Caught! Cops nab fugitive accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman’s son


The fugitive once accused of trying to kidnap the son of David Letterman was captured in Montana today, the Associated Press is reporting.

Kelly A. Frank, 45, was “arrested along a highway in northwestern Montana,” Lake County Sheriff Lucky Larson said. Fellow convict William J. Willcutt, with whom Frank escaped from a Montana state prison Friday, was still at large when Frank was apprehended. Both were deemed “armed and dangerous.”

Authorities accused Frank of plotting to kidnap the North Salem resident’s son, Harry, in 2005. Frank accepted a plea bargain and shortly thereafter began serving a 10-year sentence for overcharging Letterman for painting services rendered.

(Associated Press file photo by Adam Rountree.)

Are David Letterman and Paul Shaffer feuding?

Tom Shales, who cowrote one of my favorite books of all time, claims that he’s witnessed a breakdown of the professional relationship between golfing buddies/Westchester residents David Letterman and Paul Shaffer. I’ve seen “The Late Show” recently, and I have no reason to believe this.

Still, here’s what Shales wrote earlier this week:

<blockquote><div>Could it be that at long last, late-night king David Letterman is getting fed up with the zany inanities, forced cackled laughter and imbecilic interruptions of his long-time bandleader Paul Shaffer?

Shaffer made an annoyingly disruptive dope of himself on the first night of Letterman’s recent mock-event “Ventriloquist Week II� — rattling on and on about some obscure ventriloquist he used to see on “The Ed Sullivan Show� — and Letterman did little to hide his extreme disinterest, and displeasure, on the air. Shaffer couldn’t take a hint and kept babbling.</div></blockquote>

Who do you think is most in the wrong? Letterman? Shaffer? Or Shales?

(Associated Press file photo by Adam Rountree)

Judge Judy explains to Larry King where Putnam County is; King tells Judy’s son to ‘Go get ‘em’

Judge Judy was on Larry King Live last night. The highlight of course was the two of them talking about Putnam and Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy, who is running for the county’s D.A. seat.
<blockquote><div>Judy: My son is running for the district attorney’s position in Putnam County where he lives…

Larry: Putnam County is north of the…uh…city?

Judy: North of Westchester, a little north of Westchester.

Larry: How old?

Judy: 38. He’s dynamic. He’s got a sense of justice that he learned I like to think living in a household [with me].

Larry: How many people in the race?

Judy: As far as I’m concerned? One.

Larry: Are you going to campaign for him?

Judy: Absolutely.

Larry: We wish him luck. His first name is?

Judy: Adam…Levy.

Larry: Go get ‘em Adam!</div></blockquote>

After the break, Judy and Larry on Hillary, Rudy, Britney, Paris, and of course Anna Nicole…oh, and Brooklyn!

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Larry King to interview Judge Judy to reinforce that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead

Former Putnam Valley resident Judy Scheindlin will be Larry King’s guest tonight to talk about “Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, her baby, and the mansion in the Bahamas,” according to CNN.

Because, in the immediate aftermath of a personal tragedy, it’s crucial to know who gets the dead woman’s huge house.

Perhaps she’ll mention at some point that her one of her three sons, Adam Levy, is running for Putnam County District Attorney. If so, and if King half-heartedly wishes him luck, I’m hoping Judy snaps and replies with “Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.”

Mmm… frosting.

(Photo courtesy of Gannett News Service.)

SNL’s Clone Children fight amongst each other: Fey disses Sorkin


Jossip’s got the scoop from last weekend’s Writer’s Guild Awards in Manhattan, where 30 Rock creator Tina Fey — who was wearing what the gossip site described as a “party frock with plunging décolletageâ€? (above) — took a deliciously vicious jibe at Aaron Sorkin, the creator of Studio 60 (and a Scarsdale baby).

I hear Aaron Sorkin is in Los Angeles wearing the same dress – but longer, and not funny.</div></blockquote>
Good one, Fey! But shouldn’t these scribes start working together to battle the far greater threat of imminent cancellation.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

You think Ed McMahon’s sloshed in this ‘Tonight Show’ clip? You are (probably) correct, sir.

I’m not saying the former Bronxville resident was blitzed for a segment on “The Tonight Show.” But thanks to a vintage clip on YouTube, we learn that Johnny Carson all but confirms this allegation, saying his sidekick “had a few martinis” and was “off the edge.” And Ed’s not arguing.

Watch the clip, complete with awkward silences and exchanges, and decide for yourself why Ed became fodder for “TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes.”

(Associated Press file photo by Reed Saxon)

Vintage ‘Late Night’: Bill Murray, David Letterman chat about ‘Ghostbusters’

YouTube, even though you’re cracking down more than ever on copyright infringement, somehow this 1984 clip with North Salem resident David Letterman and Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray remains in your library. Let’s keep it there, OK?

This Thursday night, Murray — who was on Letterman’s first late-night shows on both NBC in 1982 and CBS in 1993 — crashes Dave’s set again to celebrate the host’s 25 years on late-night TV.

Nine years before Murray defaced Letterman’s desk with spraypaint for Dave’s CBS debut (above), the two comedy geniuses were discussing “Ghostbusters” a week before its release. Murray was at his best, mocking movie merchandise [at the 1:16 mark], accurately proclaiming that the flick as “just the funniest damn bunch of funny you’ve ever seen in your life” [2:18] and working the crowd [2:36].

Bonus points:

•To talk about how he may have gotten into shape to prepare to costar with Sigourney Weaver, Murray says (jokes?) that he worked with the guy who trained “Chris What’s-His-Name on ‘Superman.'” Of course, Murray’s referring to the late, great Pound Ridge resident Christopher Reeve. [3:47]

•Off-screen, Bedford resident Paul Shaffer’s on keyboards. [5:44]

The second part of the interview is arguably even more fun. Find that link and learn how much movies cost in 1984 after the break.

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Isabella Rossellini once appeared in Pelham, giving me an excuse to write about ’30 Rock’

Isabella Rossellini — who visited Pelham in October to promote a movie about her father, director Roberto Rossellini — will be making a cameo on “30 Rock” next week, playing the ex-wife of Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). According to the promo that appeared after last night’s rerun, Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubens also guest-stars and Rossellini’s character gets into a cat-fight with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). Place your bets.

I was slow to give “30 Rock” a chance when it premiered this fall, mostly because of its original time-slot and my general malaise when it comes to trying out new shows. But, wow, is it funny. It reminds me a lot of “Saturday Night Live” at its best and “The Simpsons” in terms of its comedic style, running gags and its ability to prompt frequent, genuine guffaws.

NBC was smart to move it to Thursdays as part of its “Comedy Night Done Right,” formerly dubbed “Must See TV” before an awkward stretch of programming after “Seinfeld” (and, to a much lesser extent, “Friends”) went off the air. NBC would really get me to watch for a solid hour if “The Office” and “30 Rock” were back-to-back, because I’ve never really enjoyed “Scrubs” all that much.

Find out why I appreciate the performances of Fey, Baldwin and Tracy Morgan after the break.

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Rosie O’Donnell, Justin Chambers—There’s a lot of star-wattage at the Palisades Center

tjndc5-5cbaiutpkvoorb2943l_layout.jpgYesterday on The View, Rosie interviewed fellow Rocklander Justin Chambers, one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy.

When Rosie invited him to bring his five children over to her place so their kids could play music together, he said:

“I think we go to the same mall…in Rockland�

Rosie responded: “Really? Fantastic. I’ll meet you by Chilis. Right by the movie theater.�

We knew Justin Chambers used to live in Tappan, but last we heard he had moved out to L.A. when Grey’s started. Is he back? Or did he never really leave?
(AP Photo of Justin and his wife/Danny Moloshok)

David Letterman’s staff releases ‘Top 10 Signs Donald Trump Hates You’

Some personal favorites from the North Salem resident’s Jan. 11 Top 10 list that jokes about the part-time Bedford dweller:

9. Pet hamster is missing and Donald’s got a new hair style

5. Buys all the pie in the world just so you can never have pie again

1. You’re one of the hosts of “The View”

If you’re more against Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell in this feud that won’t quite die, you might laugh more at this Suburbarazzi post about Letterman’s Top 10.

(Associated Press file photo by Henny Ray Abrams)

Meredith Vieira inducted into only Hall of Fame that really matters

Last night, while surfing past simulcasts of some guy talking in Washington, I wound up on one of my favorite frequently forgotten channels, GSN. On it was a documentary that announced the induction of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” to an alleged and long-overdue Game Show Hall of Fame.

As the daytime host of the show once helmed in prime time by Regis Philbin, Irvington’s Meredith Vieira also was honored and interviewed in the one-hour documentary that covered the show’s origins, best moments, memorable contestants and secrets.

Vieira recounted one of the stranger tales, involving a contestant who was so nervous that the player — um — relieved herself on the “hot seat.” Vieira’s advice to future contestants should they share the same fate? “Go with it.”

Notice she didn’t say “Go on it.”

After the break, find out a behind-the-scenes fact about what the “Today” show cohost does to complement the contestant experience.

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Keith Olbermann gets animated with ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann invited “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane onto “Countdown” on Friday to recap the showdown between Fox News conservative Bill O’Reilly and Comedy Central faux-conservative Stephen Colbert.

O’Reilly and Colbert had appeared on each other’s shows, leaving MacFarlane and Olbermann — a frequent O’Reilly critic and target — quite content with Colbert’s quips.

MacFarlane’s connection to the O’Reilly-Colbert event was a stretch at best; he said O’Reilly once turned down an invitation to parody himself on “Family Guy.” Olbermann, a former Hastings resident, at first justified MacFarlane’s appearance by saying that the showdown was funny, giving “Countdown” an “excellent excuse” to have on the guy who voices Peter, Brian and Stewie. But later in the interview, we found out that Keith is a big fan of “Family Guy,” and that he would be appearing on an April 15 episode of the show as an oil tycoon.

Apparently, appearing on each other’s shows is the “in” thing to do this spring. Here’s hoping that, for just one day, Steve Carell leads an episode of “Extras” while Ricky Gervais takes over the American “Office.” Comedy platinum.

(Photo by Michael Yarish/FOX)