Cross Judge Judy with Dr. Phil and you get … Donald Trump?

Q: How many Donald Trump television shows will we be forced to watch before the network overlords understand that the man has peaked, that the halcyon days of “The Apprentice” are long gone?

A: Four

In addition to NBC’s “Apprentice: Celebrity Edition” (currently filming now in NYC), Fox’s “Lady or a Tramp,” and MTV’s “Pageant Place,” yesterday news broke that there is yet another Trump show forthcoming. Only now, the Donald is taking aim at a whole new section of the schedule: daytime.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the new syndicated show (to be created by Reveille Prods. and Trump Prods.) will star the Bedford resident in what one source called a hybrid between “Dr. Phil” and “Judge Judy” — i.e. Trump acting as mediator for real people with financial disputes.

Hey, that reminds me, Donald: If you’re looking for any people to appear on the new show, I hear Michael Lohan might like a little of that “Apprentice” action coming Stephen Baldwin’s way!

(Associated Press file photo by Dennis Cook)

Cancel one Trump TV show, two grow back in its place

AP/Vincent Villafane

Two days ago we found out about Trump’s TV show for FOX, “Lady or a Tramp.” And now the word is out that he’s developing a second program, this time for MTV. Lord help us.

TV Squad reports that “Pageant Place” will feature former Miss USA Tara Conner — the one that Trump pardoned for partying too much — sharing an apartment with other beauty pageant winners and mentoring them through life as a reigning crownholder. The series is expected to air on MTV sometime next year.

Right around the time of the apocalypse, I’m told.

“Trump bringing Pageant Place to MTV” [TV Squad]

He’s baaaack: The Donald developes “Lady or a Tramp” for FOX

AP Photo/Tim Larsen

On the heels of the NBC’s decision to ditch “The Apprentice,” The Donald has switched networks and begun working on a new reality TV series about turning wayward party girls into well-mannered ladies. The show is being developed with RDF USA (of “Wife Swap” fame), and has been fast-tracked for the coming fall TV season.

Like so many of the successful new reality programs, “Lady or a Tramp” (note the clever Trump-Tramp wordplay) is a British import. The overseas the title was “Ladette to Lady.”

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