Justine Bateman moves to Wisteria Lane

Mal-o-ry! Rye native and former “Family Ties” favorite Justine Bateman has signed on to do a three-episode stint on “Desperate Housewives” this spring, according to Entertainment Tonight.


This comes after Bateman’s last TV role on “Men in Trees,” where I’m pretty sure she competed with Anne Heche for the attentions of some lumberjack-type guy. I can’t say for certain, since this is one of those shows my wife insists on DVRing, and I will only watch out of the corner of my eye while paying bills.

As for “Housewives,” well, there’s a better chance of me tuning in for reruns of her, Nick, and Alex P. Keaton — or, better yet, DVDs of her “Arrested Development” episodes — than the gang on Wisteria Lane. Still, for all you fans of DH, look for Bateman’s episodes to begin some time after the show returns to ABC on April 13.

(Photo: ABC/Sergi Bachlakov)