Joe Torre wins No. 2,000, hopes to make it to 2,001


It’s no secret that the Greatest Sports Franchise in the History of Everything has been struggling this year, and there were fleeting moments these last two months when I wouldn’t have objected to the New York Yankees firing manager Joe Torre.

But the truth is this: The Harrison and Mahopac resident has done enough in his managerial career with the Yankees to earn the benefit of the doubt, and despite some terrible play the first two months of the season, the team is starting to show some of the swagger and poise that helped the Yanks claim four titles in five years to close the 20th century.

In addition to documenting Torre’s 2,000th managerial win, Journal News reporter Peter Abraham cites a particularly impressive statistic in his unstoppable Yankees blog on

Watch out, Red Sox fans. Yes, the standings show that the Yanks are tied for third, 10.5 games behind the “Sawx.” But with Joe at the helm, this season is a long way from being over.

(Associated Press file photo by Frank Franklin II)

For next year’s Christmas show, perhaps Phil Rizzuto should sing ‘O, Holy Cow!’

In today’s Journal News, my colleague Peter Kramer wrote a really fun piece about Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman and her starring role in the Westchester Broadway Theatre’s production of “Christmas Inn.”

Kramer mentions how the Elmsford show’s script was tailored for the former “Man of La Mancha” star, with her character Maxine musing that she “could have been spending Christmas with one of (her) boyfriends in the Bronx,” and pining for “those Stadium franks in the Bronx.” Subtle!

The show features Waldman singing traditional Christmas music, including “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “Silent Night.” But if Waldman’s lines are already tailored to reference her other job, why stop there?

My fellow Suburbarrazi Ted might regret mentioning my likelihood of writing song parodies, because let’s strike up the band to the tune of “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)”!

Yankees hoping that they aren’t fired
They lost, fueling Pinstripe woes
High-priced contracts prematurely expire
And folks wind up on the O’s

Everybody knows free agents and some help from Joe
Help to make next season bright
Those Red Sox, with their bank account blown
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

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