EXCLUSIVE: Tom Brokaw bought an ice-cream scoop

As you may already know, the self proclaimed “sex-kitten” Eartha Kitt died on Christmas day. She was most famous for her song “Santa Baby” and her role as Catwoman on the 1960s ridiculously awesome Batman show.

Kitt lived in Pound Ridge throughout the 1990s before moving to Connecticut. Joan Silbersher, who runs Antiques & Tools of Business & Kitchen in Pound Ridge, told me Kitt was a frequent customer.

“She used to walk by regularly with her dog wearing these weights on her ankles,” Silbersher said. “She was a very attractive woman. She was so fit and so charming.”

Silbersher said her store is also frequented by other celebs that live in the northern Westchester area, including Richard Gere, Tom Brokaw and Martha Stewart.

Wanna know what they buy from her store? Come on, you know you care.

Get this, Tom Brokaw bought an ice cream scoop there over the summer! For some reason, I find that hilarious. Picture a journalism titan who has squared off with some of the world’s most destructive dictators… scooping some Rocky Road into a bowl and dousing it with fruity sprinkles.

(I wonder if Tom Brokaw hums the NBC Nightly News theme song right before he makes himself a yummy snack.)

As you know, Richard Gere owns the Bedford Post Inn. So what’s he buying for his restaurant?

“Richard and his wife came through recently buying a copper boiler,” Silbersher said. “He said he was going to use it as an ice container for his restaurant.”

Using a copper boiler as an ice-container? Talk about a fashion no-no, that’s soooo 2005!

Now, Martha Stewart is a domestic doyen. I’m sure she hits up Silbersher’s store all the time.

“Actually, ever since Martha went to prison, she hasn’t come through at all,” Silbersher said.

Hmm, coincidence???

I’m really hoping you’ve caught onto my sarcasm in this post.

(AP Photo /Gino Domenico)

Bye-bye Brokaw

Pound Ridge resident Tom Brokaw (or as I like to call him, “T-Bro”) has officially stepped down as interim host of NBC’s Meet the Press and passed off the baton to White House reporter David Gregory, also a host of his own show on MSNBC.

Granted, I have a healthy heterosexual man crush on Tom Brokaw, but I think he truly deserves some kudos.

Here’s a guy who for over 20 years anchored NBC’s nightly newscast and is no doubt one of the greatest journalists in our generation. And after Meet the Press host Tim Russert (another one of my healthy heterosexual man crushes) unexpectedly died this summer, Brokaw came out of retirement and took over while NBC searched for a replacement.

The show made several headlines under Brokaw’s short tenure, including former Secretary of State Collin Powell who told Brokaw on Meet the Press that he was endorsing Barack Obama instead of John McCain.

And according to the Baltimore Sun, Brokaw actually brought in a larger audience than Russert. In November, Meet the Press averaged 4.491 million viewers a week — almost a million more than ABC’s Sunday show and almost 3 million more than Fox’s.

For that T-Bro, we salute you.

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Keith Olbermann vs. Tom Brokaw

Finally, a hardcore Westchester vs. Westchester brawl!tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_original.jpg

MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, who grew up in Tarrytown, is trying to get MSNBC to ban Tom Brokaw, who lives in Pound Ridge.

Apparently Brokaw has expressed his dismay of Olbermann’s heavily opinionated reporting, and now Olberman is trying to give Brokaw the boot.

By the way, I highly recommend you watch the Democratic National Convention coverage on MSNBC this week. Even if you’re not a political junkie, it’s worth tuning in because Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough  have fighting nonstop on the air.tjndc5-5cx5s59ynsn1cltm333q_original.jpg

Last night, Keith Olbermann did this handpuppet gesture to make fun of Chris Matthews, and Matthews cut him off and threatened him.

Huffington Post has all the details, with clips.

(Olbermann: AP Photo/Richard Drew)

(Brokaw: AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Ralph Lauren designs USA’s attire for Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies

“Project Runway” is educational!

ralph.jpgSometime between watching Tim Gunn’s brave attempts to deliver the phrase “Holla atcha boy” and trying to determine if Bettie Page-lookalike Kenley Collins is really a villain or just a hot girl being made out to be one, I learned last night that Bedford resident Ralph Lauren is designing the Americans’ outfits for tomorrow’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

The Houston Chronicle picks up on another interesting tidbit: The designer got involved through the request of another Lower Hudson Valley resident — Pound Ridge resident Tom Brokaw.

The design house took on the project late — early this year — after NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, acting as an intermediary for the (United States Olympic Committee), phoned Ralph Lauren.

No word on whether Mr. Lauren feels his Olympic attire goes well with the pollution-cutting masks worn by the American cycling team. But feel free to judge some of his Olympic designs after the break. Continue reading