Rob Thomas usurping Rob Thomas as the most famous Rob Thomas

Speaking as someone whose name has already been effectively trademarked by a half-dozen more famous Ted Manns, my sympathies go out to Rob Thomas the television producer (below, left), who seemed destined to always play second fiddle to Rob Thomas the singer and Mount Kisco resident (below, right). Alright, so maybe TV Rob he was lucky enough to get his IMDB page to show up on the first batch of Google results, but just about everything else is all Matchbox Twenty Rob. Then again, maybe not for long.


See, TV Rob’s career, which began with his hit “Veronica Mars,” is hotter now than ever before, with him successfully selling three pilots in this season alone. They are: a “90210” spinoff, a comedy called “Cupid,” and “Good Behavior” about the matriach of a crime family who decides to take over when her husband is sent off to jail.

Nicely done, TV Rob. Music Rob is going to have to come up with something way better than songs on the “Meet the Robinsons” soundtrack to top that!

(TV Rob: IMDB; Music Rob: AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Matchbox 20’s return, Aaron Sorkin’s retreat to Broadway, and Marthapedia’s rise


This week’s quiz:

Which Lower Hudson Valley native has been signed on to headline the “300� spoof “301�?
• Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon
• Rye native Jason Bateman
• Former Sneden’s Landing resident Angelina Jolie
• Peekskill-born Paul Reubens (a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman)

The answer is at the end of the clip and after the break.

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Matchbox Twenty is back! … in October


Good news, Matchbox Twenty fans (all 20 of you): Mount Kisco rocker Rob Thomas has reunited with the group and they’re reportedly putting out a new album on October 2. One especially odd thing about this news: The CD, titled “Exile on Mainstream,” will be coming out on the Atlantic label, not the newly formed R Tel Records, which Thomas just launched with Epic. Not exactly an auspicious beginning for the new biz.

Anyway, according to Monsters and Critis, the new album will have six new songs along with 11 past hits. Meanwhile, Thomas is still trying to get his documentary some visibility, lobbying the Showtime show “Weeds” to let him do a cover, and even making plans to record another solo album for 2009. Throw in a Matchbox Twenty tour in 2008 and he’ll be one busy boy. Expect to see him making many a trip to the South Moger Ave Starbucks.

“Matchbox Twenty set to return in October” [M&C]

(Photo: Atlantic Records)

Rob Thomas digs Weed(s)

AP Photo/Jim Cooper

I know I haven’t always been kind in my past references to Mount Kisco rocker Rob Thomas. Those pretty boy good looks, that self-serving documentary … Anyway, all that mocking ends now. Thomas is back to his Santana-era level of coolness in my book.

The reason? In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, there’s a story about all of the bands who’ve been enlisted to score some weed — er, I mean, score the quirky, opening theme song for the Showtime series “Weeds.” Among the musicians doing covers of the ditty, “Little Boxes,” this season: Randy Newman, the Shins, Linkin Park, and Billy Bob Thorton (yes, you read that right). But best of all is Thomas, who the magazine says “made an eleventh-hour pitch to submit a cut from his band.”

“I like weed,” explained Thomas, “and we had instruments lying around. It was a perfect match.”

Waiting for more Weeds

In case you haven’t watched “Weeds” yet, it’s high time (those puns just keep on coming!) you picked up Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix or iTunes. Best comedy I’ve seen in years. Yes, I dig “The Office,” “Entourage,” and their ilk, but none of them approaches the brilliantly simple conceit of a suburban widower dealing pot to her neighbors. Season 3 debuts on August 13 and while it’s still unclear if Thomas made the cut, I advise everyone to head over to the Showtime message board and put in a plug for Thomas, our very own LoHud candidate.

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Rosie’s bid to host The Price is Right, Matt Lauer interviews the Princes, and Rob Thomas’ Record Label

The answer for this week’s quiz question — which local mega celebrity said they would consider doing “Dancing with the Stars”? — is after the break.


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The Scoop: Behind the scenes at star-studded charity golf tourney

Photo by Seth Harrison/The Journal News

If you want the formal account of yesterday’s Autism Speaks celebrity-laden tournament at Mamaroneck’s Winged Foot Golf Club, check out this story in today’s Journal News.

In it, you’ll find quotes by former NBC Chairman Bob Wright, who cofounded the charity; “Dateline NBC” co-anchor and Dobbs Ferry homeowner Stone Phillips; “Fox5 News at 10” meterorologist and New Rochelle resident Nick Gregory; National Football League Hall-of-Famer Harry Carson; fellow former New York Giant and one-time star of “The Bachelor” Jesse Palmer; and “Late Show with David Letterman” announcer Alan Kalter.

Now for some behind-the-scenes gossip that didn’t appear in print due to the constraints of space, time and relevance:

• Some of the other celebrities to appear at the event, in alphabetical order: actor Gregg Bello; CBS sportscaster Don Criqui; Kansas drummer Phil Ehart; CourtTV commentator Jack Ford; “Squawk Box” cohost Joe Kernen; actor Richard Kind; former NFL cornerback Jeremy Lincoln; “Today in New York” sports anchor Otis Livingston; music producer Brendan O’Brien; and musician Tyrone Vaughan, who is the nephew of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

• Among those scheduled to appear at the event, but didn’t show, were season-five “American Idol� champ Taylor Hicks, “Today� show cohost Matt Lauer and comedian George Lopez.

• True to his persona on “The Bachelor,” Palmer charmed members of the public and media, enthusiastically posing for photos and answering questions.

• Carson said he was happy to help out the charity, despite repeatedly stating that his golf game “sucks.” Asked what his score was minutes after completing the 18-hole course, Carson said, “I have no idea.”

• Celebrity golf handicaps (or at least those they want us to believe): Kalter, 14; Palmer, 15; Lincoln, 16; Wright, 18; Gregory, 26.

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Rob Thomas and Chappaqua make it into Page Six’s ‘sightings’


This is big! Finally, our moment in the celebrity tattle-Bible’s glorious spotlight. Here it is. Enjoy!

<blockquote><div>MATCH BOX 20’s Rob Thomas with a group at the Grappolo eatery in Chappaqua sipping “some sort of nectarine martinis”</div></blockquote>

It says so much, and yet so little…who was in the “group” with Rob? What sort of “nectarine martinis” were they sipping? Who called in the tip?

Okay, actually, it’s not that interesting. In fact, the preceding “sighting” puts this one to shame.

<blockquote><div>MICHAEL Douglas leaving Morimoto wearing wife Catherine Zeta-Jones’ jacket by mistake and saying, “I always think her coat is mine”</div></blockquote>(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Where are they now?

Catching up with a few of my favorite fading celebs:

tjndc5-5cd7sx6jt6hrabsr761_layout-1.jpgRob Thomas: Last time I checked in on Thomas, a Mount Kisco resident, he was holding a benefit concert at Blythedale Children’s Hospital last December. But apparently he’s also been hard at work on the documentary “My Secret Record” about his days in Matchbox 20 debut solo album, which is set to debut in Nashville in April. Is it too early to start lobbying for a sequel about his days writing songs for Taylor Hicks? [WKRN]

tjndc5-5dm6c4nmpdd18uuwd93f_layout.jpgDaniel Baldwin: The fugitive brother of Bedford’s Billy and Upper Grandview’s Stephen finally turned up in Detroit (where he, horror of horrors, was actually acting in a movie) after an arrest warrant had been issued for him last week. He pled guilty to felony charges that he illegally took another person’s 2003 GMC Yukon. Sigh. If only Baldwin’s remake of “Car 54, Where Are You?” had come out this year rather than 1994, I might have a good punchline here. [MSNBC]

Michael O’Keefe: Noonan! I had the good fortune to meet the star of “Caddyshack” last year when I was reporting a story on the decline of caddies in Westchester (he grew up in Mamaroneck and caddied at Winged Foot), and I’ve been keeping tabs ever since. That’s why I was totally psyched to hear that he’s got a new flick, “Cherry Crush,” in theaters right now! Wait, I should qualify that — in theaters in Rochester. Actually, just one theater. And tonight’s the last night. So be sure to head over to the Little Theatre to catch the “teen film noir” at either 7:30 and 9:50 p.m. [Democrat & Chronicle]


(Thomas: AP Photo/Disney Enterprises, Todd Anderson; Baldwin: AP Photo/Orange County Sheriffs Department; O’Keefe: Stephen Schmitt / InTown Westchester)

Rob Thomas and a Kennedy dine in Mount Kisco–though not together

tjndc5-5c66aaz8us4i1a7sg78_layout.jpgAccording to intrepid Stamford Advocate gossiper Susie Costaregni, former Matchbox 20-frontman (and Bedford resident) Rob Thomas grabbed some soup to go last week at Ladle of Love in Mount Kisco (our favorite soup shop!!).

Also stopping in Mount Kisco last week: Kerry Kennedy, another Bedford resident, and the filmmaking-daughter of Robert and Ethel Kennedy. She was seen in the Starbucks, which has become a mega celeb-spotting local in the County. Also getting their caffeine fix there: Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger, DMX, Billy Baldwin, Chaz Palminteri, and Robert Newman.

(AP Photo/Stephen Chernin) 

New Year’s Resolution Roundup

Alan Ruck (Piermont): I will not star in “Drive,” that dopey sounding Fox series about underground car racing, after all. [Reuters]

Debra Winger (Irvington): I will prove to fans that I’m not dead — just a little loopy — by returning the theater for an experimental, interactive show that uses cylindrical pods and elevator rides. Yes, I’ll totally blow their minds! [Playbill]

Bob Woodruff (Rye): I will play “tennis with that little ball that won’t do too much damage if it hits you in the head.” [Broadcasting and Cable]

Rosie O’Donnell (South Nyack): I will become the next Bob Barker. [Defamer]

Aaron Sorkin (Scarsdale): I will stop portraying my girlfriend, Kristin Chenoweth, as an intolerant homophobe on “Studio 60” — if only to stop her from whining about it to newspapers. [Newsday]

Rob Thomas (Bedford): I will reunite with Matchbox Twenty … only to turn around and break up with them a week later because, hey, it’s just so crazy fun to toy with their fragile emotions. [Contact Music]

Stephen Baldwin (Upper Grandview): I will sue the pants off anyone who tries to take a picture of me with my three heathen brothers. [The Showbuzz]

Lessons learned from the WPLJ Rockathon at Blythedale

1. This was the 15th year that Scott and Todd have done the WPLJ fundraiser at Blythedale. Which means that it must be, like, 20 years since Shannon was on Z100. Man, I’m getting old.

2tjndc5-5cqjhmf7v1e4yt12ahg_layout.jpg. Who needs John Oates? The new dynamic duo is Hall and Thomas — as in Daryl Hall and Rob Thomas! Though none of the 13-year-olds probably had any idea who they were, I’d like to point out that they’re not total dinosaurs: Heck, the former has songs on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and the latter has become the songwriter behind Taylor Hicks. Hmm, sounds like the perfect credentials for a “San Andreas Soul Patrol City” duet.

tjndc5-5cqjhojm8s9ehllahg_layout.jpg2. Speaking of dinosaurs, Cyndi Lauper looks old. Reeeeally old. And for some inexplicable reason, she’s singing Celtic Christmas tunes now. Just be careful and don’t overexert yourself, Cyndi — a girl can only have so much fun, and besides, it’s just a hospital for children.

“Rob Thomas, Cyndi Lauper, Daryl Hall, kids star at Blythedale” [Journal News]

Rob Thomas and Daryl Hall: Ricky Flores / The Journal News; Cindy Lauper: Ricky Flores / The Journal News