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Podcast: July 907.09.08

On the show this week: Wall-E’s connection to Yonkers, Rosie O’Donnell’s “affair” with Cindy Adams, and Nick DiPaolo’s very unfunny experience following a USO comedy show.

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At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: The Pleasantville Music Festival this Saturday will feature Joan Osborne, who landed a huge hit in the ‘90s with “One of Us.” Which of these Mike Myers movie characters claimed to write that song?

A) Wayne Campbell
B) Austin Powers
C) Dr. Evil

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Bombed! Comedian Nick DiPaolo and other Howard Stern regulars escape injury on USO tour07.07.08

Normally, when there’s bombing in the vicinity of a comedy show, it’s due to terrible jokes, not mortar fire.

nick-d.jpgBut northern Westchester resident Nick DiPaolo and fellow regulars of Howard Stern’s radio show had to duck and cover following their USO show in Afghanistan early last week.

According to The Daily News, DiPaolo had just finished a show with fellow comedians Artie Lange, Jim Florentine and Dave Attell and Stern’s radio producer Gary Dell’Abate when the Kandahar base where they were performing came under mortar fire. The Stern crew reportedly waited for 35 minutes in a secure bunker before shelling stopped and they emerged uninjured.

Rick Dorfman, DiPaolo’s manager, told Suburbarazzi today that the local comedian returned to the United States uninjured and was already en route to the Just For Laughs festival in Montréal, where he was headlining for a series called “The Nasty Show.”

But really, how nasty could things be by comparison?

(Photo by Mark Vergari/InTown Magazine)

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Stone rolls, Kalter quips and Rosie not the closest to the actual retail price without going over06.26.07

After the break, find out the answer to this week’s quiz question: Which local stand-up comedian received early show business advice from the late father of Tarrytown product and fellow stand-up Greg Fitzsimmons?



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