Matisyahu’s music makes men crazy…

tjndc5-5d8rnl9x4txpb9stoq6_layout.jpg…or at least it makes Jared Leto crazy (or maybe he was crazy to begin with). According to the New York Post, the Hassidic Reggae star performed at Harry O’s Tao in Park City (if you’re counting, that’s the third party sighting of the White Plains-bred singer, after Riverhouse Café and the Heineken Party). Leto was in the audience and “stirred things up,� flirting with the girlfriend of Chris Robinson and “bumping into people in the crowded venue as he headed back to his table.�

<blockquote><div>When a fellow patron told Leto to “relax,” Leto grabbed a liquor bottle and held it above the guy’s head. Spies said when bouncers asked Leto to leave, he responded by holding up a beer bottle as he was led out.</div></blockquote>

Real class act, that Leto dude!

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Matisyahu goes to Sundance

The White Plains-bred reggae star performed Sunday night at the the Riverhouse Café in Park City. According to New York Observer gossip hound, Morgan Spencer, the Hasidic singer “scored big with two models in the front, bringing them to tears.�
<blockquote><div>“I don’t know if they were fans or drunk or really moved, which is what it looked like. They were being really dramatic,� said an onlooker. “During the acoustic Jerusalem song, they were kissing their fingers and putting up peace signs.�</div></blockquote>
According to Morgan, Matisyahu also showed up at “the Heineken party� later that night, where guests included Bijou Phillips, Tara Reid, Paul Rudd, and Ron Burkle.

Wonder what the rabbis back in Crown Heights will say about that?