Tiki Barber visits Putnam County

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber was the keynote speaker at the dedication of the new Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association in Southeast over the weekend.tjndc5-5m8tnpb8vqv12pq07oz3_original.jpg

Barber is one of only three NFL players to have over 10,000 career rushing yards and 5,000 career receiving yards. He’s the first player in NFL history with over 1,800 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in a single season.

These days, Barber has become somewhat of a TV star as an analyst for NBC sports and he covered the Beijing Olympics this year for MSNBC. He was also a contestant in June on  Celebrity Family Feud. 

You can check out the pics our photog snagged of him on Friday in our Lohud photo gallery. 

(Photo by Frank Becerra Jr / The Journal News )

Quake shakes up set of ‘Judge Judy’

Judge Judy Sheindlin — and her set — were all shook up during yesterday’s magnitude 5.4 earthquake impacted Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

judge-judy.jpgCheck out the footage via this CNN link. I kept expected the feisty Sheindlin to quip something like, “Don’t throw a banana peel at my feet and tell me it’s an earthquake,” but she apparently cleared out of there in a hurry.

A couple of swaying light fixtures and rattled audience members, but no one seemed to get hurt here. But if there’s a case against Mother Nature, perhaps Sheindlin’s son, Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy, will take it on.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Judge Judy Sheindlin celebrates son’s election victory

judge-judy.jpgEven Election Day brings the stars to the Lower Hudson Valley.

Judge Judy Sheindlin may be a tough cookie on her syndicated courtroom show, but she was a softie last night in Brewster, where she celebrated her son’s uncontested election victory for Putnam County District Attorney. Adam Levy ran on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines and collected more than 13,000 votes, according to unofficial results tabulated last night.

This evening, WCBS broadcast Judge Judy Productions’ footage of last night’s victory party, which included the following quote from Sheindlin:


He’s worked really hard the last 10 months. My heart is swelling with pride.


OK, enough heart. Back to snapping ungrateful whippersnappers into shape, Your Honor.

(Photo via Gannett Photo Network)

Buzz abounds as Bill Clinton checks out Broadway ‘Bee’

bill.jpgBill Clinton, who resides in Chappaqua, traveled south to New York City on Friday night to see “Putnam County.”

No, that’s not a typo.

If that seems oxymoronic, you might not be familiar with the Broadway show called “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” He saw that. Ah, there you go. Welcome back.

As Shira Levine of New York magazine reports, the former president was accompanied in the audience by his mother-in-law, Dorothy Rodham, who was celebrating her 88th birthday; and his daughter, Chelsea, who recommended the play and brought along her boyfriend, Mark Mezvinsky.

The former president appeared to be careful about displaying emotion as the comedy unfolded:


He stayed stoic during flippant jokes about the word ‘Mexican’ and was studiously impassive during a limerick denouncing the current president’s unruliness and spelling skills. But some moments got full-fledged presidential laughs, like when an audience member invited onstage was asked to spell ‘vermeil.’ ‘Had he known that his official duties would include selecting a china pattern to match the vermeil tableware,’ said [former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent] Mo Rocca, playing the vice-principal, ‘Billy never would have supported his wife’s candidacy.’ And, of course, when one character says that her goal is to become ‘secretary of education under President Chelsea Clinton,’ the whole audience roared its approval.


View Levine’s entire article, including a photo of Mo and Bill, here.

(Associated Press file photo/Charlie Riedel)

Rip Torn DWI: Sounds like a case for Judge Judy’s son

rip2.jpgIn other legal news, DMX isn’t the only local celeb fighting the Man. As Terry Corcoran reported in The Journal News today, actor Rip Torn has decided to take his DWI case from last year to trial.

Torn was arrested last December after he crashed his Chevy into tractor-trailer on Route 22 in North Salem. He then proceeded to do his best Nick Nolte impersonation, complete with a fabulously hobo-ish mug shot and surly attytood with the arresting officers.

At his hearing yesterday Torn’s lawyer was — get this! — Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy. That’s the same Adam Levy who we told you is running for Putnam County DA. (Alas, according to the TJN article, Torn may be looking for new representation, but my fingers are still crossed that Torn will come back to Levy. After all, the guy got him acquitted for another drunk-driving case in ’94, so he can do the job.)

Other fun facts about Torn gleaned from Terry’s story:

• Torn lives in Lakeville, CT.

• His birth name is Elmore, not Rip.

• He’s 76 years old. (Even with that crazy mug shot, I still say he looks younger than that.)

(Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the YouTube clip of Torn’s grisly wrestling match with Norman Mailer, be sure to check it out.)

“Rip Torn to take DWI case to trial” [TJN]