Whoopi whoops Rosie


Who would have imagined that sedate Whoopi Goldberg would draw higher ratings than controversy magnet Rosie O’Donnell? But, according to Variety, that’s exactly what’s happening.

After premiering to less than stellar numbers (1 million less viewers than O’Donnell got on her first episode), Goldberg’s numbers have steadily risen. So much so that in its second week of the season “The View” is up 16 percent over last year. Sheri Shepherd can also claim some of the credit, as the show added 4 percent in total viewers in the second week, when she joined the permanent cast.

Of course, in the solipsistic “view” of the Lower Hudson Valley we hold here — with O’Donnell’s ties to South Nyack and Goldberg’s ties to Tuxedo Park — everybody’s a winner.

(Goldberg: AP Photo/Reed Saxon; O’Donnell: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Whoopee for Whoopi

tjndc5-5df1jao5rit13apzmn0n_layout.jpgWhat could cushion the blow of Rosie O’Donnell leaving “The View”? Well, Whoopi Goldberg being her replacement, for starters. I say this not because I’m a big fan of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” or “Ghost,” or because I think Goldberg would have any more chemistry with pregnant Elisabeth Hasselbeck. No, what I’m psyched about is the prospect of another LoHudder joining the gang. Last I heard, Whoopi has a home used to own a home in Tuxedo Park, just over the Rockland border into Orange County.

Now, truth be told, this is all wild speculation, based mostly on this TV Guide interview with Hasselbeck, in which she was asked about how she would like for Goldberg to join the cast. “I love Whoopi,” Hasselbeck said, adding, “it would be a better balanced show to have a woman of color.”

“Hasselbeck’s Rosy View” [TV Guide]

UPDATE: According to one of our commenters, Whoopi has moved to Vermont. I hereby take back my endorsement and am throwing all my support behind Jeanine Pirro.

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)