Where can you spot Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua?

And she’s off. The former First Lady and current Senator from New York has decided to toss her hat into the ring. What finally convinced her? Could it have been the favorable results she’s been getting in our Suburbarazzi poll over to the right where she’s beating everybody (even her husband)?

Well, okay, probably not.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Chappaqua’s about to get a whole new level of national attention. Below is your guide to everything Bill and Hill related in the Northern Westchester ‘burb. Thanks to Mary Lynn Mitcham, who stalked—er, I mean reported on—the Clintons for InTown Magazine last year:

tjndc5-5b1zr2uee0ldoqxhk3i_layout.jpgLange’s Little Store (382 King St.; 238-3553): Bill is a regular at this popular deli. His favorite dish: Fresh turkey on rye.

Starbucks (2 South Greeley Ave.; 238-2268): They’ve got to get their coffee fix somewhere, and locals say this coffee shop is a popular haunt for the former (and future?) first couple. In fact, when he’s in town, Bill stops here almost every morning.

Chiara Scura (26 King St.; 238-1470): a woman’s shoe store where Hillary’s shopped a few times.

Desires by Mikolay (55 King St.; 238-2223): Bill’s shopped at this jewelry store for Hillary in the past (hint, hint, anyone who wants to buy her a gift).

Chappaqua Restaurant and Café (10 South Greeley Ave.; 238-3869): Bill gets breakfast here every once in a while.

tjndc5-5b3drz5qvs45ndaq6jt_layout.jpgMaple and Orchard streets: That dog poo along the street—it very possibly could belong to Seamus, the Clinton’s loyal lab. These are prime walking routes for the pup. Also, check out Rockefeller State Park Preserve in nearby Sleepy Hollow. The Clintons were spotted there last Sunday afternoon, according to Stamford Advocate gossip columnist, Susie Costaregni.

Just remember—those men in dark suits that are always around—they’re Secret Service, and yes, they carry guns.

(Photos: Susan Farley and Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

Party with Bill

clinton.jpgThe former most powerful man in the world is celebrating the big 6-0 this weekend with a series of parties in the Big Apple and if you happen to have $100,000 burning a hole in your pockets then you could join in on the festivities (poached eggs and Mimosas with Bill and Hill-and even Chelsea!!!-at Pastis for a 10:00 a.m. Saturday brunch).

And apparently there are plenty of spaces still available since, as The New York Observer reports, friends say they are on “Clinton overload,� after a number of events the couple has thrown throughout the past few months.