Stephen Baldwin inducted into ‘Stupid Bitches Club’

In case it wasn’t already clear from last night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” — baldwin-apprentice.jpgduring which Upper Grandview’s Stephen Baldwin taunted Piers Morgan with bizarre retorts (“boomerang … boom … remember that … boom”) — now the youngest Baldwin has officially been named to the “Stupid Bitches Club.”

The honor comes from (I get these things from Google News alerts, I swear), which also cited his anti-gay marriage position, support for Mike Huckabee, and the film “Threesome” as further evidence of Baldwin’s bitchiness. I would have listed his role as Barney Rubble, from “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.” But that’s just me.

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People of the Year — 10. Hayden Panettiere

rm_people04.jpgOh, to be young, rich, and synonymous with the most memorable TV catch-phrase of the year. “Save the cheerleader, save the world� didn’t just turn Heroes into NBC’s only new hit show, it also made Panettiere—the indestructible, cut-off-a-toe-it-grows back cheerleader character—into a household name. She’s since appeared on the covers of Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Vanity Fair, all before turning 18. After recently moving from Palisades to L.A., she also became a spokesperson for Neutrogena and the “Got Milk?� campaign. Of course, with that kind of positive exposure also comes the other kind—daily videos on and nonstop blog buzz about her rumored boyfriends. Only problem: This fair-skined blonde isn’t your typical teen-star train wreck. She doesn’t drink, smoke, or have run-ins with the law. By all accounts, she’s as pure as the driven snow.

Prediction for 2008: Provided she doesn’t get caught up in any of the usual Hollywood trappings (like, say, that other kind of snow), Panettiere has a bright year ahead, with the continued success of Heroes and a role in the upcoming Julia Roberts film Fireflies in the Garden.

Adapted from “People of the Year,� Rockland Magazine, December 2007

(Illustration by Ismael Roldon)

NBC continues begging Rosie O to appear on a show, ANY show

tjndc5-5f2qol0l38859cmebjm_layout.jpgSeeing as how Ben Silverman’s appeal to get Rosie to appear on “The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition” met with a resounding nuh-uh, he and NBC have a plan B: a guest spot on “Friday Night Lights.” According to TV Guide, the producers of FNL have offered the South Nyacker a six to seven-episode stint starring as an angry girl’s soccer coach pissed off that all the school’s funding is going to football.

“Rosie’s a big fan of Friday Night Lights, as we know from The View, and we heard she was interested in being on the show,” executive producer Jason Katims said. While O’Donnell’s spokesperson, Cindi Berger, flatly rejected NBC’s overtures to appear on the newly revived “Apprentice,” this offer sounded much more promising. “No definitive plans,” she said. “They are in talks and she loves the show.”

Personally, I always saw her as more of a bipolar softball coach, but maybe that’s just me.

(Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip.)

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Studio 60, 30 Rock go on hiatus

tjndc5-5d3vmoypd0mzlssr3af_layout.jpgSay it’s not true, NBC! TV Guide is reporting that the ratings-challenged SNL-inspired shows by Aaron Sorkin and Tina Fey will take breaks from the schedule beginning in March. While the networks promise they will return, their futures are, at the very least, tenuous.

What’s replacing them? Beginning March 5, NBC will slide in the new drama, “The Black Donnellys,â€? into Studio 60’s timeslot. And while there are no Crazy Christians or Militant Fruit of the Looms, there are “four young Irish brothers…caught up in New York’s underworld of organized crime.â€? And then beginning on March 15, 30 Rock (which is the funniest show on TV) will take a few weeks off so the network can debut “Andy Barker, P.I.,â€? starring Andy Richter. They promise it will return on April 19.
Does anyone else find it ironic that the only SNL-inspired show not being taken off the schedule is…SNL?

(30 Rock: AP Photo/NBC Universal, Mitchell Haaseth)