Legion of LoHud celebs donates artistic skills to benefit Brewster charity

The Columbus Day Parade has gone to the dogs!

Well, art shaped like dogs. Whatever. It’s a good cause. Stay with me here.

This Monday, the artwork of celebrities – many with a connection to the Lower Hudson Valley – will be paraded down the streets of New York City as part of an initiative to raise money for a Brewster charity.

gere.jpgAbout 30 celebs painted life-sized fiberglass dogs that will be aboard a float in the city’s Columbus Day Parade. Among the artistic celebs with a local connection are Pound Ridge residents Richard Gere (pictured) and Clive Davis; Bedford residents Chevy Chase, Glenn Close, Robert Kennedy Jr., Paul Shaffer and Martha Stewart; Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams; North Salem resident and John Jay High School alumnus Stanley Tucci; and former Putnam County resident Judge Judy Sheindlin.

The money raised through a subsequent auction will benefit Green Chimneys, a 60-year-old non-profit organization that operates a special education school, a residential treatment center for children and a farm and wildlife rehabilitation center in Brewster. The auction ends Nov. 1.

For the rest of October, the dogs will be on display at the TimeWarner Center in Columbus Circle.

Among the other celebrities to apply their palates to fake pups were Fiona Apple, Rachael Ray, Robin Quivers, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Goodall, Cyndi Lauper, Soledad O’Brien, Joe Piscopo, Mike Richter and Bill Walton.

Check out and bid on all the dogs at www.CharityFolks.com and learn more about Green Chimneys at www.GreenChimneys.org.

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

At least 11 Emmy noms with Lohud connections, score!

The Suburbarazzi has been fishing through the list of Emmy nominees and we’ve come up with quite a hefty list of connections to the lower Hudson Valley. Leave a comment if you find more.

Lead Actress in a Drama
Glenn Close, Damages — house in Bedford

Actress In a Miniseries or a Movie
Susan Sarandon, Bernard And Doris — home in Pound Ridge

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty — lives in Chappaqua

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Kevin Dillon, Entourage — grew up in Mamaroneck

Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
Audra McDonald, Raisin in the Sun — Lives in Croton

Guest Actor in a Comedy
Rip Torn, 30 Rock — arrested for DUI in North Salem in 2007

Guest Actor in a Drama
Stanley Tucci, ER — went to John Jay in Katonah, lives in North Salem

Guest Actress in a Comedy
Edie Falco, 30 Rock — went to SUNY Purchase

Guest Actress in a Drama
Ellen Burstyn, Big Love — Lives in Nyack


Best Made for TV Movie
Raisin in the Sun, executive produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs — grew up in Mount Vernon

(Diddy: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello; Susan Sarandon: AP Photo/Martial Trezzini)

Stanley Tucci says Daniel Day-Lewis might be ‘best actor in the world’

tucci.jpgWhile schmoozing at Sundance this week, actor/director Stanley Tucci reportedly raved about the Oscar-nominated performance Daniel Day-Lewis turned in for “There Will Be Blood.”

The Press Association (UK) posts the quote from Tucci, who’s lived in North Salem:


When somebody says ‘Who’s the best actor in the world?’ there’s no such thing really, it’s silly. But I did see ‘There Will Be Blood’ and Daniel Day-Lewis, as far as I’m concerned, if there were a best actor in the world it may well be him. He’s so extraordinary. I never tire of watching him.


For me, I never tire of watching Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray. But from what I hear among critics and friends, Day-Lewis — who already won an Academy Award for “My Left Foot” — is practically a lock for the golden statue this year.

(AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)

Sundance to shine light on Stanley Tucci, other LoHud filmmakers

tucci.jpg“Blind Date,” directed by North Salem resident Stanley Tucci, will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. He also cowrote the screenplay for the film about a married couple overcoming personal tragedy.

But Tucci won’t be the only representative of the Lower Hudson Valley showcasing work at the 11-day festival in Utah.

Props also go to the team from Ironbound Films in Garrison for their documentary, “The Linguists,” about dying language dialects. Ironbound Films — which includes Seth Kramer of Red Hook, Daniel Miller of Cold Spring and Jeremy Newberger of Yorktown — might sound familiar to Suburbarazzi readers; it filmed “Night Court” star Richard Moll in Newberger’s house for the internet mockumentary “The Fantastic Two.”

Kudos also go to Putnam Valley resident Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who directed “The Black List,” which features interviews with 20 African-American leaders for his documentary. “Black List” is his second representation at Sundance. His first, “Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart,” appeared on Utah’s prestigious screens about a decade ago.

Only 64 films from 3,624 submissions will play at the festival, which runs from Jan. 17-27. So congrats to our local reps!

Check out the descriptions of each movie on the Sundance Web site. And read more about the local filmmakers in Barbara Livingston Nackman’s article, appearing next week in The Journal News and on LoHud.com.

(AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)

Sarandon, Imperioli, and Tucci make up lovely cast of ‘The Lovely Bones’

Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Michael Imperioli

Too soon to start making Best Picture Oscar predictions for 2009? Naah.

The one movie I’m already set to place my bets on is Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones,” an adaptation of the Alice Sebold novel about a murdered 14-year-old girl who looks on from the afterlife to see what happens to her family when she goes missing. In addition to the amazing source material, what’s also exciting is that this flick will have an even more LoHudalicious cast than “City of Ember” (starring Bill Murray and Tim Robbins) and “Dancing with Shiva” (Debra Winger, Bill Irwin). Yes, in this one we have not one, not two, but three stars with ties to the Lower Hudson Valley.

First, there’s Pound Ridge resident Susan Sarandon, set to play the grandmother of the murdered girl. Then you’ve got Michael Imperioli, who grew up in Brewster and Mount Vernon, playing a cop searching for the girl. And finally, according to the Hollywood Reporter, North Salem’s Stanley Tucci may play the molester/murderer (Jackie Earl Haley, you started a trend!). And with Jackson behind the camera and DreamWorks footing the bill, this project is essentially a stacked deck. If only this movie were listed on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, I’d begin gobbling up futures today.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. The movie is listed on the Exchange. Current price: H$42.91. Ticker symbol: LVBON.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Lower Hudson Valley lays claim to at least 3 Emmys; Katherine Heigl’s LoHud membership status under review

emmy-award.jpgLate last week, Ted Mann and I made our picks for who, among our Lower Hudson Valley celebrities, would and should win Emmys. Now it’s time for our scorecard, granting a point for correct guesses as well as Lower Hudson Valley victories.

•SERIES (DRAMA): “The Sopranos” (parts filmed in LoHud; starred Sneden’s Landing homeowner Lorraine Bracco, Purchase College grad Edie Falco and Mount Vernon- and Brewster-raised Michael Imperioli.)

Ted and I thought “The Sopranos” would and should win. And with Bracco also sharing in this victory, everyone gets a point. Ted 1, Chris 1, Lower Hudson Valley 1.

•SERIES (COMEDY): “30 Rock”

While both Ted and I wanted “30 Rock” to win, I thought “Ugly Betty” would take the trophy, while Ted picked “The Office” to claim it. Unlike “Entourage,” which stars Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon and “Ugly Betty,” which stars Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams, “30 Rock” has no obvious connection to the Lower Hudson Valley, but we’re all winners in another sense because “30 Rock” is a fantastic show. Let’s hope it’s not doomed with the “Arrested Development” Emmy curse. Ted 1, Chris 1, Lower Hudson Valley, 1.

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Suburbarazzi gauges chances of LoHud’s Emmy nominees

emmy-award.jpgEarlier this week, Ted Mann and I chatted with RNN’s Stacy-Ann Gooden about a few of the Emmy nominees with connections to the Lower Hudson Valley. Given time constraints, we only had so much time to debate a few of the candidates, but thanks to the good ol’-fashioned(?) blog, we can offer our takes on which LoHud celebs we think, and hope, will win at Sunday’s ceremony.

Keep in mind that a couple of celebs with a local connection already had their fates decided at “ceremonies held earlier.” North Salem resident Stanley Tucci won Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance on “Monk.” (My gripe: Why wasn’t Paul Reubens’ hilarious performance as Gerhardt on “30 Rock” even nominated?) And while Suffern native Tim Daly didn’t win Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama for his appearance on “The Sopranos,” the winner in that category — John Goodman — appeared on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” created by Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin.

Ted found legit connections to the Lower Hudson Valley in eight major categories. We’ll give you a couple of teasers before the break. Check out the rest of our predictions and rooting interests after the break.

•”Boston Legal”
•“Grey’s Anatomy” (stars Katherine Heigl from nearby New Canaan)
•“Heroes” (stars Palisades native Hayden Panettiere)
•“The Sopranos” (parts filmed in LoHud; starred Sneden’s Landing homeowner Lorraine Bracco)

CHRIS: Thinks “The Sopranos” will win and wants “The Sopranos” to win.
TED: Thinks “The Sopranos” will win and wants “The Sopranos” to win.

•“Entourage” (stars Mamaroneck’s Kevin Dillon)
•”The Office”
•”30 Rock”
•”Two and a Half Men”
•“Ugly Betty” (stars Chappaqua’s Vanessa Williams)

CHRIS: Thinks “Ugly Betty” will win but wants “30 Rock” to win.
TED: Thinks “The Office” will win but wants “30 Rock” to win.

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Suburbarazzi Emmy Pre-Show on RNN

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The answer to this week’s quiz is after the break.

Stay tuned later in the week and we’ll fill out your extended Emmy ballot with all the other nominees who have connections to the Lower Hudson Valley.

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Stanley Tucci and Morgan Spurlock team up to champion high school theater

AP/Louis Lanzano; Spurlock: AP/Diane Bondareff

If you thought the controversy over John Jay’s production of “The Vagina Monologues” got a lot of attention, that’s nothing compared to the uproar that recently took place over the Connecticut border at Wilton High School.

Students there were gearing up to perform “Voices in Conflict,” a series of monologues drawn from the stories of actual soldiers in their own words, drawn from blogs, articles, recorded interviews, and books. But then, in an absurd miscalculation of the zeitgeist about the war, the school’s principal attempted to pull the plug on the whole production. The NY Times wrote an article about the school banning the play, which of course prompted nearly eveyone in the NYC theater community to call the school in protest.

Long story short (too late!) the kids were ultimately invited to perform at the Vineyard Theater, Culture Project, and Public Theater. In addition to coverage from CNN and NPR, they also got some attention from the curious duo of North Salem actor-director Stanley Tucci and documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

The two were interviewing the students as part of a PBS series they’re putting together. No word on what it’s called or when it’s airing, but if the program sounds anything like a Cingular commercial or looks anything like moldy hamburger, I’m in.

“Unwelcome at Home, Student Play Is a Hit in New York” [NY Times]

If at first Stanley Tucci doesn’t succeed, try try to join the “ER” cast

Stanley TucciAfter his stint on the extremely short-lived “3 Lbs.,” I hardly expected North Salem’s Stanley Tucci to do another primetime TV show anytime soon, much less another medical drama

But then last night, while watching the scenes from next week’s “ER,” there he was, in all his bald glory. Apparently, now that Weaver is gone and Kovach has resigned as head of the ER, Tucci is coming in to take over in some capacity or another (TV Guide said it was as head of the ER, but the Cincinnati Post said it would be as head of the entire hospital). And if last night’s episode was any indication, I’d say there’s about an 85 percent chance that he (and five other random characters) will try to jump Neela Rasgotra’s bones.

Perfume Poll: Smells like celebrity spirit

While regional real estate seeker Derek Jeter tries to convince you that smelling like a chilled grapefruit is a great holiday gift idea, Suburbarazzi asks the question no one else dares: What if other celebrities with a connection to New York City’s northern suburbs released a line of fragrances?

Would you be inspired (read: nuts) enough to fork over $85 for a tinted bottle of pungent liquid and “your free gift (of toiletries nobody wants), while supplies last”?

Well, we care not only about what you want, but also about what you don’t. Have your say on the worst potential celebrity essence money could buy.

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