New Trump Mag publisher: ‘I should have done some more research’

First, a small correction: It turns out that the name of the new Trump magazine will not be Trump Life, as we posted a couple days ago. Instead it will continue to be Trump Magazine, one now it’ll be published by Ocean Drive Media Group and Jerry Powers. This much was cleared up at the Tuesday night party to celebrate the new “the coffee table, high-end book for luxury living,” as Powers summed it up.

Even better was Powers’ comments to FishbowlNY about the genesis of the magazine: “This was a rush job. I just started talking to Donald two weeks ago. I should have done some more research.” Meanwhile, Trump said that he wouldn’t be writing for the magazine, but added, “I’m going to put my picture right on the front so we’ll sell lots of magazines.” If you’re looking for things to be thankful about this Thanksgiving, the first issue of the reincarnated Trump Mag will come out at the end of November.

So long, Trump Magazine. Hello, Trump Life

trumpmag.jpgThe predicted financial meltdown of Premiere Publishing Group, Donald Trump’s magazine pimp, has finally arrived. And yes, the Donald is taking lemons and making the classiest editorial lemonade you’ve ever seen. I’m telling you, da best!

OK, well, maybe not. But the Bedford homeowner’s already has plans to launch his next magazine, Trump Life. And it’s sure to be better than the deformed Panache-Skymall love child that constituted its three-year-old predecessor. How could it not be at least a slight improvement? It’ll be published by Ocean Drive Media — which already puts out the quality Ocean Drive Magazine in Florida — and, as before, the Trump pub will be sold on newsstands and distributed at Trump’s various hotel, golf, and casino properties.

Most baffling of all, according to the NY Post, Ocean Drive’s Jerry Powers agreed to a five-year, $20 million “partnership deal” with Trump. Which, if I’m not mistaken, translates to about $750,000 per word for his typical editor’s letter.

Say, how much do you guys offer freelancers?

Panache and SkyMall’s deformed love child: Trump Magazine

trumpmag.jpgIt may come as no shock that the godawful “Trump Magazine” has been in existence since 2004, but it was a little startling to find the stinker actually on newsstand over the holidays. I saw my first copy at the Mt. Kisco Borders, and then B&N, and then — well, just about everywhere. Apparently, when he’s not out dragging daughter Ivanka into the never-ending Rosie feud, he’s turning his little vanity pub (which until now, I’ve only seen in his casinos) into a full-blown regional New York lifestyle magazine.

Wait, say wha?! More competition for InTown Westchester? Ugh, as if Westchester Magazine, Bedford Magazine, Chappaqua Magazine, and the Getting to Know Guides weren’t enough already.

All bitterness aside, it’s always important to know your competition. And so I picked up a copy of Trump Mag. I’m not quite sure what niche strategy Premiere Publishing Group was going after when it concocted this glossy drivel, but the goal appears to be hawking more goods than an in-flight mall magazine, with less actual editorial content than perennial empty suit, “Panache.” Instead of dream houses, it has dream yachts; there’s the obligatory Apprentice interview with season five winner Sean Yazbeck; a Q&A with Donny Deutsch; and plenty of tributes to wine, caviar, and fine cigars.

In other words, it’s all the horribleness of Trump, filtered through his editorial machine, without any of the spontaneousness of an impromptu Rosie rant to ET’s Insider. And really, what fun is that?

Trump Magazine