Will Russell Crowe wear tights for the remake of Robin Hood?


I know what you’re thinking—wait, there’s a remake of Robin Hood in the works? As a matter of fact there is—but with a twist. The “lead� role in this retelling of the legendary tale will be the “noble� Sheriff of Nottingham—played by our favorite Aussie actor and one-time Nyack denizen.

In the film—which will re-team Crowe with his “Gladiator� director, Ridley Scott—the prickly actor stars as a lawman working for a corrupt king. He’s investigating a murder in which everyone’s favorite forest dwelling thief is the prime suspect. There will also be a love triangle between the two men and Maid Marion.

According to stuff.co.nz, the film “will give the outlaw a darker side than previous versions.� No word yet on the actor cast to lead the merry men. The film is slated to hit theaters in 2009.(AP Photo/20th Century Fox) 

Russell, We Hardly Knew Ya!

Russell CroweAlas, it appears that Russell Crowe has left Nyack. In a blurb titled “Invisible Man,” the New York Post’s Page Six reports that Crowe has finished filming “American Gangster” with Ridley Scott and Denzel Washington in New York, and has now packed up his family and returned to Britain.

As we reported in Rockland Magazine last month, Crowe spent an estimated $100,000 to rent Pretty Penny (the old Helen Hayes estate). Despite the Post’s claim that he “managed to keep such a low profile that he was nearly invisible,” Nyackers saw plenty of him. He became a regular at Pickwick Book Store, Vertigo, and a half-dozen other nearby restaurants (more on where he ate in our upcoming November dining issue). In addition to filming his gangsta flick, Crowe also shot “Tenderness” with Laura Dern in Rockland and other surrounding ‘burbs. The only time we caught sight of Crowe and Co. was in New Rochelle, while filming a scene for “Tenderness” at athe Dorchester Gardens condos (2241 Palmer Ave).

Mostly, though, we’re just sad that we won’t get to see Crowe and his band make good on their pledge to play at Vertigo. Maybe when he comes back to promote “A Good Year” Vertigo owner Leslie McGettigan can talk him into talking the stage finally.


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