Bill Murray’s divorce costs him $7+ million

As far as I’m concerned, just about anything Bill Murray does is capital-H hilarious, but — well, getting divorced is never funny. And when you’re forced to pay more than $7 million, it’s all the more tragic.

tjndc5-5k88gfwkaxdihbqmo6_layout.jpgThe Sneden’s Landing funnyman’s divorce from Jennifer Butler Murray was finalized on June 13 in South Carolina by a Charleston County judge. As the original divorce papers disclosed, Jennifer was requesting a split due to “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.”

Thanks to a pre-nup the couple signed before getting married in 1997, Bill was already on the hook for $7 million, but according to the settlement papers (obtained by TMZ), he’ll also be paying child support and ceding Jennifer their houses on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, and Helmet, California. So if you’re looking for a silver lining in all this, we can only assume that means he gets the family’s Rockland digs. Score one for Bill!

Murray Divorce Settlement Documents [PDF]

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Stephen Baldwin feels the love at the White House, gets a tongue lashing from brother Billy

After dealing with the highs and lows of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” it seems that Stephen Baldwin, cncs_08_0428_mh_0126.jpgeveryone’s favorite Upper Grandview evangelical, can handle whatever curve balls the good Lord throws his way. And in the last day, he got a couple. First, he was invited by his friends at the White House down to D.C. to help celebrate National Volunteer Week.

Baldwin was selected to be a kind of “cultural advisor” to the Bush administration over a year ago (I kid you not), and he joined singer Michael W. Smith and other members of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, USA Freedom Corps, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, and the Corporation for National and Community Service for the festivities. Among other things, the event promoted the creation of a new online toolkit designed to help get kids involved in volunteering.


But not everyone is such a big fan of Stevie B’s activism. Chief among his recent critics: brother Billy Baldwin (a former Bedford resident), who has been especially critical of the younger Baldwin’s anti-gay stance. In a recent interview with Out magazine (via AHN), Billy lashed out. The quotes are after the break …

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Kimberly Locke takes a pass on Chikezie

TMZ managed to corner Kimberly Locke, the former American Idol contestant and (in case you didn’t notice the umpteen posts on Suburbarazzi a couple weeks ago) newest celebrity resident of North Salem. tjndc5-5j8dnjbbwjp1we3imdz_layout.jpgAfter cracking up over the reality of being caught inside the camera crosshairs (“I love TMZ!” she said, after doubling over), Locke told the paps that her favorite contestant this season was Chikezie, who got voted off a couple weeks ago.

Incidentally, that checks out completely with what she told us on March 20, when Idol came to film at her restaurant, Croton Creek Steakhouse, in Croton Falls.

In the interest of “giving it up” to the gossip mongers, though, Locke did offer one tidbit: “Chikezie, he wanted to invite me out on a date.” Apparently that didn’t work out for him any better than covering Luther Vandros’s “If Only for One Night.”

“Chikezie Wants a Load of Locke” [TMZ]

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Shameless Speculation: Is Hayden Panettiere dating Milo Ventimiglia, her “Heroes” co-star?

nup_109797_0016.jpgSimply posing the question is probably enough to put me on Hayden’s hit list, but ah, I ain’t afraid of you, missy.

So, let’s weigh the evidence (I’ll assign a + or – point total to the rumor for each point):

• caught the two walking arm in arm after the Emmy awards. However, when pressed by the cameraman, Ventimiglia said they weren’t dating and Panettiere said, “I’m holding onto him because I’m about to fall over in these heels!” -2

• Hollywood Grind says that the two attended the Governor’s Ball and that Milo was seen cutting Hayden’s meat. +1

• The two seem rather close in a series of photos from the “Heroes” world tour. +1

• E! points out the obvious: that Milo is 30 and Hayden just turned 18. -1

• Finally, this YouTube clip, via HollywoodTV, shows Ventimiglia grinding into Panettiere on the dance floor at the Duran Duran concert staged at Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles, an official after-party of the Emmy Awards. While it’s not definitive, the two do look awfully intimate. +3

Final tally: +2

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a certified rumor.

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Panettiere to Photogs: Just say no to pot!

tjndc5-5ciegggv7xt14xpvg2ep_layout.jpgIt’s been a while since we made our mandatory, once-a-week Hayden Panettiere post. And truth be told, in the “Heroes” off-season, there’s not much to report on the Palisades native. But since that’s not stopping TMZ, which tends to have at least one Hayden clip, photo, or story per day — analyzing the hotness of her mom, measuring the length of her short shorts, and the demonstrating one absolutely filthy application of the term “bottom feeder.”

But the one recent TMZ article that I found truly entertaining in a good way was this clip, posted yesterday, in which Hayden saves the day. As the paparazzi follow her down Robertson Blvd in LA, while she’s shopping for a dress to wear on Letterman, she starts inexplicably yelling “Pot! Pot! Pot!”

Alas, no, she wasn’t telling the men to extinguish their J’s. She was in fact just warning one of the photogs to watch out for a potted plant. Now that’s what I call a Hero!

MORE: Past Hayden Panettiere posts

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Rosie takes down photo of her child soldier/daughter, Vivienne

After posting an ultra-creepy image of her daughter, Vivienne, wearing fatigues and an ammo belt yesterday — under the headline “a picture is worth a thousand posts” — O’Donnell got almost universally slammed. Here are just a few of the angry comments:



what’s with the new pic? it’s rather disturbing!

Eula Hollon
Help me out here….Why is that child in the header pic(your child I believe) wearing a bullet belt around her? Is there a political statement ur trying to make?

that picture is gross! I am distrubed…leaving your site for a clearing of my mind as to what you are up to!

Are you kidding me with that pic of your daughter? Why would you do that?

Jon E.
Not sure of the “message� you are trying to send with that pic of Viv, but I guarantee many are not going to get it… Children with bullets, even fake…?? what are u thinking?</div></blockquote>

There were a few positive comments too, but nobody seemed quite sure what the message was supposed to be — a critique of child soldiers? A protest of the war in Iraq? A metaphor for the combative Elisabeth Hasselbeck?

O’Donnell since removed the photo, and rather than just lifting a copy here, I’ll point you to it over at TMZ. Any and all artistic interpretations are welcome.

UPDATE: As bizarre and disturbing as the photo of O’Donnell’s daughter is, somebody managed to top it with this photo of O’Donnell herself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Many thanks to F.O.S. (Friend of Suburbarazzi) Amy Vernon for the tips.

This week in Hayden Panettiere on TMZ

tjndc5-5dm4yljs4e8qod9i93f_layout.jpgFormer Palisades resident and “Heroes” hottie Hayden Panettiere may not be an A-list actress yet, but she seems to have already joined the stable of go-to tabloid celebrities. People magazine one day, Us Weekly the next. And while she hasn’t begun to get wall-to-wall coverage from just yet, this last week shows that she’s almost there. Daily Paris Hilton-type daily updates can’t be far off.

April 30: Panettiere goes dog walking.

May 1: Panettiere plays suck face with her 21-year-old “Laguna Beach” boyfriend Stephen Colletti.

May 6: Panettiere buys $172 jeans.

May 7: Panettiere and her pal, celebuspawn Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), go shopping.

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