Borat make benefit Martha Stewart with doggie style

We’ve been dying to somehow blog about Borat but, alas, we had no Lower Hudson Valley connection to justify the post — until now. The Tonight Show was generous enough to pair the Kazakhstani reporter with Katonah’s Martha Stewart, with her teaching him how to make a bed. In other words, manna from heaven.

We can’t decide which is the best part: Borat asking Jay if he would like to share the woman, Martha nodding approvingly as Borat explains the doggie-style position (with dogs), or watching Borat take off his underpanties and attempt to make sexytime. It’s a good thing. They’re all very good things.

See the YouTube video HERE.

Social Diary: Martha, M.D.’s, and Money

The well-to-do and creatively dressed came out Saturday Night to the 3rd Annual Gala Benefit for Northern Westchester Hospital, with an “Asian chic� dress theme. Martha Stewart, who donated $1 million to the hospital, was wearing a long black coat that reached to her ankles (which to my non-style conscious eye, looked more “Matrix chic� than “Asian�). She spent most of the cocktail hour patiently posing for pictures with guests (including one man, whose camera failed to snap three times). The big news of the night was the announcement that Armonk residents David and Mary Boies had donated $5 million dollars to the hospital (and would have the new emergency room named for them).

David—who represented Al Gore during the 2000 Florida recount debacle and who is one of the classiest men in Northern Westchester—told me he hoped his gift would encourage others in the community to give.

And, finally, only at a benefit for doctors could you overhear the following conversation in the Men’s Room�

Man: Doctor X*, it’s Mike K*, you performed my wife’s surgery last year.
Doctor: Oh yes, how is she doing?
Man: Well we got divorced two months ago, so I don’t really care. Good to see you again.

*no names

Slush Pile: This week’s news on Martha, Ralph, Lasse, and others.

Some other local celeb news you might have missed this week:

> Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart agreed to open their Katonah properties to the Bedford Lanes Riding Association. So please, local equestrians, no more taping “Buck Me” signs to the back of Ralph and Martha’s horses. [Daily News]

> According to our TJN colleague and E-Team blogger Pete Kramer, Rockland celebs Jonathan Demme, Bill Irwin (aka Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street), Kevin Clash (another Sesame Streeter: the voice of Elmo), Andrea Martin, Paxton Whitehead, David Straitharn, and Tyne Daly all spoke at Rockland Country Day School’s annual “Evening of Celebrity Storytelling and Auction III.â€? We only wish we could have been there to hear Elmo shout “Show me the money” at auction bidders. [E-Team]

> “The Hoax,” a collaboration of Bedford best buds Richard Gere and Lasse Hallstrom, is getting great early buzz at RomaCinemaFest. Yet according to, the film, about a bogus Howard Hughes biographer, has had its release date pushed off until April 2007. Hmm, April 1, perhaps? We’re catching on to your marketing trickery, Miramax. [Reuters]

Just in: Martha Stewart is not completely evil

At least this headline in The Journal News would seem to indicate as much:Martha Stewart

“Stewart pledges $1M for emergency room�

According to the story by Sean Gorman, Stewart cut herself with a shank—I mean carving knife—last year and got stitched up at the Northern Westchester Hospital emergency room, near her 153-acre Bedford estate.

She was apparently moved by the experience and decided to give something back to the facility. So there you have it, a completely selfless, non-evil, honest-to-goodness kind act by Martha Stewart with absolutely no strings attached…except for this little one:

“Before it can receive the donation, the hospital must raise an additional $2 million from the community by the end of the year, according to a hospital news release.�

Ahh Martha Stewart—even her charitable giving is kind of evil.