Rosie O digs the way Ryan Murphy, ‘the artist,’ can paint with her colors


Two quick Rosie tidbits:

• In a recent interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (yes, seriously — she passed up Oprah and Diane Sawyer, but apparently talked with a Seattle newspaper), the South Nyack resident says that her return to playing Dawn Budge on the FX series Nip/Tuck was “fascinating” and that the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is an “artist”—”[He] feels that the color that I create for him in Dawn Budge is something he can paint with — that’s an amazing feeling. Very different from ‘live studio audience!’ and ‘me, me, me!’ And, every time you move, being on Entertainment Tonight.” She does realize that he “painted” her as the victim of an animal mauling — with her mouth sewn up, no less — right? [via BuddyTV]

• If you haven’t already seen video of the scene that precipitated O’Donnell’s return to the show — the eagle attack on her face — you’re in for a treat. Consider it an early Xmas present. [Defamer]

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Has TV Guide no sense of irony?


The grand arbiter of cheers/jeers-dom decided to give “Nip/Tuck” an official scoff for “going way over the top — and hitting rock bottom.” The offense? Bringing back Rosie O’Donnell’s lottery winner trailer trash alter-ego, Dawn Budge. OK, I could sort of see that … except the premise of her return excuses everything.

In the show, Rosie’s character seeks out the surgeons to repair her mouth after she’s attacked by an eagle. What’s more, the South Nyack resident has her mouth sewn shut. Who can’t see the humor in that?

And as if that isn’t enough, she’s violated by an “ass bandit.” All of which TV Guide spells out to make their case that the show deserves Jeers. But come on, honestly, if that’s not a case for an open-and-shut Cheers, what is?

“Jeers: A Less-Than-Rosie Nip/Tuck” [TVGuide]

(Nip/Tuck photo: FX)

Rosie O’Donnell won’t be “Detox”-ing with Diane Sawyer (or Oprah) after all

tjndc5-5f2qol0l38859cmebjm_layout1.jpgAfter giving Oprah a big, fat umnah last week — declining to appear on her show to promote her new memoir, “Celebrity Detox” — South Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell made an equally surprising move over the weekend: pulling the plug on her planned two-part interview with Diane Sawyer.

Rosie broke the news on her own r blog, where she wrote a lengthy free-verse missive (titled, oddly, “Ms. Winfrey,” not “Ms. Sawyer”):


i do not feel ready
to discuss or defend
the things i shared
on those 209 pages

read it urself
take away what u need
leave the rest
it is what it is

the goal always is peace
self revelation
sharing – learning – teaching
wax on wax off

for now
i decided no interviews
about celebrity detox
it is too raw

my no
has nothing 2 do with anything
but me
my need 2 find my place

oprah is a force of nature
her invitation made me cry
her kind words about the book
reinforce what we all know
2 b true about her


Her publicist, Cindi Berger, confirmed to the NY Post’s Michael Starr, “She feels people should read the book and take away from it what they will. She does not want to do any interviews.” However, despite her reluctance to talk about “Detox,” she couldn’t me more excited to talk about reprising her role as Dawn Budge on FX’s “Nip/Tuck.” She posted multiple times about the show’s upcoming debut. Truth be told, the prospect of seeing her face sewn shut on the show (as previewed on her Flickr page) kind of has me a little excited too.

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Nip/Tuck spoiler: Rosie and the Ass Bandit

Prashant Gupta/FX

Just because Rosie didn’t the “The Price is Right” gig doesn’t mean you won’t see her on the boob tube this fall. Remember, the South Nyacker will be returning to the FX series Nip/Tuck to reprise her role as lottery winner Dawn Budge. What’s more, E!’s Marc Malkin reports that her return to the small screen will be a whopper.

To spare all you N/T diehards out there, I’ll put the spoiler details after the break.

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Rosie to reprise her role on ‘Nip/Tuck’

 Prashant Gupta/FX

And the regurgitated Rosie news just keeps on coming …

Laura Saltman over at the Access Hollywood blog reports that O’Donnell is definitely going to be returning to “Nip/Tuck” to reprise her role as horn-dog lottery winner Dawn Budge. The announcement wasn’t exactly a surprise, but it is notable in that it debunks speculation that Rosie would get her own spinoff show. It appears that we can finally quash that festering rumor once and for all.

Rosie’s character is supposed to play the love interest of Oliver Platt and — post-modern irony alert! — one scene will have the plastic surgeons sewing her mouth shut. Even the most hardened O’Donnell cynic has to love that. Also interesting: The Oliver Platt character is supposed to play an executive producer of a tv show about surgery, a character losely based on “Nip/Tuck”s own creator, Ryan Murphy. I say interesting because Murphy, like O’Donnell, is gay. In other words, Rosie is playing a straight character in love with a male character based on a gay man. Is that some kind of clever double-negative?

The episode (number four in the upcoming season) is set to film in mid to late July, after the Troy/McNamara team has already moved their practice from Miami to L.A.

O’Donnell is such a tease!

nip-tuck1.jpgAs I said on the RNN Suburbarazzi segment last night, the $64,000 — no $64 million question — when it comes to Rosie O’Donnell, is where will she go next? Which brings us to last last night’s trivia question: “Which popular TV series is Rosie rumored to being doing a spinoff of?”

The choices were (a) Grey’s Anatomy, (b) Family Guy, (c ) Nip/Tuck, or (d) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Well, if you’ve been a regular Suburbarazzi reader, the answer is obviously (c ) Nip/Tuck, which Rosie appeared on last season. Even since her memorable stint as a white trash lottery winner who pays one of the surgeons for sex, O’Donnell has been in talks with show creator Ryan Murphy to do a series based entirely on her character Dawn Budge. It may sound awfully close to “The Riches” and the talks have reportedly stalled, but you never know.

Whatever her next project is, apparently Ro will be announcing it soon. At the Eugene O’Neill Theater on Monday, while hosting a panel discussion about teen issues with the Degrassi kids, she said that her post-View plans would be revealed any day now. “You’ll hear very soon,” she crowed. The NY Post took the time to read through her blog to discover that she’s interested in hosting an issues-oriented show with audience participation, a la Phil Donahue. Also, “Late night interests me,” O’Donnell wrote.

Whether she opts for daytime or late night, you can be sure she won’t be getting back to Broadway or magazines. “Taboo,” her ill-fated play based on Boy George, cost her millions and her magazine, Rosie, ended in a court battle. So we magazine editors can rest easy, I think. But David Letterman, watch your back.

“Rosie O’Donnell Teases Her Next Move” [TVGuide]

“Comin’ up Rosie” [NY Post]

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