Law & Order: Mercy College Unit

Say what you will about Dick Wolf, the man is clearly a force of nature that even the Writer’s Guild of America can’t contend with. Somehow, in the midst of an industry-wide blackout, he’s managing to continue filming “Law & Order.”

This much we learned from an email press release about the NBC mainstay heading up to Mercy College in Dobbs Ferryon January 11 to shoot four scenes for an upcoming episode. According to the email,  “The scenes will appear in an episode entitled ‘Executioner,’ which is scheduled to air on March 12 and will feature actors Alana DelaGarza, Jesse L. Martin, Linus Roache, and Jeremy Sisto. In addition to the cast, a crew of roughly 70 worked in Verrazzano Hall, where President Feroe’s office and an adjoining office were transformed into the offices of a Westchester medical doctor and a South Carolina state prison warden.”


In case you’re wondering who the heck that is in the photo above, it’s Mercy College President Louise H. Feroe in the middle, flanked by Law & Order actors Alana DelaGarza (left) and Linus Roache (right).

Law & Order: Jeanine Pirro Unit

Jeanine and Al PirroWe’re light on celebrity news today, but our sister blog, Politics on the Hudson, isn’t. They’ve got the goods on an upcoming upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU about an aspiring female politician whose husband has a shady, checkered past. Sound familiar?

If the inspiration isn’t already obvious, the Pirro-like character, Maureen, illegally wiretaps her husband when she suspects him of cheating on her, and there are also shenanigans with a limo driver. Hmm. The NY Post also reports that the episode will be titled “Albatross” — get it? AL-batross? Oh, they kill us.