Righteous Kill trailer anything but righteous

Even since it filmed in last fall in Connecticut, I’ve been looking forward to “Righteous Kill” — the first film starring both Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro since “Heat” — about as much, if not more than, than Indiana Jones 4. Well, after seeing trailers for both [“Righteous Kill,” “Indiana Jones”], it’s clear that Indy will once again win the day. Or rather, summer box office.

righteouskillposter.jpgIt’s not that the premise of two seasoned NYC cops hunting down a vigilante killer is all that bad, and I’m totally down with cast featuring plenty of LoHudders (Sneden’s Landing’s DeNiro, Mamaroneck’s Dan Futterman), not to mention 50 Cent and Carla Gugino. And of course I love the shot of DeNiro at the end, mouthing off to Terry Serpico.

It’s just one of those trailers where you feel like you know most of the plot before you even fork over your $10. The Indiana Jones teaser, meanwhile, gets me to reflexively reach for my wallet and pull out a Hamilton without even thinking.

But what do you think? Watch the trailers after the break and judge for yourself.

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People of the Year — 17. Al Pacino


The “whoo-ha� man gave us something to “ooh and ah� about with his return to the big screen as casino kingpin Willie Bank in Ocean’s Thirteen. Pacino, who lives in Sneden’s Landing, also had the Internet buzzing about his next two projects: Dali & I: The Surreal Story and Righteous Kill. In the former he’ll play the famed artist during his final years—also known as his melting-clocks phase—while the latter, a crime thriller filming in Norwalk, also features Robert DeNiro. And Al wasn’t the only Pacino making news in 2007; daughter Julie, a recent Tappan Zee High grad, also earned her fair share of headlines as one of the school’s softball superstars.

Prediction for 2008: The Dali biopic may earn Pacino his second Academy Award. But it’s Righteous Kill—the first reuniting of the Pacino-DeNiro dramatic dream team since 1995’s Heat—that we’re dying to see.

Adapted from “People of the Year,� Rockland Magazine, December 2007

(AP Photo / Chris Pizzello)

De Niro cheaps out on Connecticut high schools

denirox.jpgDon’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that the Pacino-De Niro movie “Righteous Kill” is filming so close to home. It’s like having a three-week long lunar eclipse in the next-door neighbor’s yard. But the news that the production company, set to begin filming tomorrow in Bridgeport, only agreed to pay $2,000 a day to rent Harding High School and $1,000 to get the McKinley School’s cafeteria gave me a case of — pardon the pun — righteous indignation.

When renting a house in the suburbs, it’s common for film crews to pay upwards of $30k for a couple weeks. I’d wager that the house the “Righteous Kill” crew is filming at up in New Haven, at 801 Orange St. (source: New Haven Register), is fetching about that. And here in Bridgeport we’re talking about an entire school. Two schools, in fact!

According to the CT Post, the film will turn “Harding High School’s weight room into a precinct gym, its faculty men’s room into a night club bathroom and the school’s main gym into, well, a high school gym.” And all this is going on while school is in session — Sept. 6 through 10 and on Sept. 24 at Harding and on Oct. 1 at McKinley.

I’m sure the students will love it. (Incidentally, if any of you kids are reading this, cell phone pics of any of the stars — De Niro, Pacino, 50 Cent, Carla Gugino, Donnie Wahlberg, and Martin Scorsese — would be much appreciated. Email them HERE.)

But you’d think that the film could have at least forked over enough for the schools to afford a free lunch of Salisbury steak or sloppy joes. Can you think of a better way to spend that “Stardust” blood money?

(AP Photo/Marco Garcia)