrote, “Why would you highlight to dregs of the county???” Another alleged, “Your magazine added to the hype of a drug dealer and an adult male who is known to frequent school events and exchange phone numbers with 14 year old girls, perhaps to add to his customer base.” And yet another said, “Does he [the author of said article] realize that he featured a drug dealer next to people who have tried to bring threater and movies back to Riverspace? What a disgrace!!”

Of course, all of the letters arrived unsigned and on the same paper — looking an awful lot like they came off an identical printer. Still, the Clarkstown parent(s) wasn’t the only Lucky Me hater out there. Another person, posting as Tiffany Spencer, had this to say on the blog back on December 5: “i have heard another rapper by the name of Fire who’s music is way more realistic and perfected he is also from Nyack juast as Lucky me.”

Naturally, when Lucky Me himself caught wind of this, it set off a heated comment war. And when we interviewed Fire shortly before Christmas — if only to give give equal time to all Nyack (or former Nyack) rappers — Lucky Me was one of the first people to sound off on the post: “ARE SERIOUS YALL GIVE THIS BUM SOME LIGHT / NO ONE KNOWS THIS GUY / HELL WILL NEVA BE AS GOOD AS ME / I WAS STAYED QUIET UNTIL I SAW THIS.” Lucky was also good enough to share his AIM handle in that comment, and — well, we couldn’t help but take the bait.

An extensive interview soon followed. The full text is after the break, in its full instant-messenger glory …

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Vintage ‘Late Night’: Bill Murray, David Letterman chat about ‘Ghostbusters’

YouTube, even though you’re cracking down more than ever on copyright infringement, somehow this 1984 clip with North Salem resident David Letterman and Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray remains in your library. Let’s keep it there, OK?

This Thursday night, Murray — who was on Letterman’s first late-night shows on both NBC in 1982 and CBS in 1993 — crashes Dave’s set again to celebrate the host’s 25 years on late-night TV.

Nine years before Murray defaced Letterman’s desk with spraypaint for Dave’s CBS debut (above), the two comedy geniuses were discussing “Ghostbusters” a week before its release. Murray was at his best, mocking movie merchandise [at the 1:16 mark], accurately proclaiming that the flick as “just the funniest damn bunch of funny you’ve ever seen in your life” [2:18] and working the crowd [2:36].

Bonus points:

•To talk about how he may have gotten into shape to prepare to costar with Sigourney Weaver, Murray says (jokes?) that he worked with the guy who trained “Chris What’s-His-Name on ‘Superman.'” Of course, Murray’s referring to the late, great Pound Ridge resident Christopher Reeve. [3:47]

•Off-screen, Bedford resident Paul Shaffer’s on keyboards. [5:44]

The second part of the interview is arguably even more fun. Find that link and learn how much movies cost in 1984 after the break.

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Suburbarazzi Stocking Stuffer: The View’s Winter 2007 Mug

00013043-517265.jpgIt’s hard to believe we’re actually saying this, but we’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid that is The View, and loving every minute of it. Or at least, loving the small sips of the show that are posted to YouTube. (Come on, we’re not pathetic or unemployed enough to be watching all 60 minutes live — yet).

Yes, the antics of Baba, Joy, Ro, and Hassomethingorother are obnoxious and tedious and cattier than the Baldwin brothers, but segments like Danny DeVito’s drunken ramblings [YouTube], the Ripa-Aiken-Ro homophobia row [YouTube], or Rosie O’s charming racial slurs [YouTube] more than make up for that.

Which is why we’re proud to endorse The View’s holiday coffee mug, elegantly emblazoned with the disembodied craniums of the whole menstruating gang. But we’re all about packaging here, and the $15 cups alone don’t cut it. That’s why we’re suggesting you wrap ’em up with a little Tazo green tea, and present the gift while acting out the “ching chong ding dong” routine that O’Donnell has made famous.

However, now that the American Asian Journalists Association issued a formal condemnation of Ro’s outburst, we’d rather that you practice by watching Stephen Colbert’s much classier mockery of asian accents [YouTube].

The View’s Winter 2007 Mugs [ABC Store]

“Rosie O’Donnell Chingchonggate Response: ‘I No Solly'” [Gawker]