FunkMaster Flex Saves Ford!

Funkmaster Ford

In our regular reading of Auto Spectator, we happened upon a fascinating AS article about our favorite Hot97 DJ, Westchester’s own FunkMaster Flex. (Please, spare us the obvious, “What the heck are you reading that for?!” questions)

The story is about how Flex (aka Aston Taylor), whose office is in Dobbs Ferry, worked with Ford Motor Corporation to design an all new, customized tricked-out 2007 version of the Expedition. “The 2007 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Concept features a complete Street Scene® Body Kit, 24-inch wheels, two-tone black and redfire paint and a complete custom interior with DVD screens and performance audio system.”

Flex has also been busy leading Team Baurtwell (his custom car club), organizing the Funkmaster Flex Celebrity Car Show Tour (which includes the cars of stars such as Wyclef Jean), and producing the FMF-1 Funkmaster Flex driving shoe with the LUGZ shoe company. Clearly, if anyone can put Ford back in the black, it’s this man.


Good news about Television

daveannabale.jpgABC has picked up “Brothers and Sisters� for a full season, the net announced last week. And we couldn’t be happier since one of its stars is Suffern-born Dave Annable. He plays Kevin Walker, the troubled son of a wealthy southern California family who joined the army and fought in Afghanistan, only to return home with a drug problem and a serious quarter-life crisis. The ensemble also includes Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, and Rachel Griffiths.

And the Iron Chef is …

Oh, how we like to kid! We can’t say who won last week’s face-off between Peter Kelly and Bobby Flay, but our esteemed colleague, Journal News food editor Liz Johnson, does a fantastic job documenting the exciting battle over at her blog, Small Bites.

Look for more wall-to-wall coverage of Kelly v. Flay next February (or March), when the episode finally airs. Until then, “embargo” is the magic word.



Elizabeth likes me, she really likes me!

rosieliz.jpgPutting to rest longstanding rumors that she hates fellow View co-host Rosie O’Donnell, Elizabeth Hasselbeck (or “the hot one,” as we refer to her) pledged under oath and on the air that she “absolutely adores” Rosie and is not leaving the show. Of course, she swore this by putting one hand on her View coffee mug. As any Survivor aficionado—or neighbor of Rosie’s in Nyack—obviously knows, that’s the tribal equivalent of saying “… NOT.”

No word yet on where she stands on the traitorous Meredith Vieira.
“E to Ro: I Heart You!” [Video of Elizabeth Hasselbeck swearing her allegiance to Rosie]

Scoot Over, Charlie G.

Bob WoodruffNot to fast, Mr. Gibson, it turns out that Bob Woodruff has made a full recovery after all. The Rye resident and ABC World News Tonight co-anchor was seriously injured by a roadside bomb last January and spent most of the year in rehab hospitals. And some time during that period his fellow host, Elizabeth Vargas, had to go have a baby, thus paving the way for Charles Gibson to take the reins.

What’s that you, say, Charlie? Too late? Finders keepers, loosers weepers (or 20/20 co-hosts)? Oh well, we’ll still be reading Woodruf’s coming memoir of the harrowing ordeal, or tuning into his ABC primetime special on January 29 — whichever comes first.

Lost in Translation 2: Bill Goes to Scotland

So, what’s Bill Murray been up to lately?

Well, according to our friends across the pond, Sneden’s Landing’s favorite funny man has been crashing parties in Scotland. Murray recently visited the town of St. Andrews, then showed up at a late-night shindig in a house full of students. Drinking his vodka from a coffee cup, Murray apparently was the life of the party, cracking jokes to Scandinavian blondes and even offering to cook.

The weirdest part of the whole story? He started washing dishes as things were winding down. Unlike his character in “Lost in Translation,” though, Murray made no attempt to sing karaoke.


Today in Scarsdale Lawsuit News

yoko.jpgYoko Ono, onetime Scarsdale resident and the widow of John Lennon, is suing EMI and Capitol Records for $10 million, claiming they cheated her out of royalties from John Lennon’s records, according to the Associated Press. Ironic, given that Lennon once said, “Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.â€?

Meanwhile, current Scarsdale resident and the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for The New York Times, Nicholas Kristof, is at the center of a defamation lawsuit against the paper by Dr. Steven Hatfill, the man who was named as a “person of interest� in the anthrax attacks back in 2002. Kristof had written a series of columns on the investigation and, according to The New York Observer, named Hatfill as the main suspect. Kristof’s reporting was based on five unnamed sources. Hatfill has filed a motion to compel the columnist to reveal those sources. In the wake of the Judith Miller/ Valerie Plame case, there is fear that this lawsuit (which does not name Kristof personally as a defendant) could further harm the paper’s ability to shield confidential sources (or for that matter journalists throughout the country).

Cross on Cross

Joseph CrossWe already know that Pelham native Joseph Cross, who is starring in back-to-back big budget flicks “Running With Scissors” and “Flags of Our Fathers,” is on the brink of major-league stardom. And we also know, after watching the screening of “Scissors” at the Pelham Picture House Thursday night, that this 20 year some serious acting chops, holding his own opposite co-stars Annette Benning and Gwyneth Paltrow. But can he stand a withering Q&A session with his close family and friends? We stuck around after the screening to find out. Our favorite quotes are after the jump.

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A note to readers

Okay, we don’t live in Malibu and there are no paparazzi outside the A&P in Dobbs Ferry waiting to snap photos of celebrities. Which is a real shame, but also an opportunity. We’re relying on you for scoops. There are hundreds of bold-faced names stalking the streets and shops we frequent. If you see something, let us know. Has Glen Close’s dog pooped on your lawn? Did you see Debra Winger buying lasagna at the supermarket? Is David Letterman a frequent patron of the same restaurant you are? Anonymity will be guaranteed. Email us tips at But don’t lie to us! We can tell when someone is lying. Like, for example, Russell Crowe was probably not arrested by Nyack police last month, drunk, and yelling anti-Semitic slurs at the arresting officer. (that was me).