Update: Olbermann responds to SNL skit

tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_original.jpgJohn McCain’s campaign not only praised the senator’s performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, but spent even more time talking about the sketch making fun of MSNBC anchor and Tarrytown native Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann responded to Time magazine today with these words:

“Honestly, everybody deserves a laugh but if on the weekend before the presidential election they spent more than seven seconds bothering with ME, the campaign staff has even less of a clue than I thought.”

Olbermann then goes on to credit the McCain campaign for helping him beat Bill O’Reilly in the TV ratings, and then teases to this juicy tidbit that he’s going to reveal on his show tonight:

“One last SNL thing: I’ll be reporting the details on this tonight. ask them why Governor Palin didn’t say her first line as scripted three shows ago. As they pulled back from the monitor shot of Tina doing the impression she was supposed to compliment Tina. Could’ve been a real rehab to her image – why’d she refuse?”


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Olbermann skewered on SNL

Ben Affleck nailed an over-the-top impression of Keith Olbermann this weekend in a sketch for Saturday Night Live.

Olbermann apparently was so curious to see how Affleck was going to portray him that he crashed the SNL set on Friday to watch the rehearsal.

If you’ve never watched Olbermann’s Countdown show on MSNBC, he’s known for being a bit extreme in his commentaries, calling just about everyone a fascist dictator and demanding their resignation.

My fave part was the Special Comment segment at the end. Check out the sketch below:

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But my fave Olbermann impression of all time is still this YouTube video.

MSNBC pulls Matthews and Olbermann from anchor chairs

MSNBC has yanked Chris Matthews and Tarrytown native Keith Olbermann from anchoring live events, after on-air feuds between the two created a storm of hilarity the past two weeks during the Republican and Democratic conventions.tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_original.jpg

David Gregory will now be anchoring live election coverage, including the presidential debates. Despite the network’s slogan, MSNBC is NOT the place for politics, ranking dead last in network ratings during both conventions.

I’ll still watch MSNBC over CNN though, but that’s mainly because I have an intense rage of jealousy over Wolf Blitzer’s neatly trimmed beard.

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Keith Olbermann vs. Tom Brokaw

Finally, a hardcore Westchester vs. Westchester brawl!tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_original.jpg

MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, who grew up in Tarrytown, is trying to get MSNBC to ban Tom Brokaw, who lives in Pound Ridge.

Apparently Brokaw has expressed his dismay of Olbermann’s heavily opinionated reporting, and now Olberman is trying to give Brokaw the boot.

By the way, I highly recommend you watch the Democratic National Convention coverage on MSNBC this week. Even if you’re not a political junkie, it’s worth tuning in because Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough  have fighting nonstop on the air.tjndc5-5cx5s59ynsn1cltm333q_original.jpg

Last night, Keith Olbermann did this handpuppet gesture to make fun of Chris Matthews, and Matthews cut him off and threatened him.

Huffington Post has all the details, with clips.

(Olbermann: AP Photo/Richard Drew)

(Brokaw: AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Olbermann finally tops O’Reilly

tjndc5-5djfjv8q3rt1csw07aov_layout.jpgWait, what’s that I hear? Oh yes, angels singing. (Or, if you’re Robert Cox of Olbermann Watch, angels weeping.)

As TV Newsr reports, “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” finally became the top rated cable news show in the 25-54 demo for the first time in its history. More important, the Hastings-bred MSNBC ancor beat out Fox News’s “O’Reilly Factor” for the first time ever.

I suppose this has been a long time coming, and what with his recent exposure after Sunday night football, Olbermann has never been hotter. As Phil Griffin, the NBC News exec responsible for MSNBC put it, “For years MSNBC struggled to find someone to be the tent pole and lead the way. … In 11 years, I dont think there has been a better moment.”

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Olbermann is smarter (and more popular) than a 5th grader

tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_layout.jpgEven if the ratings for Keith Olbermann’s debut on NBC this weekend — his first “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” in the pre-game Sunday Night Football slot — might not be high enough to justify transitioning the show from MSNBC permanently, let’s look on the bright side. The former Hastings resident got over 4 million viewers, beating out FOX’s “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” Alas, according to TVNewser, that wasn’t high enough for “Countdown” to top “60 Minutes” or “America’s Funniest Videos.”

Still, given that Olbermann averaged 721,000 viewers most nights for his cable show this July, that amounts to an exponentially larger audience. And, of course, all the more reason for our disgruntled New Rochelle blogger friends at Olbermann Watch to keep on keepin on.

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Can Keith Olbermann be fair and balanced?

tjndc5-5encaotn0w1m34xpkc1_layout.jpgAn interesting column by Howard Kurtz this morning in the Washington Post raises a interesting question: Since MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann is known as a passionately partisan host (see his latest anti-Bush commentary here, where he calls for the president’s impeachment), and since he’ll be moderating a Democratic debate later this summer, is it fair to ask, can Olbermann be tough enough on the candidates?

Olbermann tells Kurtz his debate moderation will resemble his work co-anchoring previous election events, i.e. he’ll be fair.
<blockquote><div>I realize the far right understands that the pitchmen it turns to in lieu of newscasters could not be trusted to leave their commentary at home, and treat an actual news event as such, but fortunately I’m a journalist who does periodic commentary, and not a snake-oil salesman pretending to be an analyst or newsman.</div></blockquote>


(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Remainders: Ariel Levy makes lesbian weddings and bat mitzvahs look good; Bob Woodruff heads to Cuba; Keith Olbermann gets a new pad; Nick DiPaolo performs live this weekend

++One of my favorite NY writers, Ariel Levy, has a piece in this week’s NY Magazine—the Sex and Love issue—about her lesbian wedding, which, the writer says, totally “rocked.� “I do not believe in crummy parties,� Levy writes. “I believe in glamour… There was no way I was going to let this thing be shoddy—some pathetic hers-and-hers imitation of the real thing.�

Levy, who grew up in Larchmont, also talks about her equally rockin’ bat mitzvah:
<blockquote><div>As a 10-year-old, I decided that I wanted to have a bat mitzvah. I was the only kid in the history of Westchester County who demanded Hebrew school. And as I stood in front of the racks of red at Bergdorf Goodman, I recalled the feeling I’d had at some point in my preteen Jewish odyssey when I looked down at the sacred ancient letters on the scroll: What have I done?</div></blockquote>

++Meanwhile, in Cuba…

Rye’s Bob Woodruff is making his first overseas reporting trip this weekend, since an attack last year in Iraq that nearly killed him. The former anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, is heading to Havana…and he’ll be accompanied by cameraman Doug Vogt and sound technician Magnus Macedo, the same people who were with him during the attack last year (Vogt suffered less severe injuries in the explosion and the two-pictured below-remained close).


Woodruff will be covering May Day commemorations on the island nation. His reports will be seen starting Sunday night on World News and then throughout the week.tjndc5-5ee50hbfa9ljlk84dfj_layout.jpg

++Keith Olbermann seems to be cashing in on his recent big-time pay raise at MSNBC. The Hastings-bred host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann� is apparently eyeing a $4.2 million dollar marble-adorned apartment on the Upper East Side, according to The New York Observer. The 5-bedroom, 3-balcony monster pad is on the 40th floor of a Trump condominium. The paper notes, the apartment is far from (in more ways than one) the home of his arch-nemesis, Bill O’Reilly, who lives in a gated, waterside Manhasset spread.


++And, if you need something to do this weekend, check out Westchester’s Nick DiPaolo (who puts the classy in totally not classy) performing live at Comix in Manhattan. DiPaolo, who also has a radio show on 92.3 FM, will perform four times—today and tomorrow night at 8 and 10:30. It’s a rare opportunity to see the popular standup (at least when he’s not riffing on Pam Anderson, Andy Dick, and Courtney Love on Comedy Central roasts), since, as DiPaolo told me recently, he’s traveling less and less in order to concentrate on his radio gig. (Tix are $22; 353 W. 14th St.; 212-524-2500; comixny.com). The only downside for the combative comic: it seems Don Imus stole his act.
(Photos: Woodruff and Vogt-AP/ABC,Ida Mae Astute; Olbermann-AP/Reed Saxon; DiPaolo-Mark Vergari/Journal News)

NY Mag labels Keith Olbermann the ‘Limbaugh for Lefties’

tjndc5-5bnffugx1h29vu22czv_layout.jpgIn an interesting little profile in New York Magazine, Stephen Rodrick gives us some insight into the man both loved and loathed by many.

Like, for example, “the former SportsCenter anchor has even been credited with helping to effect the Democratic takeover of Congress this past November.� Okay, some points are more logical than others.

But on to reality:

It seems like Olbermann doesn’t get along that well with fellow MSNBC-er Chris Matthews.

<blockquote><div>It’s a couple hours before his nightly broadcast, and Olbermann is looking through boxes of mail in his Secaucus office. “Maybe this one contains Chris Matthews’s eyebrows…You see them last night? Did he borrow them from Joe Pesci?�</div></blockquote>

Later, a PR flack tells the writer, Olbermann will snort on air—an imitation of Matthews.

Also, Keith doesn’t like to share. That’s why you’ll never see anyone else on the Countdown stage with him. He’ll only ever speak to them through feeds (even if they happen to be in the same building).

You can thank Tony Soprano (sort of) for turning Keith into the liberal pit bull he’s become.

<blockquote><div>I was sitting on the tarmac in L.A. … I’d exhausted all the conversations with James Gandolfini, who was on the flight. And I thought, ‘Where is the outrage? Where are the constitutional-scholar conservatives coming out and going, “This guy is a danger to democracy. Not to the Democrats or Republicans but to the democracy.� Where is that person?’…Then I thought, ‘Oh yea, I have a newscast, don’t I? I have an editorial latitude, don’t I? Well, I guess it’s my turn. Let me strap the jetpack on.’</div></blockquote>

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Keith Olbermann names Chris Wallace the Worst Person in the World; Wallace apparently doesn’t accept the title in the spirit of brotherhood and respect it was intended

tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_layout.jpgWallace, a Fox News anchor, tore in to his MSNBC rival on the Mike Gallagher radio show last Friday:

<blockquote><div>He’s a troubled individual. God bless him. I hope he gets help….To be lectured about news by Keith Olbermann is like being called ugly by a frog.</div></blockquote>

Wallace, the son of legendary CBS newsman Mike Wallace, continued:

<blockquote><div>He’s actually kind of a pudgy, heavy-set guy, which surprised me…Have you ever heard him do his Edward R. Murrow impression? Here’s a guy who has never covered a story in his life, whose idea of enterprise journalism is to use some call phrase when some guy scores a basket from a three point line… And to have the temerity to say good night and good luck, let me just say something. I met Edward R. Murrow. My father worked with Edward R. Murrow… And Keith Olbermann, you are no Edward R. Murrow.</div></blockquote>

For the record, Olbermann named Wallace the worst person in the world (along with Britt Hume) for allegedly accusing Valerie Plame of perjuring herself when she testified before Congress that she never recommended sending her husband on a CIA trip to Niger. Wallace asked Hume, “So she was lying under oath?� And Hume responded: “I think there is reason to question her credibility on that point.� Olbermann followed up with: “Please, Wallace and Hume, remember when they used to work in news?�

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

‘Olbermann Watch’ decides to keep on keeping on…It’s never been a better time to hate on Keith

tjndc5-5bnffugx1h29vu22czv_layout.jpgRobert Cox, the founder of Olbermann Watch, the site that obsessively (some say neurotically) tracks everything the MSNBC host does on his primetime show, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Last week, he announced his site would be shutting down, after NBC decided to throw wads of cash at Olbermann. But Cox quickly changed his mind after receiving hundreds of passionate emails (and a flood of press attention).

The New Rochelle blogger (who grew up in Irvington about five miles away from the Hastings’ bred Olbermann) is officially back up and running. Earlier today, I chatted with Olbermann’s biggest detractor (who’s actually kind of a fan…in the loosest sense of the word). Highlights follow:

In 10 words or less, can you tell me why you dislike Keith Olbermann so much?

<blockquote><div>He’s a hack.</div></blockquote>

Okay, but you have seven more words.

<blockquote><div>He’s a political hack posing as a journalist and abusing the trust implied in the NBC brand to get out a political message. [For the record that’s 23 words]</div></blockquote>

But aren’t there other people who give their opinions on TV? He’s not the only one.

<blockquote><div>Yeah, but NBC lists him as an anchor, not an analyst. O’Reilly for example isn’t trying to be a newscast of record for Fox.</div></blockquote>

Do you think Olbermann reads your site?

<blockquote><div>I know he was reading it. We were able to see in our log files, something coming from Secaucus. </div></blockquote>

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Olbermann. There are plenty of people at MSNBC [which is located in Secaucus, NJ].

<blockquote><div>You’d have to know a little more about Keith to understand. It’s highly unlikely that he would not read a blog about him. Keith monitors everything written about him all the time. It’s not a stretch to say it’s probably him reading it. </div></blockquote>

After the jump: Who does Cox think is the “Worst Person in the World� and more anti-Olbermania!
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