Star’s Blogazine Belch

OK, Bonnie Fuller idolaters, you can kindly shut the hell up now. The Hastings resident and supposed genius behind Us’s revival laid a big, fat, rancid egg this week with Star’s first “blogazine” issue. Our fellow celebrity bloggers at Jossip described the saddle-stitched pile of you-know-what this way:

<div>Star staffers have been heard calling it a “nightmare” – but nobody imagined it’d be this bad for AMI’s tabloid. Add that to the utter humiliation it caused Star staffers. We hear senior level editors refused to take part in the gimmick, forcing lower-level minions to sit for the awkwardly posed shots and embarrassing “OMG!!” copy.</div>

To up the awkward quotient, this week’s cover features a photoshopped picture of Angelina and Brad’s baby, Maddux, with eyeballs artificially added. At least Elizbeth Vargas isn’t breastfeeding him.

We’ll bite our tongues now because — well, we’re not the right people to be slinging mud at mags that overuse photoshop, or have staffers sit for awkwardly posed shots and OMG copy. So, uh, we take it all back. Bonnie’s a-ok in our book. Go Fuller, go Fuller, go, go, go Fuller.

Bonnie Fuller is just like them

On a media panel sponsored by Reuters last week, the Queen of Celebrity Gossip, (and Hastings resident), Bonnie Fuller had a wonderfully awkward exchange with another panelist, who asked her how she felt when the gossip columns wrote about her. Fuller said it was all “just part of the job� and that she accepts the fact that she’s in the public eye.

The moderator asked: So you set the same standard for yourself as you do for the celebrities you cover.

Fuller’s response: “I guess so, yes.�

Does anyone have a photo of Ms. Fuller feeding an ice cream cone to her dog outside Carvel? Or a shot of her schlepping groceries out of the A&P? Please share!!!