Stephen Baldwin stole Michael Lohan’s shot at becoming the next Apprentice


Perhaps the most telling thing to come out of the news that Stephen Baldwin will be competing on the next season of “The Apprentice”: He wasn’t The Donald’s first choice. Michael Lohan was.

Tabloid Baby claims that Lohan had already accepted the offer to appear on the show when NBC lawyers learned of the wayward dad’s criminal past and current parole. That’s when Baldwin, an Upper Grandview resident, stepped in to pinch hit.

As we’ve reported before, the two born-again ministers (Baldwin and Lohan, that is) became buddies while trying to launch a $15 million teen detox center on Long Island. It’s good to see the two tag-teaming yet again on another worthy cause.

(Lohan: AP Photo/ Dick Yarwood; Baldwin: Gwynne Johnson / Rockland Magazine)

Michael Lohan meet your daughter: Lindsay

AP Photo/ Dick YarwoodStephen Baldwin pal Michael Lohan (the two are preaching the gospel together to troubled teens in Long Island) is currently battling his estranged wife, Dina, over the custody of his four children. But how will a judge react to the fact that Papa Lohan can’t even spell his famous daughter’s name correctly?

In a statement he issued to the press earlier this week, Michael said, “I look forward to order being restored to the chaos that our family life has become. Lyndsay, Michael, Ali and Cody need stability and both of their parents in their lives. I am anxious to spend time with them and end this cruel, needless separation.”

For the record, her name is Lindsay.

And the Lord said, let there be a Baldwin-Lohan Religious Detox Center

At first the pairing of Stephen Baldwin and Michael Lohan seemed just harmless and goofy. But now the fearless team of evangelical eccentrics has itself a mission: to build a $15 million alcohol and drug treatment center in Southampton, Long Island. According to the NY Post, they’re planning to build it on 10 acres owned by Donald Havrilla, the pastor of the town’s Full Gospel Church — and, oddly, the only person outside Uzbekistan who hasn’t heard of Lindsay Lohan (Michael’s daughter) or her DWIs or her own numerous failed attempts at rehab.

The strangest part of this whole story: Michael is actually still undergoing treatment himself at a separate facility in West Babylon. Which, when you think about it, has to make you smile. At last, Stephen Baldwin has finally found a family more screwed up than his own.

“Papa Do Preach” [NY Post]

(Lohan: AP Photo/ Dick Yarwood; Baldwin: Gwynne Johnson / Rockland Magazine)

Stephen Baldwin and Michael Lohan join forces to save Hollywood youth

So when he’s not celebrating Easter at the White House, what is Stevie B. up to these days? Saving the souls of young Hollywood harlots, that’s what!

According to this press release, the Upper Grandview resident has teamed with Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father, to accomplish this very goal. You may remember Michael as the prison inmate who became a born-again Christian while in the slammer, and then, like a butterfly emerging from a federally incarcerated cocoon, turned into an ordained minister after he got out.

The two have apparently already teamed up to help troubled teens with substance abuse problems at the Long Island Teen Challenge. And according to In Touch magazine (note: not InTown) the pair is also shopping a reality TV series about their spiritually sanctioned endeavors.

Next up: “The Simple Life: Jesus Camp Edition.”

“Lohan’s dad teams up with Baldwin to help kids” [PR Wire]

(Lohan: AP Photo/ Dick Yarwood; Baldwin: Gwynne Johnson / Rockland Magazine)