Rosie O’Donnell is not a fan of Anderson Cooper

On her show this week, O’Donnell called out the CNN anchor for reporting on Paris Hilton’s lack of underwear, while the world is going to hell:


Rosie: If what they are going to report as news, “Paris Hilton having no underwear on CNN, brought to you by Anderson Cooper�—that’s good journalism son, good journalism—you know, we have to take a step up.

Barbara: Don’t blame him because everybody does it. We do it too.

Rosie: Yeah but we also talk about the real things and we’re an entertainment show. He’s a news show.

Barbara: He does a good news show.

Rosie: Yeah, well…

Could Rosie be mad about what The Coop had to say on his show a few weeks back?


I think these two people [Donald and Rosie] take themselves far too seriously…I don’t want to get into this. I don’t even know what to say. I’m completely verklempt.”

So if you’re keeping score, Rosie’s enemies list now includes (we think): Kelly Ripa, Star Jones, Barbara Walters, Donald Trump, and everyone who has ever met Donald Trump…and Anderson Cooper.

Clay, Kelly, and Ro invent new sign language for homophobia

It’s hard to believe that the Clay-vs-Kelly-vs-Rosie feud has a longer shelf life than my Thanksgiving turkey, but, lo and behold, there’s more news to report:

• In case you missed the whole controversy — over whether Kelly was being germophobic or homophobic or Commerce Bankophobic when she bitched about Clay Aiken covering her mouth on air — you can watch a tidy recap of last week’s on-air events courtesy of this Gawker YouTube video.

• A Kelly Ripa fan site (which also doubles as a litmus test for the mentally unstable) posted a YouTube video of good ol’ Reeg sticking his filthy digits all over Kelly’s face, and her repaying the favor. Now, I’ve seen Regis slopplily eating hotdogs at Costco in Port Chester and can tell you this much: If you don’t like where Clay’s hands have been, Philbin’s mustard covered digits aren’t any better.

• While South Nyack’s Rosie O’D has since been forced by Barbara Walters to shut the hell up about Kelly and stop accusing her of being homophobic (Babs declared the feud “over” to People), Aiken went on the offensive, grabbing Tori Spelling’s boobages at the AMA awards. Which would have been an effective message … if the AMAs weren’t so overly gay.

Clay Aiken