YouTube video of Ace Frehley not wanting to be on YouTube

As you may remember, Chappaqua resident and KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is on tour right now, promoting his solo work, “Pain in the Neck.” Only catch: He’s not actually playing any of his new songs, for fear that they’ll end up on the Internet before the actual album comes out. As he explained in a recent interview about his comeback tour:

“I’m going to wait until after the album comes out because I don’t want everything on YouTube. I don’t think we’ll really be able to add more than three new songs to the set anyway. Everybody wants to hear certain songs from certain records. It’s hard figuring out what to drop.”

So isn’t it just a delicious irony that, after playing a concert in Atlanta in late February, video of him performing quickly ended up on YouTube.


As promised, it doesn’t look like he’s rocking any new tunes — instead, the clip just shows his guitar smoking. Literally. For those looking forward to the new Frehley solo album, there is one tantalizing tidbit, though: Former Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Slash is due to play on it, too. Now, if only we could track down that drummer from Poison, we might just have the makings of a pretty decent band. Either that or the next cast of “The Surreal Life.”

Paul Shaffer wants to rock ‘n’ roll all night, party ev-er-y day

(AP file photo/Tina Fineberg.)Bedford’s most famous band leader, Paul Shaffer, recently served as sidekick to someone other than North Salem resident David Letterman.

The sidekick with the most distinctive one-syllable laugh on late-night (“Haaaaaaa!”) pitched in for the solo album of former Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

With fellow CBS Orchestra musician Will Lee on bass guitar, Shaffer plays keyboards on “One for All,” an album of break-up songs that hit stores Tuesday.

Hopefully it’s more entertaining than Gene Simmons’ snoozer of a reality show, “Family Jewels.”

(AP file photo/Tina Fineberg.)