Donald Trump tells David Letterman he went “too far� with the Rosie O’Donnell feud…then proceeds to go further

tjndc5-5e1yvg35h0814kwxeiv_layout.jpgDon’t miss David Letterman’s Late Show tonight. The North Salem funnyman interviews Donald Trump (in a show that was taped earlier in the week). During the discussion, Trump says Barbara Walters used to be a good friend of his, but no longer because, he says, she lied about conversations the two had about O’Donnell.

<blockquote><div>She was trying to protect Rosie. She just said things that weren’t so and therefore I sort of wrote her off my list. She’s off the list.</div></blockquote>

He says, however, he does sympathize with Walters, who’s being bullied by the Nyack comic.

<blockquote><div>Rosie is sort of taking over the show from Barbara. It was sad to watch what was happening. But Rosie, they say, almost beat her up in the green room, and Barbara went out and did things she shouldn’t do. I felt badly for Barbara. In a way, I feel that Barbara was just trying to keep the whole thing together. I don’t totally blame her.</div></blockquote>

And for folks who think some of the nasty names Trump spewed at O’Donnell over the past few months may have gone too far, the Apprentice star doesn’t entirely disagree.

<blockquote><div>I called her names that I certainly shouldn’t have called her.</div></blockquote>
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Donald Trump to pull a Britney?

tjndc5-5dlh2ssh5gp5i2z2f7e_layout.jpgIn case you haven’t heard already, attention-starved Donald made a bizarre bet with World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon. It’ll work like this: Trump and McMahon will each pick a wrestler to represent them at Wrestlemania 23, on April 1, to be held at Detroit’s Ford Field. The loser then needs to shave his head.

In all likelihood, it’s just an incredibly dopey April Fools Day prank. But still, I wondered, what would the Donald look like if he finally buzzed off that famous combover? Actually, I think it might work for him. Here’s one conceptual rendering (sort of). What do you think?

“Trump’s hair on the line at Wrestlemania” [Forbes]

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