Sundance to shine light on Stanley Tucci, other LoHud filmmakers

tucci.jpg“Blind Date,” directed by North Salem resident Stanley Tucci, will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. He also cowrote the screenplay for the film about a married couple overcoming personal tragedy.

But Tucci won’t be the only representative of the Lower Hudson Valley showcasing work at the 11-day festival in Utah.

Props also go to the team from Ironbound Films in Garrison for their documentary, “The Linguists,” about dying language dialects. Ironbound Films — which includes Seth Kramer of Red Hook, Daniel Miller of Cold Spring and Jeremy Newberger of Yorktown — might sound familiar to Suburbarazzi readers; it filmed “Night Court” star Richard Moll in Newberger’s house for the internet mockumentary “The Fantastic Two.”

Kudos also go to Putnam Valley resident Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who directed “The Black List,” which features interviews with 20 African-American leaders for his documentary. “Black List” is his second representation at Sundance. His first, “Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart,” appeared on Utah’s prestigious screens about a decade ago.

Only 64 films from 3,624 submissions will play at the festival, which runs from Jan. 17-27. So congrats to our local reps!

Check out the descriptions of each movie on the Sundance Web site. And read more about the local filmmakers in Barbara Livingston Nackman’s article, appearing next week in The Journal News and on

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The Sopranos kick off the beginning of the end in Putnam Valley

sopranos07_02.jpgI’m sure I wasn’t the only one watching the Sopranos last night who cringed when they saw Tony and Carmela driving up the Taconic to Putnam County. This was sure to be like the “Pine Barrons” episode (shot, by the way, in Harriman State Park) all over again.

I won’t spoil the plot (for those who haven’t seen it yet), but I will share one casualty that wasn’t actually onscreen: Putnam Valley. Sure, the town got a shout out at the tail end of the credits, but in the episode you’re led to believe that Bobby Bacala and Janice’s lakeside cottage is somewhere up near the Canada border. Maybe Vermont, maybe upstate New York. It’s not really said. But here’s the full story, as we reported in Putnam Magazine last fall:

The film crew shot in Putnam Valley in July of ’06 at the home of Cynthia Scheider, ex-wife of “Jaws” star Roy Scheider, on the scenic Oscawana Lake. The 1,600-square-foot cottage is on Hemlock Point Road and was also used in the filming of 2003’s “Mona Lisa Smile.” The production crew was seen at the time parked along Peekskill Hollow Road and they showed up daily for sandwiches at the Putnam Valley Market.

As we said at the time, “there were reports that James Gandolfini (who plays Tony) was seen sporting a made-up black eye, while chucking golf clubs into his Escalade. With Steven Schirripa (Bobby Bacala) also looking bruised, it seems like a major fight may kick off the show’s final season.”

Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but can I just say this: Called it!

(HBO photo of Sopranos at Oscawana Lake: Craig Blankenhorn)

Larry King to interview Judge Judy to reinforce that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead

Former Putnam Valley resident Judy Scheindlin will be Larry King’s guest tonight to talk about “Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, her baby, and the mansion in the Bahamas,” according to CNN.

Because, in the immediate aftermath of a personal tragedy, it’s crucial to know who gets the dead woman’s huge house.

Perhaps she’ll mention at some point that her one of her three sons, Adam Levy, is running for Putnam County District Attorney. If so, and if King half-heartedly wishes him luck, I’m hoping Judy snaps and replies with “Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.”

Mmm… frosting.

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UK rivals Putnam Valley in the War on Hugs

Aaron PerezSure, Putnam Valley Middle School’s suspension of would-be hugger Aaron Perez shows a firm commitment to ending that abominable practice of student-teacher embraces. But it turns out that the UK is taking an even harder line. According to this article in the Sun, a British headmaster has one-upped Putnam Valley Schools Superintendent Gary Tutty by banning hugging altogether.

Hugging was happening extensively and becoming the norm,” explained hug tsar Steven Kenning of Callington Community College in Cornwall. “We were worried it might become inappropriate. So we nipped it in the bud.” The Sun article goes on to say that Kenning has also suspended a student for streaking his hair, which, while morally reprehensible, would only warrant a strenuous lanyard whipping in our book.

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“Hug Boy” Puppet Master Revealed

We found him. The evil genius who turned 10-year-old Aaron Perez from a sweet, young, Putnam Valley grade-schooler into a stark-raving, sexy-talking, hug addict.

WATCH THIS YOUTUBE CLIP at your own risk.

Like “The Ring,” it’s liable to drive you hug crazy. Just look at this poor copycat soul in South Korea, just itching to get suspended for overenthusiastic embraces. Though, on the flip side, if free hugs get you on Oprah, then maybe there is a future in it. Carry on, Aaron, carry on.


“Hug Boy” Liiiike you, “Hug Boy” Liiiike sex

Aaron PerezAt first we thought that Aaron Perez — the Putnam Valley 10-year-old who, in a really bizarre sequence of events, told his teacher she was “sexy,” then asked for a hug, then got suspended for being overly affectionate — didn’t have celebrity staying power. Boy, were we wrong.

Soon after the Journal News put the story in its front pages and our buds at Juggling Acts expressed outrage, Perez appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, saying “She looked pretty that day, so I said ‘you really look sexy today.” Right on, brother! Borat would be proud.

Today our blog siblings at The Hall Monitor have declared: “Hug boy now an international celebrity.” Not only do Aaron’s classmates have “Hug Boy” fever, but “Everyone wants a piece of the story, including Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo.”

Who are we to shun a media pile-on? And besides, we haven’t had much luck finding celebs in Putnam County. We’ll take who we can get.

So, welcome to the Suburbarazzi, Aaron. We’ve got our eye on you.