Yanks announcer Michael Kay meets ‘Brobot,’ a.k.a. my bud Bobby Moynihan

Some things in life just make me smile. Beagle puppies. Deluxe cheeseburgers. Amy Adams. Anything Bunk says on “The Wire.” And funny commercials.

michael-kay.jpgBut amusing ads inspire a wider grin when it combines a Yankees broadcaster (YES Network play-by-play man, Michael Kay), a rising comedy star (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre icon Bobby Moynihan) and legit connections to the Lower Hudson Valley (Kay is a Hartsdale resident; Moynihan just happens to be a good friend of mine since our days as students at Eastchester Middle School).

Here’s the 30-second TV commercial for Kay’s ESPN talk-radio show. If you’re not at least cracking a smile once the “Brobot” kicks in, I don’t want to know you. Or at the very least, I don’t want to know you don’t like it.

I also found a 15-second version of the same commercial with an alternate ending involving “siz-zl-ing ba-con.” A worthy sequel, for certain.

Moynihan told me Kay was great to work with on the set, going so far as to call him “the bomb.” I’ve met Kay on a couple of occasions about a decade apart and I, too, can attest to this.

And if you’re asking, “Hey, is Michael Kay worthy of Suburbarazzi status?” He is for at least two reasons.

For starters, Page Six recently had an item about him in the Hamptons. Listen to Kay respond to the report, courtesy of a link from his radio-show Web site: here

And two, any celebrity is allowed to make the cut if deemed worthy by our esteemed panel of experts — picture Ted, Aman and me in judges’ robes and/or lab coats.

How dare you hypothetically question our authority!

(Photo by Mark Vergari/The Journal News.)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Chevy Chase goes green, Fred Norris is King, and Survivor’s Dave Bickler is a Real Man of Genius


My apologies to the great Dave Bickler for unintentionally dropping the “r” in his last name during this segment. It’s almost like the French pronunciation thereof. Classy, but inaccurate in this case. My bad. I clearly did not have the eye of the tiger in that moment.

At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: Which Yankees broadcaster sang Broadway hits at a one-night-only concert in Irvington this weekend?

A) Michael Kay
B) Paul O’Neill
C) John Sterling
D) Suzyn Waldman

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Wrong number: Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay laughs at on-air gaffe

Hartsdale resident Michael Kay told a funny story to his YES Network broadcast partners during last night’s Yankees-Blue Jays game.

michael-kay.jpgKay said that about three years ago, he invited listeners of his ESPN sports talk radio show to call him up to contribute to the conversation. The only problem: Kay rattled off his home phone number instead of the ESPN Radio hotline.

As soon as he broadcast the wrong digits, he realized what he had done, but opted not to address the matter in an effort to draw as little attention to the mistake as possible. But savvy listeners still called him at home and left him messages that I’m sure had very little to do with sports.

Asked if he changed his number, Kay laughed and said he hadn’t; he said that people just forgot it over time.

The same can’t be said for 867-5309. Poor Jenny.

(Photo by Mark Vergari/The Journal News.)

Bernie Williams to return to Bronx to play … guitar

Tom Nycz/The Journal News Armonk resident and former New York Yankee outfielder Bernie Williams will be headed back to the Bronx in August, but as far as we know, he won’t be playing center field. He’ll be playing a six-string.

Williams plans to teaming up for a concert with Jose Feliciano and other performers Aug. 18 for “A Night of Peace, Unity & Hope” at the Paradise Theater.

If you haven’t heard Bernie play, he’s no hack. In addition to releasing an album that scored well on the charts, he took the stage with the Allman Brothers in April.

Another Lower Hudson Valley resident scheduled to appear is Hartsdale resident Michael Kay, the primary Yankees play-by-play announcer for the YES Network.

Even more intriguing is the nature of the expected appearances by Jim Leyritz and Darryl Strawberry, who were teammates with Williams when the Yanks won the 1996 World Series. They’ve signed up to take the stage as actors in a production of “The Boy of Steel,” according to The New York Times.

There’s no way Strawberry’s acting will be as awesome as it was in one of my favorite episodes of “The Simpsons” — the same episode in which C. Montgomery Burns repeatedly demands Don Mattingly to “shave those sideburns.”