Martha Stewart ‘fine’ after hip surgery

AP Photo/Stephen CherninKatonah lightning rod Martha Stewart underwent surgeory on her left hip last week and is now recuperating. Stewart’s spokesman told the Daily News the procedure was necessary due to “an injury.” Apparently, Stewart put off the tw0-hour operation for more than a year. She even hid the condition from her show’s studio audiences by sitting down for the opening segments.

According to the National Enquirer, Stewart ” left each of her nurses a bag of homemade cookies and a personal note.”

Driving Miss Stewart

tjndc5-5evseju1jyp1lfut8gg8_layout.jpgDid you hear the one about the Bedford billionaire whose driver was arrested? Of course I’m talking about Ms. Martha Stewart. According to Page Six, last Tuesday Stewart was heading to a guest appearance on The View when she noticed her town car was being followed by a police cruiser. When she reached The View studios, the car was surrounded by police and her driver was arrested. The gossip page divulges what happened afterwards:

<blockquote><div>A visibly upset Stewart went up to her dressing room and, according to a source, ‘started shouting loudly to an assistant over the phone.’ The domestic diva yelled, ‘How could you do this to me? Don’t you do background checks on people? He was Egyptian! What do I pay you people for?'</div></blockquote>

No word on who the driver was, why he was arrested, and whether he was in fact from Egypt. No worries, though, Stewart made her appearance on the chat show and taught  The View ladies how to throw a baby shower “Martha-style.”

(AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano) 

Martha Stewart chastises “Party Girl� Lindsay Lohan


Did you see Lindsay Lohan’s guest appearance on Martha Stewart’s show Friday? Stewart repeatedly called the young star out for her partying ways, while Lohan giggled, blushed…and continued to stir dough.

At one point, when Lohan denied she went clubbing seven days a week, Stewart looked at the audience and said: “Excuses, excuses. You hear that? That is a party girl! Party girls make excuses.�

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that just hours after the taping, Lohan was hitting the Manhattan club scene with friends—the fourth time this week the gossip site has spotted  her out partying. Maybe Martha was right!

(AP Photo/Anders Krusberg,The Martha Stewart Show) 

Rosie O’Donnell #6 most charitable celeb released a list of the 30 largest (public) charitable donations last year by celebrities and South Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell came in #6 (just ahead of Bedford’s Martha Stewart). According to the group, $5.7 million of O’Donnell’s money went to Katrina Relief efforts including Renaissance Village (a temporary shelter for Katrina victims), day care centers, a rehabilitation center in San Antonio, and a Habitat for Humanity sub division in Baton Rouge.

Stewart gave $5 million last year to New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital for a center
on healthy aging, which earned her the number 7 spot. Both women, however, paled in comparison to the number one most charitable celebrity…Oprah Winfrey, who gave $58.3 million last year to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, Oprah’s Angel Network, and other groups.

Other former Lohud residents who made the list include:

#11 Angelina Jolie (and Brad Pitt) — $2.4 million to Namibia’s School and Community Center in Swakopmund, the Daniel Pearl Foundation, Namibian hospitals, Doctors without Borders, Global Action for Children and others.

#20 Denzel Washington– $1 million to Save Africa’s Children

Check out the full list here.
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Lower Hudson Valley rocks the senior beauty set

Flipping through this week’s People Magazine (the annual list of the 100 Most Beautiful People), I noticed a glut of Lower Hudson beauties (as opposed to last year when we kicked air-brushed, photo-shopped butt).
Besides former Rockland pretties Hayden Panettiere and Angelina Jolie, and Bedford-raised hot momma, Felicity Huffman, the list was Westchester/Rockland/Putnam-free…that is, until I got to page 202: “Sexy, Stunning and 60+,� where no less than four current and former area residents made the list: Glenn Close (60), Susan Sarandon (60), Diane Keaton (61), and Martha Stewart (65).


So what is it about our neighborhoods that attract all these attractive, older women?And, while we’re at it, which local pretty people were most undeservedly left off?

(Photos: Close-AP/Paramount Pictures, Albert Ferreira; Sarandon-AP/Susan Walsh; Keaton-AP/Stuart Ramson; Stewart-AP/Bebeto Matthews)

Martha dumps her Westport estate

tjndc5-5bhvj8ftjig128wy36jw_layout.jpgI always had a hunch Martha favored Westchester over Connecticut. I mean, you don’t see her see her trying to trademark “Westport,” and why else would she choose to serve out her house arrest in Katonah? But now it’s official: Stewart is selling Turkey Hill Farm, her grey clapboard 19th century house. Eat it, Westport!

Stewart confirmed the home’s sale to The Daily News, adding “I was very depressed after I signed the contracts and had to go home and go to sleep.” The four-acre estate has a three-bedroom, two-bath 1805 farmhouse, a heated pool, and more than four acres of orchards and gardens. It had been the domestic diva’s home base for more than 25 years.

According to WestportNow, Stewart put the property on the market last year for $9 million, but when it didn’t sell she divided it into two parcels, offering the house and 2 acres for $4.5 million with the option of buying the remaining 2 acres and “party barn.â€? The buyer ended up purchasing both properties, although Martha’s real estate agent didn’t give out the sale price or buyer.

The man behind The Marthometer speaks: Since when does Martha Stewart live in Katonah?

tjndc5-5dpxfhaidix5cdpc86x_layout.jpgWhat’s The Marthometer? you ask. It’s the satirical newsletter put out by Katonah resident and professional wine scribe, Bill Tisherman. Tisherman, the former vice president of the Katonah Village Improvement Society (KVIS), which voted last week to challenge Martha Stewart’s copyright claim to the name Katonah, stepped down from his role with the group in order to put out the newsletter without having it reflect poorly on the KVIS, he told me yesterday.

What was the motivation behind the newsletter? “It’s very frustrating to have been part of a process trying to get Martha Stewart’s people to engage in a dialogue and they simply shut down. This was my way to try to keep it in the public eye in an entertaining way.�

“Katonah people do care about this, but not that many people have the time to devote to it,� he went on. “Unfortunate for her a guy with too much free time is also a satirist.�

Tisherman was at the meeting last month when Stewart addressed residents (armed with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies; when I asked Tisherman whether he liked them, he would only allow: “I ate one. It was totally edible.�) The bigger concern, he said, was that the meeting was completely one-sided. Stewart talked and, he says, had no interest in listening to their concerns.

The writer said he finds it curious that Martha all of a sudden considers herself a resident of Katonah. “I find it absolutely amusing that she suddenly lives here. On the back flap of her book, it says she lives in Bedford, NY and she’s always told people she lives in Bedford. Originally, she wanted to trademark Bedford. When they met with our group, they flat out said they wanted to name [the home line] Bedford.�

Tisherman insisted The Marthometer isn’t meant to be mean-spirited. “This was pretty restrained,� he said. “It’s not mean. There’s only one prison joke.�

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, file)

Does Donald Trump have a secret schoolyard crush on Rosie O’Donnell?

Think back to your early grade-school days, when some boys pulled the ponytails of girls they liked. (I’ve never believed in physical harm to win the attention of the opposite sex, but then again, I was also too busy playing with Transformers back then to be a ladies’ man.) Back in my childhood days, said boys would tease girls they found cute and maybe chase them around the playground with a worm dug up from the Greenvale Elementary School field in the secret hope they would find mutual attraction.

Could Donald Trump have been doing the verbal equivalent of worm-chasing Rosie O’Donnell these last six months?

Credible reports indicate that this billboard — implying a Trump marriage proposal to Nyack’s contributor to “The View” — was the work of a prankster, who painted over a sign promoting a Trump appearance at a real estate and wealth expo, but I’m not having it. I’m going to believe (OK, I’m going to pretend) that The Donald decided to reveal his true feelings through a random Toronto billboard.

If this were true, who knows what other recent rivals the Bedford property owner had a crush on? Bedford resident Martha Stewart? Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters? Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban?

And weirder still, what if Rosie O’Donnell actually accepted this proposal and the two got hitched? My brain just exploded.

Thanks to Michelle Collins of for bringing this lovefest to my attention.

(Associated Press file photo by Dennis Cook)

Martha Stewart’s neighbors in Katonah like their town’s name just the way it is—not trademarked

You know you’re at a board meeting in Northern Westchester when the chair begins by reminding people to pour themselves a glass of wine (Napa Ridge, red). Welcome to Katonah. Or is it Katonah™?

Last night I attended the Katonah Village Improvement Society’s (KVIS) monthly meeting, where they discussed whether to vote on proceeding with a legal challenge to stop Martha Stewart’s attempt to trademark the name “Katonah� for a line of home products. Actually, first they discussed whether to discuss voting on going forward in front of members of the media—something about showing their legal strategy to Martha’s lawyers, blah, blah…(having eight glasses of wine was probably a bad a idea).


Eventually, they voted to allocate $200 for legal fees to proceed (the rest of the costs will be covered by an unsolicited contributor, who wasn’t named), The group decided not to discuss the measure publicly after the vote. Continue reading

“Sketch� comedy with Martha Stewart

tjndc5-5d5fk8515dl5kxbgguy_layout.jpgWord to the wise: Don’t think you can draw Martha Stewart and then sneak into her studio audience to enjoy the taping of her show…without getting called out in front of everybody by the Katonah talk show host.

According to the New York Post, Shirley Shepard apparently had to learn the hard way. The courtroom sketch artist (who illustrated Martha’s trial) was in the audience of Martha’s show Tuesday, when Stewart spotted her.

<blockquote><div>She pointed her finger and exclaimed, ‘I know you!’ …Then declared, ‘She’s the bad artist who did all those terrible sketches of me’ – and told Shirley to stand up. </div></blockquote>

Shepard tried to stay composed and said: “Martha, you get prettier every day.”

Her daughter was less polite.

“It was so rude and so embarrassing,” she told the paper later.
(AP Photo/Louis Lanzano) 

EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of Isaac Mizrahi’s interview with Suburbarazzi

Isaac Mizrahi was in Eastchester on Saturday, in case you hadn’t heard.

And as I predicted, my final question of the interview was the one I was most afraid to ask: “If you happen to like the outfit of anyone who comes up to you on line today, will they get the (Scarlett) Johansson Treatment?

Mizrahi was taken aback for a moment, then played it off like a pro.

<blockquote><div>Oh! Well, that was about the bra. That was a big misunderstanding. It was like, “Oh, what’s your bra?� And three minutes later, it was like the end of the world. (Johansson)’s adorable.</div></blockquote>

Well there you have it. If you missed any of the interview, click the link below to view the entire transcript.

Continue reading

Exclusive! Isaac Mizrahi on Ryan Seacrest: ‘I’ll take the fifth’

So Isaac Mizrahi evidently doesn’t have a lot of good things to say about award show red carpet host Ryan Seacrest, with whom he worked the Golden Globes pre-show last year. In fact, when it comes to the “American Idol” host, Mizrahi doesn’t have much of anything to say, period.

Continuing with Suburbarazzi’s exclusive sit-down interview with the fashion icon (Mizrahi, not Seacrest), we learn how he feels about celebrities who have some connection to the Lower Hudson Valley, fashion or both, through name association.

<blockquote><div>•Tim Gunn.

Is that the guy from Parsons?

•Yeah, “Project Runway.�

Yeah, I don’t know him. Tim Gunn. Sorry.

•(Designer/Bedford resident) Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren! Sterling. Sterling. Fabulous. Perfect. Ralph Lauren’s perfect. We were born the same day (Oct. 14), you know.

•Oh, really?

Decades apart. (Mizrahi’s entourage and Lord & Taylor personnel laugh.)

•(Nyack resident/”The View” cohost) Rosie O’Donnell.

I want to do a show with her. Someone said, “Oh, wouldn’t you be good on a talk show with her?� I was like, “Yeah, we should do a daily talk show every day. Me and Rosie.�

•(Bedford landowner/“The Apprentice� host) Donald Trump.

Donald Trrrrrump. Oh my God. Well, his hair – the hair’s an accessory, right? That hair. That hair. I don’t know what about Donald Trump (to mention). What can you say about Donald Trump? He seems to be everywhere. You just can’t get away from Donald Trump.

•(Former Larchmont resident/comedienne/red carpet fashion critic) Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers. Wow. This is really hard. What can I say about Joan Rivers that’s funny? (Looks around the room.) Anybody?

•It doesn’t have to be funny.

I don’t know what to say about her, because you know what? By now, she’s been through so many incarnations of plastic surgery that it’s starting to look good.

•Ryan Seacrest.

(Someone in Mizrahi’s entourage laughs.) Oh my God. What can I say about Ryan Seacrest? (Someone in the room suggests, “He’s hardworking.�) That’s right. Oh, this is so mean. What am I supposed to do?

•You can say whatever you want.

(Mizrahi holds his left hand over his mouth.)

•It’s like your body language is telling you to take the fifth right now.

He’s – he’s – I’ll take the fifth.</div></blockquote>

Find out how he feels about Bedford resident/DIYer Martha Stewart and former Briarcliff Manor deejay Howard Stern after the break.

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