Ralph Lauren designs USA’s attire for Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies

“Project Runway” is educational!

ralph.jpgSometime between watching Tim Gunn’s brave attempts to deliver the phrase “Holla atcha boy” and trying to determine if Bettie Page-lookalike Kenley Collins is really a villain or just a hot girl being made out to be one, I learned last night that Bedford resident Ralph Lauren is designing the Americans’ outfits for tomorrow’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

The Houston Chronicle picks up on another interesting tidbit: The designer got involved through the request of another Lower Hudson Valley resident — Pound Ridge resident Tom Brokaw.

The design house took on the project late — early this year — after NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, acting as an intermediary for the (United States Olympic Committee), phoned Ralph Lauren.

No word on whether Mr. Lauren feels his Olympic attire goes well with the pollution-cutting masks worn by the American cycling team. But feel free to judge some of his Olympic designs after the break. Continue reading

Ralph Lauren wins Fashion Award, Oprah’s love


The Council of Fashion Designers of America handed out their annual awards last weekend, in a ceremony dubbed the “Oscars of the fashion world.” Bedford’s Ralph Lauren won the first-ever American Fashion Legend Award, which sounds awfully impressive.Even more impressive: Oprah Winfrey presented it to him.

Even more impressive, she said this: “He represents an icon in the definition of the word, having symbolized what is possible, what is meaningful – sometimes fashion can be kind of frivolous…When you hear `It’s so Ralph Lauren,’ it’s very understood. The name evokes an image … a lifestyle we all wish we could live…He’s admired, imitated but never equaled.”

Not bad, for a kid from The Bronx, born with the name Ralph Lifshitz.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson) 

EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of Isaac Mizrahi’s interview with Suburbarazzi

Isaac Mizrahi was in Eastchester on Saturday, in case you hadn’t heard.

And as I predicted, my final question of the interview was the one I was most afraid to ask: “If you happen to like the outfit of anyone who comes up to you on line today, will they get the (Scarlett) Johansson Treatment?

Mizrahi was taken aback for a moment, then played it off like a pro.

<blockquote><div>Oh! Well, that was about the bra. That was a big misunderstanding. It was like, “Oh, what’s your bra?� And three minutes later, it was like the end of the world. (Johansson)’s adorable.</div></blockquote>

Well there you have it. If you missed any of the interview, click the link below to view the entire transcript.

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Exclusive! Isaac Mizrahi on Ryan Seacrest: ‘I’ll take the fifth’

So Isaac Mizrahi evidently doesn’t have a lot of good things to say about award show red carpet host Ryan Seacrest, with whom he worked the Golden Globes pre-show last year. In fact, when it comes to the “American Idol” host, Mizrahi doesn’t have much of anything to say, period.

Continuing with Suburbarazzi’s exclusive sit-down interview with the fashion icon (Mizrahi, not Seacrest), we learn how he feels about celebrities who have some connection to the Lower Hudson Valley, fashion or both, through name association.

<blockquote><div>•Tim Gunn.

Is that the guy from Parsons?

•Yeah, “Project Runway.�

Yeah, I don’t know him. Tim Gunn. Sorry.

•(Designer/Bedford resident) Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren! Sterling. Sterling. Fabulous. Perfect. Ralph Lauren’s perfect. We were born the same day (Oct. 14), you know.

•Oh, really?

Decades apart. (Mizrahi’s entourage and Lord & Taylor personnel laugh.)

•(Nyack resident/”The View” cohost) Rosie O’Donnell.

I want to do a show with her. Someone said, “Oh, wouldn’t you be good on a talk show with her?� I was like, “Yeah, we should do a daily talk show every day. Me and Rosie.�

•(Bedford landowner/“The Apprentice� host) Donald Trump.

Donald Trrrrrump. Oh my God. Well, his hair – the hair’s an accessory, right? That hair. That hair. I don’t know what about Donald Trump (to mention). What can you say about Donald Trump? He seems to be everywhere. You just can’t get away from Donald Trump.

•(Former Larchmont resident/comedienne/red carpet fashion critic) Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers. Wow. This is really hard. What can I say about Joan Rivers that’s funny? (Looks around the room.) Anybody?

•It doesn’t have to be funny.

I don’t know what to say about her, because you know what? By now, she’s been through so many incarnations of plastic surgery that it’s starting to look good.

•Ryan Seacrest.

(Someone in Mizrahi’s entourage laughs.) Oh my God. What can I say about Ryan Seacrest? (Someone in the room suggests, “He’s hardworking.�) That’s right. Oh, this is so mean. What am I supposed to do?

•You can say whatever you want.

(Mizrahi holds his left hand over his mouth.)

•It’s like your body language is telling you to take the fifth right now.

He’s – he’s – I’ll take the fifth.</div></blockquote>

Find out how he feels about Bedford resident/DIYer Martha Stewart and former Briarcliff Manor deejay Howard Stern after the break.

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Connecticut gets all the good celeb sightings

Susie Costaregni’s gossip column in the Stamford Advocate, “The Dish,” never fails to fill my heart with celebrity envy. This week she’s got news on Bedford best buds Billy Baldwin and Chazz Palminteri dining together (again) in Greenwich, Mamaroneck’s Matt Dillon at Starbucks in Cos Cob, Brian Williams shopping at Mitchell’s in Westport, Derek Jeter dining at Valbella in Old Greenwich, and Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren doing last-minute Xmas shopping in downtown Greenwich.

Man oh man, why is CT luring away our celeb starpower? Oh, because Victoria’s Secret supermodel Jill Goodacre lives in New Caanan? Say no more.

“Just like everyone else, stars wait to shop until Christmas Eve” [Stamford Advocate]

Martha Stewart says no to Trump, underwear and her maiden name

On Howard Stern’s radio show this morning, Martha Stewart said she wasn’t about to mend fences with fellow Bedford resident Donald Trump.

Should you decide to invite both to a party, “Don’t sit us next to each other,â€? she told her Sirius colleague, referencing the flap Trump and Stewart had over her spinoff of “The Apprentice.” When asked if she would argue with The Donald in that case, she replied, “I can just turn my back.” Great idea, Martha. Just give him more surface area for a knife plunge.

More highlights from the former Briarcliff Manor deejay’s interview:

• Stewart said she wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear during Howard’s interview. I’m not sure that’s “a good thing.”

• Stewart recalled the dates she went on “years agoâ€? with New York City Mayor/North Salem horse farm owner Michael Bloomberg, and admitted that when she dated Anthony Hopkins she couldn’t get past the Hannibal Lecter character. That’ll ruin a nice Chianti.

• Stewart said she has never dated a black man, but is attracted to rapper Kanye West. Somewhere, Busta Rhymes is jealous.

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Slush Pile: This week’s news on Martha, Ralph, Lasse, and others.

Some other local celeb news you might have missed this week:

> Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart agreed to open their Katonah properties to the Bedford Lanes Riding Association. So please, local equestrians, no more taping “Buck Me” signs to the back of Ralph and Martha’s horses. [Daily News]

> According to our TJN colleague and E-Team blogger Pete Kramer, Rockland celebs Jonathan Demme, Bill Irwin (aka Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street), Kevin Clash (another Sesame Streeter: the voice of Elmo), Andrea Martin, Paxton Whitehead, David Straitharn, and Tyne Daly all spoke at Rockland Country Day School’s annual “Evening of Celebrity Storytelling and Auction III.â€? We only wish we could have been there to hear Elmo shout “Show me the money” at auction bidders. [E-Team]

> “The Hoax,” a collaboration of Bedford best buds Richard Gere and Lasse Hallstrom, is getting great early buzz at RomaCinemaFest. Yet according to www.imdb.com, the film, about a bogus Howard Hughes biographer, has had its release date pushed off until April 2007. Hmm, April 1, perhaps? We’re catching on to your marketing trickery, Miramax. [Reuters]