Mos Def character in new film: ‘I’ll be Bill Murray and you can play everybody else’

mos-def.jpgIn the Michel Gondry movie “Be Kind, Rewind,” which hits theaters this Friday, Jack Black and Mos Def play video store owners who are forced to film extremely low-budget versions of popular films when their movies are accidentally erased.

In the process of refilming my favorite movie, “Ghostbusters,” Mos Def’s character paraphrases something I probably said to classmates on the Greenvale Elementary School blacktop in 1984.


I’ll be Bill Murray and you can play everybody else.


Nice to see there’s still some Dr. Peter Venkman love out there for the Sneden’s Landing resident.

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Mos Def and Susan Sarandon team up to fight fat kids


This coming September, Pound Ridge’s Sarandon and rapper-turned-thespian Mos Def will be presiding over the 4th Annual Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo in NYC as honorary co-chairs. As event founder Vincent Ferguson put it, “With their support [Def and Sarandon], we hope to bring more attention to the fact that 1 in 3 children born since 2000 will get diabetes according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Children will lose 3 to 5 years off of their lives because of obesity. This is a call to action.”

The event will involve over 5,000 children, and will get them involved in lots of free activities, including 25 sports, nutritional classes, and admiring the chiseled, fat-free jawbones of the honorary co-chairs.

“Mos Def, Susan Sarandon Help Kids Slim Down” [Hip Hop Elements]

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