Podcast: June 4

On tap this week: Bill Murray’s not-so-funny divorce, Zeyonce’s new Scarsdale mansion, and the “True Colors 2008″ tour.

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The quiz this week — which I’m very happy to say stumped Stacy-Ann (woohoo!) …

A lot of Lower Hudson Valley celebrities have been rumored to be romantically involved with Cameron Diaz in recent months. Can you guess which of these stars has NOT been linked to her in the tabloids?

A. Matt Dillon, of Mamaroneck
B. P. Diddy, of New Rochelle
C. John Mayer, of Bridgeport
D. Jason Bateman, or Rye

The answer, as always, is at the end of the video and after the break.

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O’Donnell going on tour with Cyndi Lauper

tjndc5-5dw2man5yeq52t0sb60_layout.jpgBet you didn’t see that one coming. Or maybe you did. After her premature departure from “The View,” South Nyack’s most beloved hothead has said that she’ll be joining Lauper for a series of dates on her new tour, set to being next week.

Don’t know if I should feel stupid for not picking up on this before. After all, Rosie’s “True Colors” video, a retrospective of her time at “The View” published to her blog over the weekend and featuring a song by Lauper, was an obvious plug for Lauper’s new tour: “True Colors 2007.” And here I thought she was actually getting all nostalgic on us.

“Rosie O’Donnell Plans Rock Tour After The View” [Buddy TV]

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)