Westchester in the White House?

If you thought Hillary Clinton was the only chance of seeing  a Westchester resident working in the White House, think again.tjndc5-5b59y10ao1h6cs4o7p4_original.jpg

Now that Barack Obama won the presidential election this week, his aides are strongly encouraging him to bring in high profile figures into his cabinet. One of the people being considered for head of the Environmental Protection Agency is none other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who lives in Bedford.

RFK Jr. is a high profile environmental lawyer that has taken on big companies and governments in efforts to clean up the Hudson River and Long Island Sound.

He won’t be the only one in the White House with Westchester ties. Obama has already expressed giving his chief of staff position to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a Chicago politician who did his undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville.

Emanuel is a pitbull politician that is not afraid to cuss up a storm (as I learned the hard way while working as a Capitol Hill reporter in Washington DC). But many people don’t know this, Emanuel was a ballet dancer as a child and turned down an invitation to join the Joffrey Ballet to study dance at Sarah Lawrence (hahaha!).

“It was a great liberal-arts school, and there were four women for every guy,” Emanuel told the Rolling Stone in 2005. “I was eighteen, so I’m allowed to think like that.”

(Photo by Stuart Bayer / The Journal News )

Howard Stern, Beth Ostrosky get hitched

Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed King of All Media, has been married once before, but is Beth Ostrosky the Queen who will help him find his Happily Ever After?

That’s to be written, but the 54-year-old deejay and the 36-year-old model took the biggest step toward that goal with their wedding at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant Friday night.

Stern proposed to Ostrosky on Valentine’s Day in 2007. It’s his second marriage, her first.

Officiating the ceremony was actor Mark Consuelos, the husband of Kelly Ripa, who also attended. The rest of the guest list wasn’t exactly the Wack Pack.

In addition to Stern show regulars, People magazine and Howard 100 News reported that the guest list included Bedford resident Chevy Chase (who reportedly delivered a raunchy roast), Larchmont native Joan Rivers, Sarah Lawrence College graduate Barbara Walters, Westchester real estate maven Donald Trump, Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee Joel, Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, former Train lead singer Pat Monahan, John Stamos, Jillian Barberie, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman and former Senator Al D’Amato.

“I danced with Howard,” said Rivers, according to People. “The wedding was fabulous, everyone had a great, great time.”

The Piano Man sang two songs, Monahan sang another, and Maines and Barberie teamed up for yet another, according to reports.

In a report airing today on Howard 100 News, Barberie had a suspicion about Kimmel and Silverman, who earlier this year had a civil yet very public breakup: “I think they’re back,” she whispered today on her Los Angeles morning talk show.

(Associated Press file photo by Diane Bondareff)

Long lost Jessica Lange to turn up in Yonkers

Aside from “Broken Flowers” back in 2005 and “Big Fish” a few years before that, Jessica Lange has been largely MIA from show biz.tjndc5-5baolojwfm1127stv6bw_layout.jpg

But we just got word that the Oscar winner will be taking to the stage in Yonkers, to deliver a different kind of performance — the commencement address at Sarah Lawrence College. She’ll be speaking to the 310 graduating seniors, one of whom is her daughter, Hannah Jane Shepherd. Presumably dad (and Lange ex) Sam Shepherd should be there, too.

Look for photo of the event, courtesy of my colleague Nicole Neroulias, in the Suburbarazzi Flickr sidebar stream tomorrow.

(AP Photo/Diane Bondareff)

Unlike members of ‘Making the Band,’ Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to be immortalized on Walk of Fame


Mount Vernon-raised Sean “Diddy” Combs will be the newest celebrity to be represented on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a ceremony scheduled for this Friday.

In a quote posted by Hip Hop Galaxy, Combs was thrilled about the honor during an interview conducted by Jaime Foxx on Foxx’s Sirius satellite radio show:


I’m from Harlem, New York, so to get a star in Hollywood is just mind-blowing. You can get a lot of things but when you see those stars on the ground… that’s something I can’t even say I dreamed of and to be getting recognized for it is definitely something I’m gonna have my whole family out there for.


I’m not taking anything away from Harlem, and he might have mentioned Mount Vernon at another point during the interview, but here’s hoping he shows more love for his Westchester roots.

Arguably, Diddy’s least relevant contribution to pop culture could be his rapping skills. (His most memorable lyrics might be a tie between “Uh” and “Yeah” on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.”) But as a music producer, clothing mogul and music icon, it’s hard to argue against his overall success. Even if he’s merely famous for being famous, he’s done it successfully for more than a decade.

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From Lauer to Leno to Letterman, LoHud celebs dominate Forbes list of TV’s Top Earners

letterman.jpgNorth Salem resident David Letterman earned $40 million from June 2006 to June 2007 through television, ranking him fourth on Forbes magazine’s new list of TV’s Top Earners and tops among celebrities who have lived or attended college in the Lower Hudson Valley.

His newest BFF, Oprah Winfrey, tops the list. And it isn’t even close. She made $260 million in that one-year span, about $200 million more than the runner-up, Jerry Seinfeld ($60 million) and even more over “American Idol” staple Simon Cowell ($45 million).

Suddenly Alex Rodriguez’s contract doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary.

Other LoHudders on the list: Westchester real estate maven and golf course owner Donald Trump (No. 5, $32 million); New Rochelle native Jay Leno (No. 6, $32 million); former Putnam County resident (Judge) Judy Sheindlin (No. 7, $30 million); former Chappaqua, Ardsley and Hartsdale resident Matt Lauer (No. 17, $13 million); Sarah Lawrence College graduate Barbara Walters (No. 18, $12 million); and Irvington resident Meredith Vieira (No. 20, $10 million).

(AP Photo/John Paul Filo, CBS)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Paul Shaffer joins KISS Army, Bill Murray emcees Eric Clapton’s festival, and Homer Simpson slams Rosie O’Donnell

My apologies for mentioning Rosie O’Donnell YET AGAIN in my segment, but here’s why I made an exception: Anytime I have the opportunity to break out multiple “Simpsons” impressions on TV, I’m going to go for it. At the very least, you can mock me for it. Win/win.

After the break, find out the answer to this week’s quiz question: Joanne Woodward was first to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From what Lower Hudson Valley college did she graduate?

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Suburbarazzo finds LoHud stars all over Walk of Fame

Hey, ‘Burbies! Guess where I was for a long-weekend vacation?


For those of you who guessed “Knoxville,” you clearly missed all those Reading is Fundamental public service announcements from the ’80s. Ah, yes. Tinseltown. Even in the warm California sun, Suburbarazzi was on my mind. I mean, how couldn’t it be? Strolling the Walk of Fame caused for moments of celebration and inspiration. Observe:

Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters inspires me to strike a pensive pose. What kind of tree would I be?

I can’t really think of a good pose for former Bronxville resident Ed McMahon, so I do my best to look stately and interested. Or just feel inclined to punch my hip. “Yes!”

Here I am next to the star of former Larchmont resident Joan Rivers. I’m pulling the skin back on my face. Botox, shmotox.

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Ivanka Trump to replace Rosie O’Donnell on ‘The View’?

AP/Damian Dovarganes

So if you’re Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell, and you leave “The View,” what must it feel like to know that the daughter of one of your fiercest rivals might take your place on the show?

Yes, Ivanka Trump — daughter of The Donald — has been one of the names dropped for the coveted Rosie seat, according to Hollyscoop.com.

Admittedly, while Ivanka has appeared on “The View” before, the supposed reasoning behind this rumor seems a bit far-fetched. Hollyscoop reports that Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters “wants to hire Trump to [tick] off the Hiltons for the treatment she received during the shopping of the Paris post-jail interview.” Indeed, it’s a shame that story didn’t receive more coverage.

Let’s pretend the rumor’s legit. And no matter whose side you’re on, let’s also forget the back story for a split second. I’ve always considered Ivanka Trump to be rather eloquent and surprisingly well-adjusted. She could be a darn good cohost.

I’m still rooting for Mario Cantone, however. That guy cracks me up.

Unlike Anna Nicole Smith, Donald Trump won’t let Rosie O’Donnell feud die

Initially calling in to discuss the death of Anna Nicole Smith, Bedford property owner Donald Trump ripped into a small army of LoHud personalities and O.J. Simpson this morning on the radio show of Howard Stern (not to be confused with Howard K. Stern, Smith’s former attorney and alleged father to her newborn daughter).

Trump on attorney Howard K. Stern: “There’s something with that guy. I think he’s just bad news. … He’s a loser. He’s a loser. I think he’s some kind of a degenerate, in my opinion, and his whole life revolved around (Smith). And by the way, I give him zero (chance) that it’s his baby.”

Trump on Anna Nicole Smith: “I know a lot of beautiful models, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, she’s so dumb. She’s so dumb,’ and in the meantime, she (had) a shot at $500 million and they don’t. … How did she lose the weight, do you think? … I think she had the operation.”

Trump on Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell: “I understand her; I don’t like her. She is not a smart person. She’s just a bully. … I think you have to be vicious when you’re dealing with a vicious person. … I got, I would say, 85 percent (of e-mails) in favor of the way (I handled the feud). And I had a lot of good friends of mine say, ‘Donald, why do you attack her?’ And I say, ‘Because I have to.’ Genetically, I have to. In other words, she made statements about me that were totally false, then corrected those statements. But you know what? She was more angry at anything that I gave Miss USA a second chance.”

Find out what Trump said about Barbara Walters, radio host Howard Stern and O.J. Simpson after the break.

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