Podcast: June 25

On the show this week: “American Idol” Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks, former “ER” cast member Gloria Reuben and “SportsCenter” anchor Trey Wingo hit the links to benefit Autism Speaks.

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At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: A Cincinnati councilman recently apologized to Rip Torn for falsely using his barely obscured mug shot in a campaign ad railing against “child predators.” In what Westchester municipality was Torn arrested for driving while under the influence?

A. Cortlandt
B. North Salem
C. Yorktown
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Taylor Hicks, Gloria Reuben among stars teeing up for good cause in Mamaroneck

I know celebrities are supposed to be nice when they lend their name, time and (sometimes) money to charitable causes, but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interviewing former “American Idol” champ Taylor Hicks, former “ER” star Gloria Reuben, former New York Giants cornerback Jeremy Lincoln and “SportsCenter” anchor Trey Wingo in Mamaroneck yesterday at Autism Speaks’ 10th annual New York Celebrity Golf Challenge. All of them were good-natured and showcased great senses of humor.


I’ll be posting quotes and clips from my interviews with them in the days to come.

Other stars spotted at the event were former New York Knicks guard John Starks; “Late Show with David Letterman” announcer Alan Kalter; former New York Giants tight end Howard Cross; news anchor Jack Ford; and actor Gregg Bello. Kalter gave me some great quotes at last year’s event.

(Photo by Joe Larese/The Journal News)

The Scoop: Behind the scenes at star-studded charity golf tourney

Photo by Seth Harrison/The Journal News

If you want the formal account of yesterday’s Autism Speaks celebrity-laden tournament at Mamaroneck’s Winged Foot Golf Club, check out this story in today’s Journal News.

In it, you’ll find quotes by former NBC Chairman Bob Wright, who cofounded the charity; “Dateline NBC” co-anchor and Dobbs Ferry homeowner Stone Phillips; “Fox5 News at 10” meterorologist and New Rochelle resident Nick Gregory; National Football League Hall-of-Famer Harry Carson; fellow former New York Giant and one-time star of “The Bachelor” Jesse Palmer; and “Late Show with David Letterman” announcer Alan Kalter.

Now for some behind-the-scenes gossip that didn’t appear in print due to the constraints of space, time and relevance:

• Some of the other celebrities to appear at the event, in alphabetical order: actor Gregg Bello; CBS sportscaster Don Criqui; Kansas drummer Phil Ehart; CourtTV commentator Jack Ford; “Squawk Box” cohost Joe Kernen; actor Richard Kind; former NFL cornerback Jeremy Lincoln; “Today in New York” sports anchor Otis Livingston; music producer Brendan O’Brien; and musician Tyrone Vaughan, who is the nephew of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

• Among those scheduled to appear at the event, but didn’t show, were season-five “American Idol� champ Taylor Hicks, “Today� show cohost Matt Lauer and comedian George Lopez.

• True to his persona on “The Bachelor,” Palmer charmed members of the public and media, enthusiastically posing for photos and answering questions.

• Carson said he was happy to help out the charity, despite repeatedly stating that his golf game “sucks.” Asked what his score was minutes after completing the 18-hole course, Carson said, “I have no idea.”

• Celebrity golf handicaps (or at least those they want us to believe): Kalter, 14; Palmer, 15; Lincoln, 16; Wright, 18; Gregory, 26.

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EXCLUSIVE: Stone Phillips’ post-‘Dateline’ plans: ‘Traveling, rest and relaxation’

AP file photo

Dobbs Ferry homeowner Stone Phillips was one of many celebrities to appear at today’s Winged Foot Golf Club outing in Mamaroneck to fundraise for the Autism Speaks charity.

Just before heading to the links, Phillips chatted exclusively with Suburbarazzi about the prospect of providing piano accompaniment for event no-show Taylor Hicks; the similarities between football and golf; and his plans after his employer opted not to renew his “Dateline NBC” contract, which expires at the end of the month.


Suburbarazzi: You played piano and serenaded Katie Couric on her “Today” show finale, and “American Idol” champ Taylor Hicks was expected to be here today, but didn’t show. Would you have accompanied him on a song had he shown up?

Stone Phillips: I would not. Because I wouldn’t have embarrassed him or me by trying to do that.

Suburbarazzi: You were the starting quarterback on Yale’s 1976 Ivy League Champion football team. Do any of those skills translate to anything on the golf course?

Stone Phillips: Yeah, I think some of them do. To me, it’s visualization. You have to visualize the point of junction between and the receiver and the ball you throw. And in golf it’s a lot of visualization, too. Other than that, I just try to have fun. I enjoy playing football and I enjoy playing golf.

Suburbarazzi: What are your plans, post-“Dateline�?

Stone Phillips: Nothing immediately. Nothing for a while. You know, I’m going to take some time off and do some traveling with my wife and take it from there. It’s gonna be a nice long period of rest and relaxation, and then taking on some independent projects.


Matt Lauer, Stone Phillips, Taylor Hicks to tee off at Mamaroneck charity outing


Local NBC veterans Matt Lauer and Stone Phillips are expected join Season 5 “American Idol” champ Taylor Hicks and other celebs at Winged Foot Gold Club in Mamaroneck this Monday to fundraise for an autism charity at the ninth-annual Celebrity Golf Challenge.

Founded by former NBC CEO Bob Wright and his wife Susan, Autism Speaks sent invitations to the “Today” show co-host, who spent part of his childhood in Chappaqua, Ardsley and Hartsdale; the “Dateline” alumnus, who owns property in Dobbs Ferry; and the silver-haired “Idol,” who, um, will be in Westchester County possibly for the first time.

Among the other celebrities expected to attend are Gregg Bello, Joe Kernen, Jeremy Lincoln, Jack Ford and Don Criqui, according to the organization.

Many thanks to fellow Remote Access contributor Amy Vernon for the tip.

(Lauer photo by Mark Vergari/The Journal News; Phillips photo by Stuart Ramson/Associated Press; Hicks photo by Frank Micelotta/Fox)

Oh, one more thing! See MySpace star Alex Nackman perform in NYC Saturday night!

Hold up there, Suburbarazzi! Clearly, if you’re checking this blog after 5 p.m. on a Friday, you’re both a devoted fan of cool things and in need of getting out of the house/office more. (So am I on both fronts!) But before you and I head out for the weekend, I want to plug a Feb. 17 Manhattan performance by Sleepy Hollow product Alex Nackman, who was a featured MySpace musician this week! Check out the lower-right of this screen capture for proof!

(Disclaimer: No matter how much you dislike “Soul Patrol,” Suburbarazzi does not endorse the prospect of shooting Taylor Hicks and/or his lookalikes.)

In the interest of full disclouse, Alex is the elder son of Barbara Nackman, a reporter for The Journal News and one of the coolest people in the Mount Kisco bureau. (She’s in a 16-way tie for first place.) But I can vouch for the quality of his tunes, with an emphasis on quality.

Reminiscent of the best facets of David Gray, John Mayer and Ryan Cabrera, he writes really catchy, clever and intelligent pop, rock and acoustic songs. If you dabble in the world of iTunes as much as I do, I’d suggest downloading “Proximity” and “Stay Where You Are” immediately.

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