New ‘New Amsterdam’ theory: Show could be a ripoff of a Pete Hamill novel

forever.jpgAdd one more bullet to that list of possible explanations for Fox’s decision to shelve the “New Amsterdam” pilot (which was directed by Bedford’s Lasse Hallstrom’s).

Turns out that fans of the the Pete Hamill novel “Forever” (right) say that the nut of the series — about an NYC cop cursed with the gift of immortality — is essentially stolen from the book. While Hamill doesn’t want to sue, TV Squad points out that there are a number of similarities between the show’s protagonist and his character, Cormac O’Connor:

• Each character has prominent scars
• They both use their eternity on earth to teach themselves piano
• The must both find soul mates in order to come to terms with their condition

Wait, wait, do those last two points remind you of another possible piece of source material? Of course! “Groundhog Day”!

Uh, wait, come to think of it, doesn’t just about every time-traveling storyline feature a character searching for their soul mate and/or learning to play a musical instrument?

At any rate, perhaps the show’s delayed start (it’s being scheduled to start mid-season) will give the network time enough to smooth things over with Hamill (and/or Bill Murray) and maybe even dole out a little honorary credit.

(Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip!)