Podcast: June 25

On the show this week: “American Idol” Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks, former “ER” cast member Gloria Reuben and “SportsCenter” anchor Trey Wingo hit the links to benefit Autism Speaks.

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At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: A Cincinnati councilman recently apologized to Rip Torn for falsely using his barely obscured mug shot in a campaign ad railing against “child predators.” In what Westchester municipality was Torn arrested for driving while under the influence?

A. Cortlandt
B. North Salem
C. Yorktown
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Rip Torn’s North Salem mugshot prompts bizarre campaign tactic, apology

OK, it’s been a week since this bizarre story broke, but it warrants a review, Suburbarazzi-style:

rip-torn.jpgIn Cincinnati last week, City Councilman Chris Monzel apologized publicly to Rip Torn for manipulating the actor’s mug shot — taken in 2006 after Torn was arrested for drunk driving in North Salem — for a campaign ad.

Suburbarazzi posted an alternate mug shot and appeared to join The Journal News in scooping the story about Torn’s arrest on Dec. 4, 2006. On April 16, 2007, he pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, paid a $380 fine and surrendered his license for 90 days. And, at the time, that appeared to be the end of the story.

Facing actual drunk-driving charges is bad enough, but having your barely obscured face incorrectly associated with sexual predators is no better.

Monzel’s campaign was taken enough by the photo of the (allegedly) ripped Torn to use it in a TV ad decrying sexual predators, obscuring just the eyes of the picture with a black bar.

I’ll let the Associated Press take over from here:

Monzel said the ad was meant to depict a generic criminal and discuss his efforts to ‘get sexual predators off the streets.’ He said the ad wasn’t meant to have anything to do with the 77-year-old actor.

However, someone was able to identify Torn, and the actor was notified, Monzel said. Monzel quickly pulled the ad from local TV and cable stations.

Torn demanded an apology. On (June 10), Monzel placed an ad in The Cincinnati Enquirer describing Torn as an award-winning actor who had served honorably in the Army. The wording was negotiated over months, Monzel said.

‘That’s what this is about,’ he said. ‘And I apologize for it. I want to take full responsibility.’

The Enquirer said efforts to reach Torn were unsuccessful.

I’m not sure if Monzel, who was re-elected, was punished in any way for this massive error in judgment, but I wouldn’t blame Torn if he funded similar commercials for Monzel’s campaign opponent next time around.

(Photo courtesy of Somers state police.)

Rip Torn DWI: Sounds like a case for Judge Judy’s son

rip2.jpgIn other legal news, DMX isn’t the only local celeb fighting the Man. As Terry Corcoran reported in The Journal News today, actor Rip Torn has decided to take his DWI case from last year to trial.

Torn was arrested last December after he crashed his Chevy into tractor-trailer on Route 22 in North Salem. He then proceeded to do his best Nick Nolte impersonation, complete with a fabulously hobo-ish mug shot and surly attytood with the arresting officers.

At his hearing yesterday Torn’s lawyer was — get this! — Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy. That’s the same Adam Levy who we told you is running for Putnam County DA. (Alas, according to the TJN article, Torn may be looking for new representation, but my fingers are still crossed that Torn will come back to Levy. After all, the guy got him acquitted for another drunk-driving case in ’94, so he can do the job.)

Other fun facts about Torn gleaned from Terry’s story:

• Torn lives in Lakeville, CT.

• His birth name is Elmore, not Rip.

• He’s 76 years old. (Even with that crazy mug shot, I still say he looks younger than that.)

(Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the YouTube clip of Torn’s grisly wrestling match with Norman Mailer, be sure to check it out.)

“Rip Torn to take DWI case to trial” [TJN]

Need more evidence that “30 Rock” is the greatest new show on TV?

rip2.jpgSee exhibit R, as in Rip Torn, who has been cast in an upcoming episode. Many heartfelt thanks to intrepid reporter Brian Howard for posting this fabulous news to our sister blog, Remote Access. Apparently, according to Howard, he’ll be playing a GE exec that Alec Baldwin cozies up to.

As you may remember, Torn was arrested for a DWI in North Salem back in December, shortly after we first kicked off this whole Suburbarazzi enterprise. Ahh, good times.

Just so it doesn’t seem like I’m totally recycling this post, I’d like to add in my own little bit of Rip Torn goodness: a YouTube video of him wrestling with Norman Mailer in the 1960s for a film called “Maidstone.” In the clip, Torn attacks Mailer with a hammer and Mailer responds in kind by biting Torn’s ear.

Careful kids, all the blood is real, and so you have to sign in to see the video. But it’s totally worth it.

Santas Gone Wild

palisadessanta.jpegNow that the obligatory three-day waiting period has passed, let the Saint Nicholas mockery begin!

• Ever wondered what Santa would look like if he was played by Rip Torn — and not the cuddly Larry Sanders version, but the mug-shot one arrested for a DWI in North Salem? Thanks to Gallery of the Absurd, now you know.

• Which is worse: Santa’s thumbs-up and O-faced reaction to Hayden Panettiere wrapping her legs around his mid-section, or the fact that I even found the photo in the first place?

• Apparently the Santa at the Palisades Mall is the only high-powered list-maker who doesn’t care to weigh on Rosie O’Donnell. As he put it to — shameless plug alert — Rockland Magazine: “Rosie? I wouldn’t comment on any individual people. Santa looks for the good in everybody and finds it.” Yeah, good luck with that.

Photo of Palisades Center Santa (aka Bill Barrett) by Mark Vergari / Rockland Magazine.

Perfume Poll: Smells like celebrity spirit

While regional real estate seeker Derek Jeter tries to convince you that smelling like a chilled grapefruit is a great holiday gift idea, Suburbarazzi asks the question no one else dares: What if other celebrities with a connection to New York City’s northern suburbs released a line of fragrances?

Would you be inspired (read: nuts) enough to fork over $85 for a tinted bottle of pungent liquid and “your free gift (of toiletries nobody wants), while supplies last”?

Well, we care not only about what you want, but also about what you don’t. Have your say on the worst potential celebrity essence money could buy.

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