Rosie O’Donnell to MSNBC?

rosie-msnbc.jpgOn the heels of the report that the Nyack resident is going to be going head-to-head against Larry King, now TV Squad is reporting that the rumors are true: MSNBC is in talks to have Ro join the network. Currently that 9 to 10 p.m. time slot is occupied by the filler show Live with Dan Abrams. This AP story (on MSNBC, ironically) also confirms the report, but an exec from NBC said, “We’re far from a done deal.” Still, with each passing day, an O’Donnell-King faceoff seems more and more likely.

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Rosie O’Donnell’s newest nemesis: Larry King


It was never a question of if Rosie O’Donnell would be back on TV, but when. And according to one blog, Lying on the Beach, she’s already begun to leak details of her new program at the Miami Book Fair International, where she is currently promoting her new memoir, “Celebrity Detox.”

In the midst of ranting about being canned from “The View,” the South Nyacker mentioned how she just signed a deal to host her own TV talk show. She specifically said she’d be going up against “the guy with the suspenders and the long face.” Which, presumably, was a reference to Larry King (or perhaps Ed Grimley).

According to the blog’s authors, Steve Greenberg and Lois Whitman, her publicists wouldn’t allow her to say any more than that. No word on what network will run the show (Greenberg and Whitman believe it’s CNBC), though I’d personally love to see Rosie teamed up with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. Why exactly Rosie chose to single out King as a competitor is not quite clear to me (there are plenty of other shows on during the 9pm time slot, including possibly “The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition”), but I can only assume it has something to do with King regularly inviting The Donald on to rail about Rosie.

On the podcast, the Beach bloggers also go on to say that the official announcement of Rosie’s show will come sometime next week. And of course, expect Trump to be on Access Hollywood or Extra two to three hours thereafter.

“Rosie to host her own TV talk show” [Lying on the Beach]

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Judge Judy explains to Larry King where Putnam County is; King tells Judy’s son to ‘Go get ‘em’

Judge Judy was on Larry King Live last night. The highlight of course was the two of them talking about Putnam and Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy, who is running for the county’s D.A. seat.
<blockquote><div>Judy: My son is running for the district attorney’s position in Putnam County where he lives…

Larry: Putnam County is north of the…uh…city?

Judy: North of Westchester, a little north of Westchester.

Larry: How old?

Judy: 38. He’s dynamic. He’s got a sense of justice that he learned I like to think living in a household [with me].

Larry: How many people in the race?

Judy: As far as I’m concerned? One.

Larry: Are you going to campaign for him?

Judy: Absolutely.

Larry: We wish him luck. His first name is?

Judy: Adam…Levy.

Larry: Go get ‘em Adam!</div></blockquote>

After the break, Judy and Larry on Hillary, Rudy, Britney, Paris, and of course Anna Nicole…oh, and Brooklyn!

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Larry King to interview Judge Judy to reinforce that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead

Former Putnam Valley resident Judy Scheindlin will be Larry King’s guest tonight to talk about “Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, her baby, and the mansion in the Bahamas,” according to CNN.

Because, in the immediate aftermath of a personal tragedy, it’s crucial to know who gets the dead woman’s huge house.

Perhaps she’ll mention at some point that her one of her three sons, Adam Levy, is running for Putnam County District Attorney. If so, and if King half-heartedly wishes him luck, I’m hoping Judy snaps and replies with “Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.”

Mmm… frosting.

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