Bill Murray’s divorce costs him $7+ million

As far as I’m concerned, just about anything Bill Murray does is capital-H hilarious, but — well, getting divorced is never funny. And when you’re forced to pay more than $7 million, it’s all the more tragic.

tjndc5-5k88gfwkaxdihbqmo6_layout.jpgThe Sneden’s Landing funnyman’s divorce from Jennifer Butler Murray was finalized on June 13 in South Carolina by a Charleston County judge. As the original divorce papers disclosed, Jennifer was requesting a split due to “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.”

Thanks to a pre-nup the couple signed before getting married in 1997, Bill was already on the hook for $7 million, but according to the settlement papers (obtained by TMZ), he’ll also be paying child support and ceding Jennifer their houses on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, and Helmet, California. So if you’re looking for a silver lining in all this, we can only assume that means he gets the family’s Rockland digs. Score one for Bill!

Murray Divorce Settlement Documents [PDF]

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Bill Murray’s wife can’t handle his virile, pot-smoking, all-around awesomeness

Wouldn’t you know it: As soon as I leave Charleston, South Carolina — where I’ve been vacationing for the past week — one of the biggest celebrity stories in recent months breaks the next day. What’s more, it’s about part-time Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray.

0000018648_20060921095219.jpgAccording to the Post & Courier, his wife, Jennifer Butler Murray, has asked for a divorce in Charleston court on the grounds that her husband smokes pot and has an overactive libido. Um, so what exactly is the problem?

Actually, there were a few more complaints: “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.” All those were cited in the complaint Mrs. Murray, the actor’s second wife, filed on May 12. The couple has four sons, all under the age of 18.

The crack team at the Post & Courier also managed to track down the couple’s 23-page prenup, which states that Bill will pay Jennifer $7 mil if the marriage is dissolved. Though it’s not entirely clear how the family’s assets will be divided, since Jennifer moved to the couple’s $3.65 Sullivan’s Island home back in 2006, it’s probably safe to assume that she’ll stay there and Bill will keep the Rockland County home — and dibs on all Peter Kelly restaurants.

PDF of divorce filing

Murray Prenup