Denzel Washington’s first gig as a scary, badass police officer

We missed the boat on Denzel’s appearance at the Mount Vernon Boy’s & Girl’s Club over Thanksgiving weekend, but it’s never too late to play up the star’s Westchester roots. To wit: Check out this audio clip on with Denzel talking about how, during a trip with the Boy’s Club in the 1960s, he was chosen to play police commissioner for a day. And judging by the deadly serious look on his face, even in grade school he was training to be same badass we all know and love from “Training Day.”


Support Your Neighbors … at the Movies

Our weekly rundown on which local stars have films in the multiplexes right now:


• “The Architect” is one of those rare films released simultaneously in theaters and on DVD, and it stars Palisades native Hayden Panettiere, aka the Cheerleader from NBC’s “Heroes.” (Metacritic score: 48)

• “Apocalypto,” the subtitled, ultra-gory Mayan epic from Mel Gibson — born and raised in Peekskill — also opens today. (Metacritic score: 72)

• “Deja Vu,” the latest film from Mount Vernon’s hometown hero Denzel Washington is going on its second week in theaters, and with a little help from you can stay in the top five. (Metacritic score: 59)

• “Unaccompanied Minors” stars Yonkers’ Tyler James Williams (aka the young Chris Rock on “Everybody Hates Chris”). If you haven’t already, be sure to see our in-depth analysis of how it stacks up against “Home Alone.” (Metacritic score: 43)