Alan Ruck gets hitched

Noticed this in a little throwaway reference in Variety story, “The Tonys Go Hollywood,” which mentioned “Newlyweds Alan Ruck and Mireille Enos.” tjndc5-5eg68s3enq0151zqf41r_layout.jpgIn case the name doesn’t immediatly ring a bell, does this help: Frye? Frye?

The recent Piermont resident — who, in addition to being Ferris Bueller’s hypochondriac best friend, also starred in “Spin City” and, most recently, the ESPN series “The Bronx is Burning” — got divorced from his first wife, Claudia Stefany, back in 2005. According to Wikipedia, the marriage to Enos actually took place on January 4.

My colleague, Jenny Higgons, who wrote a fantastic profile of Ruck back in 2006 (read the PDF here) learned through the Piermont grapvine that, in addition to getting married, he also recently relocated to the L.A. area. We’ll miss ya, Alan!

(Ruck in front of Bunburry Coffee Shop in Piermont: Photo by Mark Vergari / Rockland Magazine)

Piermont couple destroys marriage on FOX reality show — FUN, FUN, FUN!

Will somebody please explain to me why 24-year-old Frank Cleri, a NYC police officer and Piermont resident, would choose to bring his wife, Lauren (below), onto FOX’s “Moment of Truth” — a show whose whole premise is for contestants to speak truthfully about painful, personal issues — to cop to her own infidelity? And not just talk about it, but admit that she wishes she’d married another man?

lauren-cleri.jpegI understand the desire to earn a few game show bucks. But honesty, did she really think that after peppering her with a series of hard-hitting polygraphed questions, they were going to hold back, to just ask the softball ones like, “As an employee of a hair salon, have you ever told somebody you liked their hair style when you didn’t?”

In order to get to the $100,000 mark on the show, Cleri was asked by her ex-boyfriend if she wishes she’d married him, and she said “yes.” Then the next question: “Are you a good person?” She answered “yes” and, of course, the lie detector disagreed strongly.

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Oscars, Suburbarazzi-style: Local nominees and recent winners

oscar2.jpgThis Friday at 7:30 p.m. EST, Ted Mann and I will join TV reporter Karen DePodwin for a live RNN segment about Sunday’s Academy Awards. I’ll be wearing my tux for only the third time since my senior year in college, so the comedic value of that alone might be worth the tune-in. Here’s a preview of one of the topics slated for discussion.

Stars with a connection to the Lower Hudson Valley have done very well for themselves at the Oscars over the years, and 2008 is no exception.

Eight-time Oscar-winner Alan Menken, a New Rochelle native and North Salem resident, has been nominated three times for his songs from the Disney movie “Enchanted.” He took home his first two trophies for Best Song and Best Score for “The Little Mermaid,â€? and his most recent ones were in the same categories for songs from “Pocahontas.â€? In total, he’s been nominated for a whopping 18 Oscars, but hasn’t won one since 1996.

First-time nominee and sentimental favorite Ruby Dee, a New Rochelle resident, is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her part in “American Gangster,” starring Mount Vernon native Denzel Washington and former Nyack dweller Russell Crowe — both of whom are Oscar-winners themselves.

LoHud also has at least two representatives in the Best Documentary/Short Subject category, including Ossining High School alumnus Francisco Bello (for “Salim Baba”) and former Croton-on-Hudson resident Cynthia Wade (for “Freeheld”).

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People of the Year — 11. Peter Kelly


Kelly was already a legend in Rockland thanks to Xaviars, Freelance, and Restaurant X—all perennial Zagat darlings. But when he took down celebrity chef Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, all of a sudden he became famous to a national audience. Then the May opening of X20 in Yonkers further cemented his rock-star status. As for those people just discovering our hometown hero: What took you so long?

Prediction for 2008: It would be tough to top 2007, but we do have two ideas: First, how about an X20 in Haverstraw? Second, after making mincemeat of Flay, it’s time to do battle with Mario Batali.

Ed. Note: Kelly was one of the only celebrities to score a “People of the Year” trifecta — making our lists for InTown Westchester, Rockland Magazine, and Suburbarazzi. Well done.

(Photo: Tom Nycz / The Journal News)

Bueller and Frye turn 40. Time for a sequel!

bueller.jpgLife moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around … you could end up middle-aged and contemplating a reboot of a 1980s classic.

Yes, indeed, the script for “Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off” is currently making the rounds in Hollywood. In fact, some pages from the screenplay have even found their way online. You can read them at the St. Petersburg Times’ “Stuck in the ’80s” blog. Naturally, the screenwriter, Rick Rapier, is hoping that Matthew Broderick will reprise his role as Ferris and Alan Ruck — who lives in Piermont — will play Cameron.

And what, pray tell, would Rapier have Ferris doing 30 years after playing hooky in high school? For starters, he’s now got a Tony Robbins-esque career as a motivational self-help guru and Cameron is his business partner. On the eve of Ferris’s 40th birthday, though, he bugs out and has a mini mid-life crisis, leading him to take the day off and skip out on a pay-per-view special.

Ok, I know all this sounds completely insane, but here’s the really weird part: The script is actually kinda good. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed a few of the excerpts on the St. Pete blog. After the break, I’ll paste a few of my favorite parts.

So, what do you think? It’s probably a pipe dream to think that John Hughes would get on board to direct a sequel, but should Broderick and Ruck consider it?

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: ‘Today’ stars visit ‘Sesame Street,’ Stephen Baldwin gets a load of bull and Alan Ruck is ‘Burning’

Yesterday, I chatted on RNN about the “Sesame Street” contributions of former Lower Hudson Valley residents Matt Lauer and Al Roker; the perilous bull-related accident of Upper Grandview resident Stephen Baldwin; and the appearances of Piermont resident and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” alumnus Alan Ruck on “The Bronx is Burning.”

After the break, find out the answer to this week’s quiz question: Yorktown High School alumnus Eric Stein appears on what current reality TV show?

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Alan Ruck trades Wrigley Field for Yankee Stadium in ‘Bronx is Burning’

(Mark Vergari/The Journal News)“Spin City” alumnus and Piermont resident Alan Ruck plays reporter Steve Jacobson in “The Bronx is Burning,” ESPN’s miniseries about the turbulent 1977 Yankees in the context of an even more volatile New York City.

I haven’t seen too much of it; I’ve liked John Turturro and Erik Jensen’s takes on Billy Martin and Thurman Munson, respectively, but not enough to watch for more than five minutes at a time. Despite my undying allegiance to the Yanks, I’m not usually impressed with ESPN’s dramatic series (with the short-lived, poker-themed “Tilt” being a notable exception). Too often, they have more overacting than your favorite soap opera. But I like rooting for Ruck, so power to him.

As any ’80s babies will tell you, this isn’t the first time of Ruck’s characters has been to a ballpark. Although his famous “Heyyyyybattabattabatta-sahWING-batta!” sequence from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was at Wrigley Field and not Yankee Stadium, it’s still pretty cool.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out seconds 26 to 33 in this one-minute version of the movie.

(Photo by Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

Cameron Frye, ‘Family’ Guy

Personally, I always thought that Alan Ruck getting cut from the cast of FOX’s “Drive” was a good thing. As any “Bueller” fan knows, he just can’t keep his cool around fast cars.

tjndc5-5baw4d5spwwhd4186bw_layout.jpgHappily, though, the Piermont resident (and former “Spin City” castmember) isn’t going to be totally absent to sitcom city this year. Reportedly he’ll be starring with Jennifer Coolidge (a regular in Christopher Guest’s flicks — the one with the lips that look like they’ve been stung by a nest of hornets) in a ABC show called “Family of the Year,” about — you guessed it — a clan that has won the title of “family of the year” for 10 years running.

“Jennifer Coolidge & Alan Ruck Join ABC’s ‘Family'” [TV Fodder]

(Ruck photo: Mark Vergari / InTown Westchester)

Bernie Williams redefines ‘home run’

Take a curtain call, Bernie!

While outfielder/classical guitarist Bernie Williams and the New York Yankees this weekend continued mulling the possibility of reuniting in 2007, The Journal News’ Len Maniace reported about the Armonk resident’s five years of volunteer contributions to Hillside Food Outreach.

The charity operates out of a White Plains warehouse and delivers food to needy families and individuals throughout Westchester County. In the Dec. 17 article, Williams discusses a memorable early morning food delivery:

<blockquote><div>The woman got very excited and woke everyone in the house and the kids got excited. It was like a little party. It was funny to see, but I could see how we were able to bring a smile to their faces, in spite of their harsh situation.


Bernie Baseball also helps with Hillside’s fundraising efforts, whose annual marquis event has attracted fellow Yankees, including manager Joe Torre, who resides in both Harrison and Mahopac, and relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, who lives in Purchase and owns a New Rochelle steak house.

In honor of Bernie’s generosity, Suburbarazzi adds his name to our poll for best bald look. Piermont resident William Hurt, in dead last place, is about to have another reason to be Hurt.

Shameless Rockland Magazine Plug

This month’s issue of Rockland Mag (the “Dining Issue,” we’re calling it) is light on celebrity news, but intrepid reporter Jenny Higgons did get the goods on where all of the local stars like to dine out. Think you know which restaurants Rosie, Russell, and Al have eaten at?

Check out Jenny’s short piece, “Dining with the Stars,” to find out if you’re right.

Dining with the Stars

“Cameron, you killed the car” … now here’s a TV series

Alan RuckWith the bad news about “Studio 60” canceling out the good news about “3 Lbs.”, we need another new TV show to tip the karmic scales back in our region’s favor. And sure enough, today the good news is all about Piermont resident Alan Ruck (aka Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”), whose new series,”Drive,” just got picked up by Fox.

According to Variety, the network has ordered 12 episodes on top of the pilot and they’re scheduling it for next spring, to take advantage of an extra cushy lead-in, “American Idol.” As the show’s creator explains, it’s about an illegal cross-country race in which every participant needs to win, but only one can. Imagine “The Amazing Race” on acid, or a cross between “Rat Race” and “The Game,” or “Magnolia” on wheels. Got it? No? We’re not sure we do either.

Anyway, congrats to Ruck.