Which celebrity offers the best political endorsement?

Our sister blog, Politics on the Hudson, raised an interesting point last week, after the primaries: Even though some candidates had the backing of the county’s Democratic party machine (as was the case for some candidates in Greenburgh), that didn’t always translate into a win. However, in the Mount Vernon mayoral race, another kind of endorsement did yield results. I’m talking, of course, about the celebrity kind.

tjndc5-5fqd9i9g6f7euo93cc8_layout.jpgThe winner, in that election, appears to be Clinton Young, who narrowly beat incumbent Ernest Davis by 349 votes. And while we may never know exactly how many of his overall votes came thanks to the endorsement of hometown hero Denzel Washington, you can bet it was more than a thumbs up from Andy Spano would have gotten him.

All of which got me to thinking: With all the political activists in the county, which ones have the most sway? Would a plug by Pound Ridge’s Susan Sarandon help give Hillary’s camp a popularity jolt? Could Peekskill/Verplanck native Mel Gibson hurt or help a candidate with his endorsement? What about Rosie?

You tell us. Vote in the sidebar poll.

(Matthew Brown/The Journal News)