Will William Hurt be the next baddie on ‘Damages’?

One of the big question marks hanging over the season finale of damages is whether Ted Danson’s character, Arthur Frobisher, is actually dead or not? He’s shot in the season finale by a disgruntled former employee, but we never actually see him in a coffin.

tjndc5-5kdljlkjp2qz9uu7f37_layout.jpgWell, if the casting for season 2 is any indication, I’m betting that yes, Danson is dust. Sneden’s Landing resident William Hurt has been cast in one of the key roles. As Newsday reported, “anonymous ‘insiders’ [say] that Hurt’s character will have both a personal and professional history with Patty [Hewes],” the duplicitious lawyer played by Bedford resident Glenn Close that the series revolves around.

You may remember that, like in their television roles, Close and Hurt also go way back. Both starred in “The Big Chill.”

As for Danson, it’s hard to imagine where his plot could go from here. With an A-lister of Hurt’s magnitude joining the cast, I’m guessing that Danson won’t get any more lines than Kevin Costner did in the “Chill.” For those who don’t remember, he played the dead guy.

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Class-Action Continuance: ‘Damages’ to come back for a second season on FX


After the first season of “Damages” finished on October 23, it seemed likely that the should would be one and done. Sure, the cable-TV thriller was a gripping, original take on the pre-trial machinations of a devious class action lawyer, played by none other than Bedford’s Glenn Close. But a series average of 5.1 million viewers isn’t exactly impressive. If this had been a network show, it would have been canceled faster than you can say “New Amsterdam.” Luckily, though, the show is on FX — not NewCorp’s more fickle, myopic network counterpart, Fox.

But “Damages” didn’t just get reupped — according to the Hollywood Reporter, it got a green light for two more seasons! 26 episodes in all.

Season one’s stars, including Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovan, are all set to return. No word yet on whether Ted Danson will survive that gunshot in the finale (me thinks not), but I sure would love for him to get a spinoff role as the new head bartender at Paddy’s Pub in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Sam Malone goes to Philly!

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Everybody knows their names: Ted Danson and Glenn Close

Last year, it was announced Glenn Close (the part-time Bedford Hills resident) would star in her own show on F/X, after the considerable acclaim she received for her yearlong guest spot on The Shield.

tjndc5-5bvsq2pg89iyzo92fuk_layout.jpgThis week, her co-star was revealed. Ted Danson will play a character named Arthur Frobisher in the still untitled legal thriller. According to Variety, Frobisher is “a corporate exec involved in a class-action lawsuit brought by the high-stakes litigator Patty Hewes,� played by Close.

The two actors worked together once before, on a television movie called Something About Amelia and were both nominated for Emmy’s for their roles.
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