Richard Gere a-ok with Olympics boycott

The Pound Ridge resident (and owner of the newly opened Barn at Bedford Post restaurant) joined in the chorus of people condemning the Chinese government for its brutal crackdown on Tibetan monks and other people protesting the country’s treatment of Tibet. Speaking to Reuters, he said, “I’ve not been pro-boycott, but I think if this is not handled correctly, yes we should boycott. Everyone should boycott.” Then, appearing on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show, he said, “This is clearly a time that if China wishes to be a world power … it cannot behave this way. Inclusive societies become great societies. Brutalizing your people is not a way to greatness.”

Here’s the full Blitzer interview:

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Podcast: March 18

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At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: Born in South Africa, musician Dave Matthews spent the bulk of his childhood growing up in Yorktown, but he’s now lending his voice to TV commercials for the tourism board of the next state he called home. Which state is that?

A) South Carolina
B) Vermont
C) Virginia

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Free love: Richard Gere gets reprieve from Indian court after forbidden kiss

gere2.jpgRichard Gere’s lips are omnipotent, impervious to international law. Women and courts are powerless against their charms.

Or, more to the point, India’s top court yesterday dismissed a warrant against the Pound Ridge resident, whose allegedly illegal kiss in New Delhi 11 months ago today caused an international stir.

Gere, as you may recall, kissed Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at a public AIDS awareness event in New Delhi on April 15.

The Associated Press quoted Anil Grover, an attorney for Shetty after the Supreme Court proceedings:


Gere is allowed to come and leave. He can’t be arrested.


Gere’s publicist, Alan Nierob, told AP the actor would not comment on the matter.

(AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)

Panettiere hops on the Kohls gravy trail

First Target nabbed designers Isaac Mizrahi and Cynthia Rowley. Then it was J.C. Penny getting Nicole Miller. And last year Katonah’s Martha Stewart went to Macy’s. And now Kohls has Vera Wang and … Hayden Panettiere?

hayden-panettiere-candies.jpgYes, Panettiere (a Palisades native) will join Wang (who weekends in Pound Ridge) as a spokesperson for department store’s clothing. While Wang shills for her own line of discount sportswear, intimate apparel, handbags, leather accessories, jewelry, footwear, linens and towels, Panettiere will be the face of Candies — a line which has previously been fronted by the likes of Fergie, Hilary Duff, Lizzie McGuire, and Destinys Child.

Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip.

“Heroes Star Gets Candies” [BuddyTV]

(Image Courtesy Iconix Brand Group, Inc.)

Oscars, Suburbarazzi-style: Local nominees and recent winners

oscar2.jpgThis Friday at 7:30 p.m. EST, Ted Mann and I will join TV reporter Karen DePodwin for a live RNN segment about Sunday’s Academy Awards. I’ll be wearing my tux for only the third time since my senior year in college, so the comedic value of that alone might be worth the tune-in. Here’s a preview of one of the topics slated for discussion.

Stars with a connection to the Lower Hudson Valley have done very well for themselves at the Oscars over the years, and 2008 is no exception.

Eight-time Oscar-winner Alan Menken, a New Rochelle native and North Salem resident, has been nominated three times for his songs from the Disney movie “Enchanted.” He took home his first two trophies for Best Song and Best Score for “The Little Mermaid,â€? and his most recent ones were in the same categories for songs from “Pocahontas.â€? In total, he’s been nominated for a whopping 18 Oscars, but hasn’t won one since 1996.

First-time nominee and sentimental favorite Ruby Dee, a New Rochelle resident, is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her part in “American Gangster,” starring Mount Vernon native Denzel Washington and former Nyack dweller Russell Crowe — both of whom are Oscar-winners themselves.

LoHud also has at least two representatives in the Best Documentary/Short Subject category, including Ossining High School alumnus Francisco Bello (for “Salim Baba”) and former Croton-on-Hudson resident Cynthia Wade (for “Freeheld”).

After the break, check out a list of some other prominent current and former residents of the Lower Hudson Valley who have won or have been nominated for an Oscar in the last 30 years. Continue reading

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: The award-winning edition with Kevin Kline, Denzel Washington, Eli Manning and Clive Davis


My apologies for the horrendous screen-cap. Not my best freeze-frame.

At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: With everyone from the Foo Fighters to Alicia Keys in attendance, Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party has become almost as celebrated as the ceremony itself. Where does the music mogul live in Westchester County?

A. Armonk
B. Bedford
C. Chappaqua
D. Pound Ridge

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Clive Davis’ Grammy pre-party steals show from actual ceremony

clive-davis.jpgWho needs to attend a three-and-a-half hour Grammy ceremony when everyone wants to witness the real show before the show?

That’s how legendary the pre-parties have been for host and Pound Ridge resident Clive Davis. And last night’s festivities were no exception, according to MTV News.

The guest list at Davis’ Beverly Hilton soirée included — take a deep breath — Alicia Keys, Foo Fighters, Chris Daughtry, Fantasia Barrino, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Michael Strahan, Rod Stewart, Mark Ronson, Nicole Richie, Chad Kroeger, Slash, Rihanna, Akon, Wyclef Jean and Raquel Welch.

Davis has famously used the venue not only to celebrate established industry talent, but also formally to launch the career of his latest protégé. Last night was the launch party for British star but American unknown Leona Lewis, who took the stage after the Foos played their two most recent hits, “The Pretender” and “Best of You.”

Of course, Lewis worshiped at the altar of almighty Davis:


I can’t believe I’m here. Big thank you to Clive Davis. … It’s a real honor for me to be singing here and singing for everybody.


Note to Kelly Clarkson (of whom I’m a fan): This is how to treat Clive Davis.

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Vera Wang to hawk Serta mattresses on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’; Stephen Baldwin to quit in protest

Having Vince McMahon as a guest judge on “Celebrity Apprentice,” that’s just good plain common sense. But dress designer Vera Wang? vera-wang.jpgWhy the Pound Ridge resident would want to appear on The Donald’s program, much less to use the NBC airtime to talk up a line of Serta mattresses, is beyond me. Have the Kohl’s sweatshops driven her completely off the deep end?

Also on tap for this Thursday’s “CA” episode: Upper Grandview’s Stephen Baldwin is going to ask to resign. No, not because of any longstanding grudge with Wang, but rather thanks to his stewing grudge with fellow contestant Piers Morgan. It takes me back to the good ol’ days of “Celebrity Mole” and Corbin Bernsen, the last person to bring out Baldwin’s true born-again bitchiness. Ah, good times.

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Golden Globes results, Mary J. Blige’s doping controversy, and “Celebrity Apprentice”


The quiz for this week:

Should John Edwards come in a distant 3rd in the upcoming South Carolina primary, many pundits predict he’ll be out of the race. Which Lower Hudson Valley star has been campaigning for him down there to make sure that doesn’t happen?

A. Tim Robbins, of Pound Ridge
B. Ralph Lauren, of Bedford
C. Kimberly Williams, born in Rye (By the way, I mistakenly said she lives in Rye in the studio — totally wrong. She hasn’t lived there in years.)
D. Vanessa Williams, of Chappaqua

The answer is at the end of the video and after the break.
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Unlike members of ‘Making the Band,’ Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to be immortalized on Walk of Fame


Mount Vernon-raised Sean “Diddy” Combs will be the newest celebrity to be represented on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a ceremony scheduled for this Friday.

In a quote posted by Hip Hop Galaxy, Combs was thrilled about the honor during an interview conducted by Jaime Foxx on Foxx’s Sirius satellite radio show:


I’m from Harlem, New York, so to get a star in Hollywood is just mind-blowing. You can get a lot of things but when you see those stars on the ground… that’s something I can’t even say I dreamed of and to be getting recognized for it is definitely something I’m gonna have my whole family out there for.


I’m not taking anything away from Harlem, and he might have mentioned Mount Vernon at another point during the interview, but here’s hoping he shows more love for his Westchester roots.

Arguably, Diddy’s least relevant contribution to pop culture could be his rapping skills. (His most memorable lyrics might be a tie between “Uh” and “Yeah” on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.”) But as a music producer, clothing mogul and music icon, it’s hard to argue against his overall success. Even if he’s merely famous for being famous, he’s done it successfully for more than a decade.

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Name that celebrity endorsement!

robbins-edwards.jpgIn this inaugural post of 2008, I figured it would only be fitting to stay on the topic of Hillary Clinton (our No. 1 Person of the Year) and politics for a sec. After all, with the Iowa Caucuses a day away, that’s all anyone is talking about today.

Pretty much everything that can be said about the candidates has been said — except, that is, for an exhaustive rundown of celebrity endorsements. And no, I’m not talking about the Chuck Norrises, Barbara Streisands, and Oprahs of the world — we’re just looking at the who our beloved Lower Hudson Valley stars are campaigning for.

Our full report is after the break.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Angelina Jolie’s well-paid, Jesse McCartney’s chipmunk crusade and Susan Sarandon’s ‘Enchanted’ made (millions)


At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: Pound Ridge resident Susan Sarandon won an Academy Award for “Dead Man Walking” in 1996 but also has been nominated four other times. Of the following films for which she was nominated, which represents her first Oscar nod?

A. “Atlantic City”
B. “Thelma & Louise”
C. “Lorenzo’s Oil”
D. “The Client”

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