Who’s up for a little DMX straight-to-DVD goodness?

A hyperactive black man, a dread-wearing B-list actor, and a hottie Latina walk into an abandoned house. … Yes, I know, sounds like the setup for screwball comedy. But what if the house was in China? And they were in company with a psychotic killer. And only had an hour to live!

lasthour_dvd.jpgOh yeah, and what if the cast consisted of DMX, Michael Madsen, and Monica Cruz? Yep, straight to video. The film in question, “Last Hour,” appears to be trying to straddle the ultra-violent models created by “Saw” and “Kill Bill” (in a nod to the latter, it stars David Carradine, who was in “Kill Bill” with Madsen), yet from the YouTube trailer, it’s hard to make any sense of the plot at all — much less why Paul Sorvino would agree to star in dreck like this.

On the plus side, the kinetic energy (and love of firearms) of Westchester resident DMX jumps right off the screen. That said, it’ll be tough to top the last performance of him we saw — during a coked-up recording session for his new Gospel CD.

The DVD for “Last Hour” releases April 15, just one day before the anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre, the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.