Mariah Carey made Nick Cannon wait till wedding night

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Ok, so maybe you don’t. But in case you do, Mariah Carey shelled out some juicy details to the Mirror about her current marriage to actor Nick Cannon. The former Bedford resident explains how the two fell in love and why she made Nick Cannon wait until their wedding night to have sex.

The story mentions the two have tattooed the names of each other on their bodies. Hopefully Nick still has some leftoever Nickolodeon money to afford the skin surgery in a few months.

Ok fine, I’ll play nice today and leave the two alone. But check out the interview here.

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Mariah Carey wants hubby to ‘get a job’

Wednesday marks the three-month wedding anniversary between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Woo hoo! Time to bust out the kiwi-strawberry wine coolers!


Not so fast. According to latest issue of Life & Style Weekly, Nick Cannon has slipped into debt trying to keep up with the lifestyle of his former Bedford resident wife.

By the way, I’m well aware I posted an insanely dated picture of Mariah Carey. Because as good as Mariah’s last two albums have been, nothing will get my Indian derrière wiggling like her 1995 hit “Fantasy.”

Anyways, it looks like Nick Cannon’s stash of riches from his Nickelodeon days is running low. He did have that Wild N’ Out show on MTV, but the network has put it on hiatus by essentially saying “You can’t do that on television.”

But according to the magazine, it looks like Mariah has double dared her husband to take on the physical challenge of becoming an underwear model. Is there any truth behind this legend to show off his hidden temple? Who knows, maybe Calvin Klein does want to salute his shorts.

(The Nickelodeon reference count is at 5.)

There has also been all sorts of speculation that the marriage between the two is on the rocks, which both have denied. Earlier this month, Nick Cannon told People magazine that the marriage was the “best thing that ever happened to me.”

Well, it definitely wasn’t the movie Underclassman.

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All the buzz from Diddy’s latest party is about who DIDN’T show up

Former Mount Vernon resident Sean “Diddy” Combs can always land his share of A-listers for his notorious parties, but when it came to this weekend’s shenanigans at MGM Grand at Mohegan Sun, the real story involved the halves of celebrity couples that failed to show.

AP/Stuart RamsonThe Boston Herald reported that singer and part-time stand-up comedian John Mayer (raised in nearby Fairfield County, by the way) arrived without purported gal-pal Jennifer Aniston. Perhaps that’s because they’re keeping things as private as possible, or y’know, she just wanted to do something else.

mariah.jpgBut the stranger absence that the Herald hawed at involved former Bedford resident Mariah Carey, who was nowhere to be found near recent husband Nick Cannon at Diddy’s party. I suppose there’s an ebb and a flow to all this; keep the wedding silent, make a huge scene about the nuptials to People magazine, then play it low-key.

Unless Oprah Winfrey swoops in first, do you think Mariah’s next public appearance with Cannon will be for the season premiere of “Wild ‘N Out”? Methinks yes.

(AP photo of Diddy by Stuart Ramson; AP Photo of Carey by Evan Agostini)

Oh, by the way, Mariah Carey got married again

Lost in Clooney-mania was the fact that Mariah Carey got married to Nick Cannon on April 30.

mariah.jpgTrue, we’ve waited a while to cover this, perhaps because we were stunned by the news. Or, y’know, we’ve been busy. But it doesn’t seem so long ago that Carey was married to Tommy Mottola and living the good life in Bedford.

I read the happy couple got tattoos to celebrate their eternal love before they exchanged rings. “Winona forever,” anyone?

For her, it might just be true love (ahempublicitystuntcough), but for him it might just a convenient way for his colleagues on “Wild ‘N Out” to stop making Christina Milian jokes.

I’m still rooting for them to stick it out, but not exactly holding my breath. In fact, this Suburbarazzo is setting the over/under for separation at one year. Readers, are you taking the over or under?

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