Podcast: June 19

This week: Ron Howard’s vexing problems with the Vatican, Justine Bateman’s SAG sympathies, and Vanessa Williams return to Chappaqua.

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And the quiz — which, I might add, stumped Stacy-Ann (third week in a row!) — is as follows:

Which actor from the Lower Hudson Valley appears in M. Night Shyamalan’s new thriller “The Happening”?

A. Joseph Cross, of Pelham
B. Bill Irwin, of Nyack
C. Alan Ruck, of Piermont
D. Mel Gibson, of Peekskill/Verplanck

The big trick here: ALL of these actors have, at one point or another, appeared in a Shyamalan film.

The answer, as always, is at the end of the video or after the break.

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Oscars, Suburbarazzi-style: Local nominees and recent winners

oscar2.jpgThis Friday at 7:30 p.m. EST, Ted Mann and I will join TV reporter Karen DePodwin for a live RNN segment about Sunday’s Academy Awards. I’ll be wearing my tux for only the third time since my senior year in college, so the comedic value of that alone might be worth the tune-in. Here’s a preview of one of the topics slated for discussion.

Stars with a connection to the Lower Hudson Valley have done very well for themselves at the Oscars over the years, and 2008 is no exception.

Eight-time Oscar-winner Alan Menken, a New Rochelle native and North Salem resident, has been nominated three times for his songs from the Disney movie “Enchanted.” He took home his first two trophies for Best Song and Best Score for “The Little Mermaid,â€? and his most recent ones were in the same categories for songs from “Pocahontas.â€? In total, he’s been nominated for a whopping 18 Oscars, but hasn’t won one since 1996.

First-time nominee and sentimental favorite Ruby Dee, a New Rochelle resident, is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her part in “American Gangster,” starring Mount Vernon native Denzel Washington and former Nyack dweller Russell Crowe — both of whom are Oscar-winners themselves.

LoHud also has at least two representatives in the Best Documentary/Short Subject category, including Ossining High School alumnus Francisco Bello (for “Salim Baba”) and former Croton-on-Hudson resident Cynthia Wade (for “Freeheld”).

After the break, check out a list of some other prominent current and former residents of the Lower Hudson Valley who have won or have been nominated for an Oscar in the last 30 years. Continue reading

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Matchbox 20’s return, Aaron Sorkin’s retreat to Broadway, and Marthapedia’s rise


This week’s quiz:

Which Lower Hudson Valley native has been signed on to headline the “300� spoof “301�?
• Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon
• Rye native Jason Bateman
• Former Sneden’s Landing resident Angelina Jolie
• Peekskill-born Paul Reubens (a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman)

The answer is at the end of the clip and after the break.

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Vatican II denier Mel Gibson invests another $8 mil in Holy Family Catholic Church

2.jpgAnd here I thought Apocalypto tanked and Mel’s finances had all but dried up. Not exactly. The Peekskill-born actor just donated another $8.2 million to the AP Reilly Foundation — which is basically just a tax-free front for his Holy Family Catholic Church. You know, the one in Agoura Hills, CA, that the NY Times magazine outed a few years ago for it’s unusual breed of Catholicism — it doesn’t recognize the Pope, Vatican II, and, in some instances, the Holocaust.

According to this Fox News post, the church now has $30 million in the bank (up from $22 mil last year). To put that into perspective, Fox’s Roger Friedman made a good point: “Los Angeles Catholic Big Brothers and Big Sisters only has $1.6 million in its till.”

Cambell Scott comes home to Katonah tonight


Even if you’ve already missed the first two nights of The Katonah Museum of Art’s film series — which featured Jonathan Demme’s Neil Young documentary “Heart of Gold” and my favorite film of all time, “Waiting for Guffman” — the best is still to come tonight, in the form of Campbell Scott screening his outstanding 2002 film, “The Secret Lives of Dentists.”

Scott, who grew up in Katonah, will be at the museum for a post-screening Q&A session. Bonus fun fact: Some scenes from “Dentists” were filmed at the Tarrytown Music Hall and, I believe, Peekskill.

Here are the details if you want to go: 8 p.m., Katonah Museum of Art, Route 22 at Jay Street, Katonah (914-232-9555). Tickets are $15 (or $10 for museum members).

“Katonah Museum offers a film series with local ties” [Journal News]

Get your Campbell Scott-‘Six Degrees’ fix on ABC.com

tjndc5-5b3esbr61n6iaf6z6jt_layout.jpgThe show may have been dropped from the primetime lineup, but for those of you who can’t stand missing the unaired episodes of cancelled shows (Yes, I’m proud to say I watched the “Love Monkey” leftovers on VH1 and “Wonderfalls” on DVD), the five remaining “Six Degrees” episodes will debut on ABC.com starting Friday, April 27. The network will add a new one every Friday for the next four weeks.

Remember, this may be your last chance to see Campbell Scott in a TV drama in a while. After the speed with which this show was dropped, something tells me the Peekskill native won’t be itching to do network work again any time soon.

“Six Degrees” Homepage [ABC.com]

(Carmen Troesser / The Journal News)

Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay is back…on basic cable

tjndc5-5ch091uy8kg13vz343g6_layout.jpgThe comedian from Peekskill, born Andrew Clay Silverstein, is set to make his glorious reality show debut this Sunday…vaunting to the tops of the -D-list-, -F-list-, -G-list-, H-list celebrity stratosphere with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Nick Carter, and Danny Bonaduce.

His VH1 show, “Dice Undisputed� will chronicle the former mega star’s “highs and lows…as he fights to get back on top,� as VH1 describes the show.

Here’s what else we have to look forward to for the show’s seven-week run, according to the network:

<blockquote><div>Dice’s controversial macho image often collides with his real family life as the man behind all the limericks and leather tries to find a balance between being a devoted father of two teenage sons (11 and 16), dealing with a broken marriage, juggling a relationship with his strong willed ex-wrestler fiancee Eleanor and facing the challenges of middle age. Also thrown into the fray is his posse of friends and road crew, otherwise known as his “dysfunctional, middle-aged entourage,” including “Wheels,” his ever-dieting buddy; Todd, his quirky road manager; “Happy Face,” his stone-faced ninja-trained bodyguard; and Uncle Lee, his doting mentor who spouts sage advice at the drop of a hat. While this rag-tag group of buddies often offers unwanted advice, their presence gives Dice an endless supply of comedic rants for his stand-up.</div></blockquote>

I don’t know what I’m more excited about: seeing his relationship with his “strong willed ex-wrestler fiancée Eleanor� or meeting his “dysfunctional, middle aged entourage.� Personally, it sounds like “Wheels,�—his “ever-dieting buddy� deserves his own spin-off.

Everything seems to be coming up roses for the Diceman!
Keeping the Dice in Play [NY Post]

(AP Photo/Matt Sayles) 

No more seperation from ‘Six Degrees’

107030_d_1453_pre.jpgThere were clearly a lot of new shows last fall that deserved the ol’ heave ho, including even a few from celebs with LoHud ties (yes, I’m looking at you “3 Lbs.” and “Studio 60”). But there were also a couple — “The Nine” and “Six Degrees,” specifically — that seemed promising, but were prematurely yanked. And I’m not just saying that because Tim Daly is Suburbarazzi’s new MySpace friend.

Luckily, one of those benched programs, ABC’s “Six Degrees,” is coming back in March. Created by J.J. Abrams (who went to Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville) and starring Campbell Scott, (who was raised in Katonah and went to John Jay with Stanley Tucci), the show employed the ‘Heroes’-ish take on serendipity (except without the whole superpowers part).

Anyhow, I liked it. It’s moving from Thursday nights to Friday 9 p.m. on March 23. That’s commonly known as “the death slot” at the networks, but who knows, maybe it’ll have a “Men in Trees” like miracle, get moved to a better night, and have Justine Bateman join the cast.

“ABC to bow ‘Road,’ reheat ‘Degrees'” [Hollywood Reporter]

(Campbell Scott: ABC/BOB D’AMICO)

Andrew Dice Clay and the word ‘triumphant’ should never be used in the same sentence, but…

clay.jpgSince the comic is from Peekskill, and was back in his hometown last week for a stand-up performance, I won’t quibble too much with the Paramount touting the show as Clay’s ‘triumphant return to comedy.’ Especially since it’s clear the past fifteen years have been pure tragedy. Welcome home, Dice.

Did anyone see the show?

Welcome home, George


After a 12-year side-trip to Albany, George Pataki is back where he belongs—Peekskill. The governor, who ends his term in 6,591 minutes, has opened an office in his native city, where he served as mayor between 1982 and 1984.

What will he be doing in that office? Mulling a run for the presidency, perhaps? According The Journal News, the Gov won’t make any decisions on that front until the New Year.


If you want to stop by and welcome the man home, the office is located at 32 N. Division St. I hear he likes chocolate.

And the Oscar for the best movie trailer parody goes to …

apocalypto2.jpgSaturday Night Live’s “Apocalypto Recut”

In case you didn’t tune in this weekend — and really, who in their right mind is these days? — you missed one of the most brilliant, balls-out, edgy SNL bits in recent memory. Nothing against Westchester native Mel Gibson (born in Peekskill, raised in Verplanck), but seeing the trailer’s Yucatec Mayan subtitled with the man’s antisemitic rant and references to sugary female anatomy was one of the highlights of our weekend.

Pity the NBC sales rep who handles the Disney account. Wouldn’t want to be that guy trying to close a sale today.

As for Gibson and Co., we really don’t feel all that bad. The movie still did come in at #1 in the box office, after all.

Support Your Neighbors … at the Movies

Our weekly rundown on which local stars have films in the multiplexes right now:


• “The Architect” is one of those rare films released simultaneously in theaters and on DVD, and it stars Palisades native Hayden Panettiere, aka the Cheerleader from NBC’s “Heroes.” (Metacritic score: 48)

• “Apocalypto,” the subtitled, ultra-gory Mayan epic from Mel Gibson — born and raised in Peekskill — also opens today. (Metacritic score: 72)

• “Deja Vu,” the latest film from Mount Vernon’s hometown hero Denzel Washington is going on its second week in theaters, and with a little help from you can stay in the top five. (Metacritic score: 59)

• “Unaccompanied Minors” stars Yonkers’ Tyler James Williams (aka the young Chris Rock on “Everybody Hates Chris”). If you haven’t already, be sure to see our in-depth analysis of how it stacks up against “Home Alone.” (Metacritic score: 43)