Why did Lorraine Bracco cheat on Harvey Keitel?


Three words: Edward James Olmos.

I was catching up on some back-episodes of Oprah last night (hey, lay off, the wife is working night and there’s nothing else on TV right now), and I caught an from last week in which the Sopranos star talked about her own battle with depression — a depression, she said, thatgrew mostly out of her messy split with Harvey Keitel and the custody battle over their daughter, Stella. I already knew that Bracco had put out a memoir, “On the Couch,” about the whole ordeal, but what I didn’t know is that the breakup was largely driven by her own infidelity … with Edward James Olmos.

“Eddie was a lovely man,” she said on the show, “And, in all retrospect, Harvey is a good man… It was an immature choice. I was on that river in Egypt, called denial! And I wasn’t mature enough or smart enough or willing to accept that I was unhappy in that relationship.”

Stella was also on the show, talking about how unstable her mom — who still owns a home in Sneden’s Landing — had been while growing up. The topic of how Stella has been seen smooching mom’s costar Robert Iler (aka A.J.), sadly, did not come up.

(Bracco: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin; Keitel: AP Photo/Louis Lanzano; Olmos: AP Photo/Lisa Rose)

A.J. and Melfi’s kid sitting in a tree


A.J. may have lost his on-screen paramour on “The Sopranos,” but in real life actor Robert Iler is reportedly dating his co-star Lorraine Bracco’s daughter, Stella Keitel.

Bracco, who used to live in Sneden’s Landing, told the NY Daily News that the two are just friends, but they sure do make a cute couple and the News adds that the two were spotted making out at Tenjune in NYC. Let’s just hope that Iler makes a good impression on Stella’s dad, Harvey Keitel. If you thought Tony Soprano was tough on Meadow’s boyfriends, I wouldn’t like to see what Mr. White does if you bring his little girl home after midnight.

(Iler: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin; Keitel: AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)