Rosie responds to Barbara Walters on Oprah

Did any of you catch Barbara Walters on Oprah yesterday? In an hour-long interview, she discussed all the revelations from her new memoir, Audition — a book that I couldn’t have imagined being at all interested in reading a day ago and is now already on my Amazon wish list. I kid you not. It honestly sounds that good.


Who knew Walters had such a fascinating, and at times sordid, personal life? An affair with a married senator — and a black senator at that! A father who attempted suicide! Three failed marriages and a mentally disabled sister! For more on the details of the memoir, check out this USA Today story.

tjndc5-5elrm29n5zr12g6je348_layout.jpgOf course, the first questions on everyone’s mind — including Oprah’s — revolved around The View. Specifically, the tumultuous two-year period beginning with Irvington resident Meredith Vieira’s departure, then the Star Jones saga, and finally Rosie O’Donnell. Walters spent the longest period on Oprah’s couch discussing Rosie, and how the South Nyack often seemed to give their relationship a mother-daughter dynamic.

Rosie used her Ask Ro message board to respond to a lot of the questions raised by Babwa. We’ll recap the key points, along with Ro’s trademark haiku-ish thoughts, after the break.

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The Donald don’t get no U.S. Open respect!

trumpinusatoday.jpgIs it just me, or is Trump beginning to resemble Rodney Dangerfield, circa “Caddyshackâ€?? As if his bombastic pronouncements and semi-regular feuds weren’t enough, the front page of today’s USA Today practically screams out, “No resepect, I tell ya, I don’t get no respect.â€?

The story is about Donald’s quest to land a U.S. Open (or other marquee golf tournament) at his course in Bedminster, NJ — nicknamed “Trumpminster� by Sports Illustrated. Putting aside for a second the obvious favoritism he’s showing, promoting his Jersey course instead of Trump National in Briarcliff, the article was fairly interesting from a golf development standpoint. And I couldn’t help finding it cool that Trump started playing in Philly, at the public Cobb’s Creek course, a set of links deep in the heart of sketchy West Philly where I used to play. So while he may be crass and every bit as obnoxious as Dangerfield, it’s weirdly comforting to find out that the billionaire learned to golf at my favorite ghetto course.

“The Donald wants to host a U.S. Open” [USA Today]